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9: Update with Will

Episode Summary It's been a busy few months, and haven't been able to get any new episodes recorded, but I at least wanted to reach out and touch base about what's been happening, and see how we can keep this podcast going to bring value to you.One thought is to share about the projects I'm working on in hopes that it inspires you to either create a project of your own, or want to share about what you have going on.In this episode, I talk about my ongoing learning process and how I'm not...


Sober Divas Movement

Episode Summary Shiba P. is the founder and curator for the Sober Divas Movement, a project built to highlight and foster SELF-ACTUALIZATION in artistic & gifted women in recovery. She shares her story of being a well-off IT professional and the journey alcohol took her on, dropping her in a homeless shelter. By starting to pursue her personal passions instead of a profession, she has regained and restarted her life, now focused on helping others in recovery rediscover their passions. Her...


Never Alone Threads with Alex and Zule

Alex and Zule are fellow Miami natives with a passion for fashion and creating exciting sober events to bring the community together. Check them out at!


5: Gerald Rhodes

Episode Summary Gerald is a biking and skiing enthusiast and sobriety coach in Boulder, Colorado.In our talk, Gerald shares his journey from being stuck in a difficult, unhealthy situation, wasting too many hours a day watching tv and drinking and letting his life pass him by.After getting a DUI in 2015, he took a long hard look at his life and circumstances he found himself in and decided something needed to be done. He left an unhealthy relationship and living situation, cut out the TV...


2: Substance For You with Brian McCollom

Episode Summary Brian is the creator of Substance For You, one of if not the biggest sobriety advocacy brands out there today. With over 43,000 follower on Instagram, they stay true to their message of providing awareness for global health issues on Addiction, Mental Health, Eating Disorders, and Recovery. Brian's story has it all, and his journey into sobriety is truly inspirational and powerful. Conversation Takeaways Addiction doesn't always start with substances. In Brian's case, sex...


0: Introduction to Sober Ventures

Welcome to Sober Ventures, a podcast that brings together inspiring entrepreneurs combining the worlds of recovery and business. My name is Will Bradwell, and I will be your host. So pick up your favorite zero-proof beverage, turn up the volume, and let’s get down to business. Today’s episode is numero zero. This is a quick little intro to the podcast to let you know what to expect to hear down the line, and a little bit about myself. --- After nearly a decade of drinking and doing drugs,...