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Kirkland Beer

This week we talk about the "magic" of birth, give our reviews on a classy beer, and learn the term Goldstar Gay! join us and be sure to leave a 5 star review! Get @ us,

Duration: 01:17:22

We Got a Gay!

Well the boys are back! This time with a friend... A gay friend. Join us while we get to the bottom of what's on the mind of gay offenders while we interrogate our gay friend on behalf of Kevin Spacey! Welcome to The KingDumB!

Duration: 01:37:24

Hollywood Debauchery

Hello Sofa Serfs! This week Bradford's dog got in to more trouble, we talk about Kevin Spacey and the scandals of Hollywood, then round it all off with some UFO talk! Share this episode and rate us on iTunes!

Duration: 01:16:29

Vegetable Handy

What up Sofa Serfs! This week Bradford and Quinton are in the studio talking about games, Japanese kids, and the best dad on earth! Check it out and SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS! Add us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and write us at

Duration: 01:18:05

GTA... Las Vegas

Welcome, Lords & Ladys, To another episode of "Sofa KingDumB". This week we talk about the passing of Ralphie May and other great fat people. We also give some thoughts into the Vegas shooter, and as always we get into some video game convo. Join us for some couch talk and Remember to go to ITUNES and GIVE A REVIEW!

Duration: 01:19:47


Welcome Serfs, to Sofa KingDumB. This week we get into "Red Dead Redemption 2". We talk about a few other games and give our thoughts on Hugh Hefner. Check us out, Give us a Rating and Review. Don't forget to SHARE! Welcome to the KingDumB!

Duration: 01:11:28

We Wet The Bed

This time on another riveting episode of SKDB, The Lords dive back into Fable and tie up some loose ends from last week. We talk movies like the thrilling adventure that is The Never Ending Story, We touch down on where we're at with Destiny 2 this week, and get in to some childhood pants pissing stories! Discussing random topics and each member of the band contributing their own shameful flavor to add to the delicious soup that is Sofa KingDumB Podcast!

Duration: 01:18:00

Bradford not Bradly

Welcome Sofa Serfs, to another episode of Sofa KingDumB! This week we're down a man but we managed to get a call in to talk about the new "IT". We get deep with Destiny 2, and talk about a few other games from our past! Join us at the KingDumB and give us a rating and review on iTunes, share us with your friends, and write us at ""

Duration: 01:10:58

Nana Must Die

This week the Lords of the Sofa dive into survival games, due to the fact that it's the end of the world as we know it. What with all the signs of the apocalypse, hurricanes, earthquakes, and Shawn's d!ck. The boys are ready for anything!

Duration: 01:18:09

Welcome to the KingDumB

Welcome! To the all new "Sofa KingDumB" extravaganza! We have a special surprise guest on the show today, we talk some video games, some conspiracy theories, and some other add fueled fun! The boys are steering the show in a new direction and it's a minor sample of whats to come once you walk through the gates... Of the Sofa KingDumB!

Duration: 02:14:32

Porch Avoiders

Welcome to another episode of #BTWB! Quintons back and the boys share how much they've missed him! We share our thoughts on left and right and even come up with our own new racial slur! Check it out and like listen and share!

Duration: 01:29:20

Gored by a Boar

Hey Brunch Time Buddies! We have a stellar Quinton-less episode for you this week! The Besties dive into wholesome topics such as Producer Geoffs penis, Nazis, and video games. Hold on to your potato Dr. Jones because this ride is about to get bumpy as all heck!

Duration: 01:23:36

Hair Of The Nipple That Licked Me

Its Brunch Time! On this episode we have a special moment between producer Geoff and Bradford. We see who can deep throat the furthest, and touch down on those pussies in the North of Korea! Listen, Like, SHARE! And give us a review and a rating on iTunes. See you at Brunch Time!

Duration: 01:24:43

Fake Taxi... jr.

Hello Besties! Welcome back for another fun filled episode of your favorite misleadingly dysfunctional podcast! This week we talk Bus Drivers, Hobo dick dickcapitation, our favorite cooking shows, and so much more! So give it a LIKE, LISTEN, and SHARE! See you at Brunch Time!

Duration: 01:36:49

Brunch Time With Breasties

Lucky number 7. We have a special guest... With breasts. We eat nasty shit, Shawn can't get it up, and much more. Check us out, give us a review, and SHARE! See you at Brunch Time! #BTWB

Duration: 01:22:39

On the Spot

Welcome back Besties! Today we touch down on a variety of topics including politics, pop culture, Shawn's undeserved white privilege, and our favorite topic... Brunch! Check us out. Rate us 5 stars on iTunes and SoundCloud, give us a review, and remember to SHARE! See you at Brunch Time!

Duration: 01:01:05

Mud Turtle Neck

This time on BTWB, the boys celebrate the life of Brads dog... Oh and Shawn's "Pawna." They talk political condiments and also get the answer to the question, is Shawn circumcised? Listen to all that and more and remember to leave a 5 star rating and leave a Review! See ya at Brunch Time #BTWB

Duration: 01:05:33

Brunch Without a Bestie

This week the Besties try to hold it together without their voice of reason, its one man down but the show must go on. Its a trip through memory lane and a non stop laugh fest. Like us on ITunes and SoundCloud and give us a 5 star rating and review!

Duration: 01:35:05

Hard to Swallow

This week the boys go patriotic. We try Mexican hot sauce, talk about Japanese porn, and glitter for your snatch. Check us out and Give us a five star rating and a Besties review on ITunes! We'll see you at Brunch Time! #BTWB

Duration: 01:05:19