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Podcasting, Music, Television Influence

I chat with Kevin Dwayne, host of Outline Podcast, to discuss our reasons and intentions for starting our podcasts. We also discuss our favorite television shows that get messaging and content right, as well as the ones that get it all wrong.

Duration: 00:56:01

Grateful to Be Alive

After collapsing at work as a result of a massive stroke at age 41, my childhood friend survived brain surgery, and a coma that lasted two weeks. He sat down with me to share his story of survival.

Duration: 00:24:06

Losing a Limb to Beat Cancer

What would you sacrifice to live? Hear one man's story and how his life changed in every way after electing to lose a leg to save his own life.

Duration: 00:54:40

Black Hair

Is it cultural appropriation when Black women blond, relax or weave their hair? Two women, one natural, the other a hair stylist, sit down to discuss.

Duration: 00:49:37


Gentrification and racism. Are they related? Atlanta City Councilman Andre Dickens and I discuss.

Duration: 01:02:28

Black and White Gays Don't Mix?

On this podcast with me are Philip Rafshoon (Outwrite Bookstore), Chuck Pettit and Anthony Antoine. We discuss the divide between the Black and White gay communities; segregated pride events, Black men that ONLY date White men. And, that infamous dress code enforced by Blake's On The Park that alienated Black gay men in Atlanta

Duration: 00:51:57


OWN Ambassador and activist KenLikeBarbie and I discuss the word n*gger. We recall the first time hearing the word, being called a n*gger, and the 'versatility' of the word.

Duration: 00:53:35

Instagram Famous

Internet personality Norman Freeman speaks on his social media popularity, and a brief run in with his comic idol Mike Epps that led to a war with words.

Duration: 00:39:50

Gay Rape, Meth, Addiction

A man details being sexually assaulted after a house party at the hands of 3 men who restrained him, while performing oral sex on him. He speaks on his drug curiosity and close friends addicted to meth aka Tina.

Duration: 01:18:52

Fathers Frustrated w/Baby Mama Drama

Two fathers speak about the struggles they've faced with the mother of their children now that the relationship is over. They speak candidly about the obstacles placed before them to see their children, and why some men give up on being a father because of baby mama drama.

Duration: 00:48:47

Two Men and a Baby...

Gay adoption is becoming quite common. Same gender loving couple Anthony and Jason, speak openly about adopting their first child. But, we begin with how they met and how they knew they were ready for their first and second child. They also share the difference in processes in LA versus Atlanta.

Duration: 01:10:48

Aunt Glo...

In part two of my conversation about Baltimore, my aunt Gloria speaks about a murder on her street, her 'hustle' and her fear of dogs to lighten the conversation.

Duration: 00:44:56

Baltimore - A City Depressed

After a failed cease fire, I sat down for a discussion with residents from my hometown to discuss the murder rate in Baltimore, which seems to be genocide.

Duration: 00:56:59

The Double Standard of Bisexuality

I discuss bisexuality with a heterosexual couple and an open minded woman from a gay and straight perspective. We discuss why women are allowed to be sexually fluid (bisexual), but men are simply labeled gay.

Duration: 01:09:08

TS Madison - A Different Kind of Girl

To kick off the second season, I sit down with TS Madison to discuss her transition from a 17 year old boy to female. She opens up about leaving home to transition because her mom couldn't handle seeing her as a woman at the time, being rape at gunpoint, building a brand as a porn star and 'transitioning' from porn star to entrepreneur. Caitlyn and Bruce Jenner come up in conversation, along with Janet Mock, RuPaul, Lee Daniels, and Laverne Cox come up as well.

Duration: 01:19:22

Jay Z's 4:44 - We Feuded

In the last podcast until September, we discuss Jay Z's latest release 4:44, and how he's shifting the culture. We break down the messages behind the metaphors as it relates to (Black) love and Black culture. Be sure to subscribe on whichever platform you're listening. We'll see you in September!

Duration: 01:04:20

Would You Date Someone HIV Positive - or Not?

Would you date someone HIV positive? Well, one of my guests is clear that he will not, and he explains why. I express concerns with Prep and the number of Black gay men using the drug for the sole purpose of having unprotected sex. Dr. David Malebranche joins the conversation to offer insight about safety, risk and he clarifies some things as it relates to Prep.

Duration: 01:27:50

Educating Our Kids, Schooling Their Parents

Bill Cosby was ridiculed for his remarks about a lack of parenting in the Black community, so I sat down with four educators in the public school system to get their take on what our children need, and how parents can better support their children and teachers. You'll be surprised at what they all had to say...

Duration: 01:02:32

Dating In A Social Media Age

A discussion about life, passion, purpose, love, dating and being single in 2017. We also discuss how to adapt to whatever comes your way, while staying true to your journey.

Duration: 01:11:01

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