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SoL-Mates #27 Operation Double 007 and Confronting Workplace Harrassment

What happens when a bunch of people who are siblings of other people sit down to watch a movie about the sibling of another person? Not much, actually. But we all agree that the fashions are swingin'! It's time for Neil Connery's tour-de-farce (pun intended) in Agent Double 007. Host segments: Devori explains academia; Neil Connery's sibling rivalry; brother from another cocktail; don't say Jeff doesn't have goals; Neil's dream; bland sixties rock; a fistful of Morricones; Jeff should STAY...


SoL-Mates #26: East Meets Watts and Interracial Couples

We venture into the Cinematic Titanic universe with our newest episode! What happens when you combine blaxsploitation films with the martial arts craze of the 70s? Well – in better hands this could have been a damn fine movie. Hear the Sol-Mates dodge casual racism with aplomb! Hear them grow palpably uncomfortable at times! Hear them shill Bill’s Beans because #buythosebeans! CW: some reference to the use of racial slurs on 70s/80s television/ableism Host segments: Bad...


SoL-Mates #25: The Incredible Melting Man and the Dangers of Geriatric Intercourse

We honestly didn't expect to yell at you so much during our Valentine's Day episode, but we learned it from DOCTOR TED NELSON! Host segments: Karma Sutra; Joe v. the Synopsis; art imitates life and movie-making; strategies for escaping a melting man; Jeff's wish list; Nelsons gonna Nelson; Jeff tries to sell you coffee as 2001's Macy Gray for some reason; Steve learns to love himself; Three's Company -- Melted; Incredible Melting Hearts (awwww). Happy Valentine's Day, fellow SoL-Mates! Be...


Sol-Mates #24: Time of the Apes and Inter-Species Erotica

Sandy Frank! Sandy Frank! Boy this movie's weird! What even WAS the Time of the Apes? Was it like that Bill Medley song? There's unspeakable horrors under those ape masks, we tells ya. Host segments: Lady scientists?; Devori does too much ape-as-human research; a shitty duet; "Banana" Republic; apes and alterity; monkey dating advice; kids DGAF; Joe destroys the Monkey Hierarchy; Devori's Night of Terror; more Martha; What's the story, Godo-Bone? This episode brought to you by the fine...


SoL-Mates #23: Alien from LA and Ghosting in Oz

What happens when a 1990s super-model falls into a poorly written script that combines elements of The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, and some sort of fairytale? It's Alien from LA! And when we all managed to stay awake through the whole thing, we didn't hate it. Host Segments: Moody Blues Confessions; the worst D&D campaign ever; 'beetus drinks with Jeff; Golan-Globus rage; Kathy Ireland > Meryl Streep? ; What's the deal with Wanda? What does "big-boned" mean? WE HAVE QUESTIONS. ;...


SoL-Mates #22: Bottle Episode

What happens when four friends-turned-podcast-hosts get stuck in a wine cellar together? While they're all definitely in the same place? And they have no choice but to drink wine and reminisce about the past season? And what happens when that original recording gets lost due to mysterious circumstances and they have to do it all again? That's right! It's a season finale "bottle episode," free of clips -- because we're not THAT unoriginal. Season 2 of Sol-Mates will start in two weeks with...


SoL-Mates #21: The Christmas That Almost Wasn't and The Least-Erotic Fanfiction

It's a very special Sol-Mates Holiday Episode! With no swears! No ribaldry...sort of. It's the perfect way to kill time with your family when you're trying not to kill your family! So join us for a double-feature of this episode and season eleven's Christmas That Almost Wasn't! Host segments: Thrift of the Magi; our holiday spirits; toys from hell; the craziest land-grab ever!; anachronistic tightwad-ism; controversial opinions re: Servo rating; riffing ratios; Whipple's terminal...


SoL-Mates #20: The Crawling Hand and Peculiar College Mating Habits

Four friends. A divisive MST3K episode. Will their relationships remain intact? Will MiMi ever speak to any of them again? Probably. We just wanted to interject some actual drama into The Crawling Hand. Host Segments: Joe bones the intro; Devori ponders things; Kimbro Clothing Wish-List; In case you cared -- a history of space-suit films; beating a dead riff; weird ways to hate teens; what happens when a body rejects "Surfin' Bird"; the "Uncle Jimmy's" jokes write themselves; too soon?;...


SoL-Mates #19: The Giant Spider Invasion and Fun With Misogyny

It's our take on a Turkey Day favorite! There was merriment, and wine, so things got a little ribald. OK -- they got A LOT ribald. But that's probably to be expected when discussing a creature flick in which a whole town is getting down with itself. HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM SOL-MATES! Host Segments: That's right -- DOCTOR Devori Kimbro; Pervy Redneck Jewelers; Joe is a sweet, sweet, innocent boy; Jeff does some uncomfortable conjecturing; we talk way too much about the sexual exploits of...


Sol-Mates #17: Rifftrax Halloween and The Dangers of Pre-Marital Sex

Ch-ch-ch, ka-ka-ka. OK, OK -- we know that's technically Friday the 13th, but "dee-dee-DEE-dee-dee, doo-doo-DOO-doo-doo" doesn't translate as well. In this episode, we tackle a Rifftrax exploration of John Carpenter's holiday classic, Halloween! Host segments: Jeff pulls the ultimate power move; Halloween Starpower; Horny Teens be dying!; The "Rye" Girl; Annie: Horribly Incapable of Living; A stoned Final Girl; Laurie No-Follow-Through; Bot-Longing; Sibling Knife-alry; Halloween's...


