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The Coding VC with Leo Polovets

The underlying cause of failure for many startups is that the founders are afraid of discomfort. An environment where everyone is comfortable is unlikely to be an environment where personal growth and value creation is occurring. When you are in a startup, calibrating the right amount of discomfort is often about calibrating risk. What are your risks? Can you quantify them? Can you enumerate them? Multiplying out the probability ofContinue reading...

Duration: 01:32:49

Tinder Growth Engineering with Alex Ross

Tinder is a popular dating app where each user swipes through a sequence of other users in order to find a match. Swiping left means you are not interested. Swiping right means you would like to connect with the person. The simple premise of Tinder has led to massive growth, and the app is now also used to discover new friends and create casual meetings. Every social network knows–if youContinue reading...

Duration: 01:01:19

Brave Browser with Jonathan Sampson

Online advertising enables free content and services of the Internet. One of the free services that is powered by advertising is the browser. 60% of web browsing is done through Chrome, which is owned by Google, which is powered by advertising. The application that most of us use to explore the web is made by a company that relies on ads, so it is unsurprising that the default of thatContinue reading...

Duration: 00:59:15

Deep Learning Systems with Milena Marinova

The applications that demand deep learning range from self-driving cars to healthcare, but the way that models are developed and trained is similar. A model is trained in the cloud and deployed to a device. The device engages with the real world, gathering more data. That data is sent back to the cloud, where it can improve the model. From the processor level to the software frameworks at the topContinue reading...

Duration: 00:54:47

Spotify Event Delivery with Igor Maravic

Spotify is a streaming music company with more than 50 million users. Whenever a user listens to a song, Spotify records that event and uses it as input to learn more about the user’s preferences. Listening to a song is one type of event–there are hundreds of others. Opening the Spotify app, skipping a song, sharing a playlist with a friend–all of these are events that provide valuable insights toContinue reading...

Duration: 01:00:59

Advertising Analytics with Jonah Goodhart

Moat is one of the most successful advertising technology companies in history. After building a business from measurement of ad impressions, Moat was sold to Oracle for $850 million. Advertising powers the free content on the Internet. Measurement makes it easier for publishers to monetize their content. At Software Engineering Daily, we know this from firsthand experience. The podcast ecosystem has barely any ability to measure success–and that can makeContinue reading...

Duration: 00:54:37

Visual Search with Neel Vadoothker

If I have a picture of a dog, and I want to search the Internet for pictures that look like that dog, how can I do that? I need to make an algorithm to build an index of all the pictures on the Internet. That index can define the different features of my images. I can find mathematical features in each image that describe that image. The mathematical features canContinue reading...

Duration: 00:54:18

Doing Anything with George Anders

Software gives us new ways of communicating with each other. Engineers build scalable systems for e-commerce, helpdesk, and video sharing–and these systems do scale, to millions of people. But software alone cannot serve all of the demands of all the users and customers on these platforms. We need customer service representatives to address unexpected demands. We need design specialists to evaluate the interface that made sense to the engineers butContinue reading...

Duration: 01:07:34

Word2Vec with Adrian Colyer

Machines understand the world through mathematical representations. In order to train a machine learning model, we need to describe everything in terms of numbers. Images, words, and sounds are too abstract for a computer. But a series of numbers is a representation that we can all agree on, whether we are a computer or a human. In recent shows, we have explored how to train machine learning models to understandContinue reading...

Duration: 01:01:46

DAO Hack with Matt Leising

The Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) was a digital form of venture capital. It was an ambitious idea–to provide a new decentralized business model for organizing corporations on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Few people in the crypto community were opposed to this premise–but the timeline was short, the code requirements were tremendous, and in retrospect, a vulnerability was inevitable. The DAO launched in May 2016, setting the record for theContinue reading...