SoL-Mates #16: Hobgoblins and Choosing the Right Trench Coat

This may be our favorite episode yet! Jeff got so jazzed about Devori's many, many excellent Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf jokes that he legit grabbed the mic and that's why his audio is shitty for the last 1/2 of the episode. Theories abound this episode, and we want to know if you can survive the Hobgoblins! Host segments: Average Girls Tryna Be Sexy; Security Guard Fantasies; Time: How does it work?; Devori's Low-Budget Family Film; Nunchuck Robber and His Mom: A Film in One Act; A Kevin...


SoL-Mates #15.5: Killer Shrews Drunk Cut

We decided to see what the fuss was all about with the drinking in Killer Shrews. We we drank. And watched Killer Shrews. Jeff made a too-delicious rum-punch and here's the results. You should hear Joe will tell you when he starts our version (we watched a colorized version on YouTube, but any version will do). Enjoy!


SoL-Mates #15: The Killer Shrews and Drunk Dating

What happens when you trap four people together in the direst of situations? Like us? When we had to watch Killer Shrews, like, five times? Well -- they drink, of course. It was either that or listen to Dixieland jazz. Host segments: Joe wants something fruity; drinking stories; Why is Jeff naked?; Sci-fi plot device #37; What am women?; Rated "MT" for Mild Tension; Wickenburg's tragic past; Jeff -- Jr. Rodeo Apologist; Al Frazier's Bookshelf Zen; Shrew Don Baker; Jay Simm's Inferno.


SoL-Mates #14: Jack Frost and Arranged Marriages

This week's episode is more fragrant than a pile of lutefisk and as strong as a bracing shot of vodka. It's the Russo-Finnish Troika classic Jack Frost! Will Nastya wake up after touching Jack's death-staff? Will Marfushka get what's coming to her? What the hell was the deal with the pig sled? All these questions and more might be answered here, but mostly we talk about how metal Jack Frost is. Host segments: Ivan and Nastya -- like cream and OJ; Bargain Bin Fairy Tales; All our Grandmas...


Sol-Mates Shorts: Hobbit Day Explained

We've known each other for a long time, y'all - and as Joe and Devori prepare to head west to celebrate Hobbit Day (one of our longest traditions as friends) we thought you might want to more know more about Hobbit Day! Or not! It's really up to you, we guess. But please listen to this short anyway.


SoL-Mates #13: Fugitive Alien and How To Lose a Girl in 10 Seconds

Oh boy! This episode is a doozy, but at least none of us were killed with a forklift -- just a few sake bombs. We take on an MST3K classic, Fugitive Alien, and try to figure out just what the hell is the deal with Japan. Also, Devori and Joe recap their exciting trip to Nashville to see the MST3K Live Tour! Host Segments: Joe temporarily forgets Devori; Kenifornians; Who's who on the Ken-enity?; KTMAlien; Crying in a Waffle House; Jeff, MiMi, and Devori's College Daze; Jeff old-mansplains...


SoL-Mates #12: Colossus and the Headhunters and Improper Uses of the Casting Couch

Stay bronze, Pony-boy. We're gliding into the end of our Summer of Pecs. The sun descends on yet another good, good Maciste boy. Well -- not a great Maciste. In fact, oofta - this was kind of a stinker. The Maciste Industrial Grind is kind of getting to us. Host Segments: Nummy Muffin Redux, The Norman Krasner of MST3K Episodes, Metal Maciste, MiMi Ruins Everything, An Audio Tour of Idaho State University Restrooms, Maciste Boot Camp, Peplum Fiction, The Ad Break Goes Off the Rails, A...


SoL-Mates #11: The Loves of Hercules and Responsible Rebounding

We're right in the middle of our Summer of Pecs, and just like the lovely ladies in the Loves of Hercules, we're obsessed. MiMi's obsessed over Herc's mental health, Devori's obsessed with M. Waverly, Jeff's obsessed with Jayne Mansfield's "assets," and as a result, Joe's obsessed with Audacity's "cut" tool. We apologize for scream-singing so much, too. But not really. Host Segments: Podcast Confessions, Dubious Mythology, Boy-Crazy Ladies of the Ancient World, Daianera O'Hara, Comparative...


SoL-Mates #10: Hercules Against the Moon Men and Regular Booby Trap Exams

Well, folks -- here it is! Our tenth episode! And believe it or not, we completely. Didn't. Remember. On top of that, we recorded this episode very late at night, and we were plagued with technical issues. But we still managed to talk about how orange Alan Steele is. Because we owe that to you -- our listeners. Host segments: Jeff's unique man-skirt problems, mommy-jacking the rebellion, "Son of a Preacher Man" = Jeff's Panama Invasion, Maciste Industrial Complex, The Science of Sandstorm,...


SoL-Mates #8: Cave Dwellers and Finding Love at the Ends of the Earth

We're only eight episodes in, and we've already discovered MST3K's dirty little secret -- a lot of mid-80s porn directors. Enjoy us trying to find things to say about one of our favorite episodes. Then, go play a rousing game of "Mila Pyuma!" in the pool. BTW, MiMi and Jeff manage to make their honeymoon sound super creepy. Host segments: Getting a Riff Fix, Passive-Aggressive Uncle Jimmy's, Jeff Old-Mansplains Non-Smoking Sections to Us, Conveniently Forgotten Incest, MiMi and Jeff's...


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