Duration: 01:13:17

Software Engineering Daily App with Keith and Craig Holliday

You have probably missed some of the best episodes of Software Engineering Daily. If you listen to just a few episodes a week, it can be difficult to identify the high quality shows. And if you are new to the podcast, you have no idea how to find episodes that might appeal to you. Software Engineering Daily has a discovery problem. We have 600 episodes, and much of the contentContinue reading...

Duration: 01:01:13

Attack Attribution with John Davis

When a cyber attack occurs, how do we identify who committed it? There is no straightforward answer to that question. Even if we know Chinese hackers have infiltrated our power grid with logic bombs, we might not be able to say with certainty whether those hackers were state actors or rogue Chinese hackers looking for an offensive asset to sell to their government. Even if we know someone in RussiaContinue reading...

Duration: 00:52:26

Car and IoT Security with Chris Craig

Ransomware and DDoS attacks happen all the time. Sometimes they affect large swaths of users. WannaCry ransomware froze the computer systems in hospitals. Mirai botnet DDoS attacks took down a DNS provider, making Netflix and Twitter inaccessible for a short period of time. These are innocent attacks compared to what we could face from a world where cars, heart rate monitors, and other safety critical machinery become connected to theContinue reading...

Duration: 00:55:56

Artificial Intelligence APIs with Simon Chan

Software companies that have been around for a decade have a ton of data. Modern machine learning techniques are able to turn that data into extremely useful models. Salesforce users have been entering petabytes of data into the company’s CRM tool since 1999. With its Einstein suite of products, Salesforce is using that data to build new product features and APIs. Simon Chan is the senior director of product managementContinue reading...

Duration: 00:56:39

Information Theory with Jimmy Soni and Rob Goodman

We write code in a language that looks like English. Whether it is JavaScript, Fortran, or assembly language, that code is an abstraction on top of layers of intermediate languages, binary, transistors, and physics. 100 years ago, this would have seemed like magic. Most of us know about Alan Turing, who described the vision of a multipurpose computer with the concept of the Turing machine. Less well known is theContinue reading...

Duration: 01:02:49

Healthcare AI with Cosima Gretton

Automation will make healthcare more efficient and less prone to error. Today, machine learning is already being used to diagnose diabetic retinopathy and improve radiology accuracy. Someday, an AI assistant will assist a doctor in working through a complicated differential diagnosis. Our hospitals look roughly the same today as they did ten years ago, because getting new technology into the hands of doctors and nurses is a slow process–just askContinue reading...

Duration: 00:49:06

Lending Machine Learning with Ofer Mendelevitch

Loans give people more financial security. If people know that they can receive a loan, they will be more willing to take intelligent risks. A loan can allow for a short-term investment that pays off enough to justify the interest rate on that loan. For the lender, a loan can be a fantastic return on capital–as long as the lendee does not default. When banks were the rulers of theContinue reading...

Duration: 00:46:30

Industrial IoT with Jayson Delancey

Sensors are being attached to trains, lightposts, and all kinds of factory equipment. Industrial machinery gives off high volumes of data that can be captured, stored, and processed with machine learning in order to improve workflows and ensure safety. Jayson Delancey works at GE, which is building tools and systems to manage large IoT deployments. The full stack for enterprise IoT involves tools for managing thousands of sensors; databases forContinue reading...

Duration: 00:53:58

Sales Software with Jean-Baptiste Escoyez

Most products do not sell themselves. Salespeople bridge the gap between a product creation and a customer who purchases it. People can make a good living on the internet selling niche products–if they can find their customers. The process of taking a large group of potential customers and narrowing it down to only the subset of those customers who will buy your product is known as the sales funnel. TheContinue reading...

Duration: 00:50:37

Cloud-Native SQL with Alex Robinson

Applications built in the cloud are often serving requests from all around the world. A user in Hong Kong could have written to a database entry at the moment just before a user in San Francisco and a user in Germany simultaneously try to read from that database. If the user in San Francisco is allowed to see a different database entry than the user in Germany, that database isContinue reading...

Duration: 01:01:03

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