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Energy, Technology & Education Festival---ETE17

Hosted By: Ronald Bethea Guest:Talib I. Karim, Wednesday, September 20, 2017 at the Washington Convention Center, 801 Mount Vernon Place, NW, Washington, DC 20001 Hacking the Nation's Cybersecurity Workforce Shortage in Energy, Finance, Health Sciences & Gaming 8:15 AM - 9:00 AM: CTOS BRAINTRUST ON CYBERSECURITY DEMANDS FOR 2018 AND BEYOND: 9:15AM - 10:15AM: CEOS SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ROUNDTABLES: Hear CEOs 10:15AM - 11:00AM: LEGAL & ENTERTAINMENT FORUM: 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM: ENERGY...

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Impacts from Hurricane Irma wide-ranging

It was a storm that, as Brevard County awaited its arrival, put our residents through the extremes of emotions, depending on the day and the predicted storm track. And, with Hurricane Irma finally come and gone, Brevard residents begin to assess what the storm has left in its wake. For most, it means being without electricity in the homes, as all of Florida's Power & Light Co.'s 307,600 Brevard customers were without power for at least some time as a result of Irma. There remained 71...

Duration: 00:52:20

What Impact will Hurricane Harvey on EPA FY 2018 Budget Cuts

Host By:Ronald Bethea Guest:Efrem B. Jernigan Category 4 Hurricane Harvey slammed the Texas Gulf Coast from Corpus Christi to Houston, and at its peak, knocked out power for 300,000 customers on Saturday, according to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). ERCOT noted the number of customers without power decreased slightly as the storm wore on, but reports widespread transmission outages, particularly near the Corpus Christi and Victoria areas. The grid operator issued an...

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What is the Green Jobs - Current and Future Trends - August 17, 2017 ?

Hosted By: Ronald Bethea Guest; Janine A. Finnel Executive Director Leaders in Energy What is the Green Jobs - Current and Future Trends - August 17, 2017 and What Impact will the FY 2018 Budget cuts at DOE and EPA have on the Leaders in Energy organization? Mission Leaders in Energy is building a community of engaged leaders to enable and create a sustainable energy system, economy, and world. Key Building Blocks: Attract LEADERS (current and aspiring) who are passionate about thinking,...

Duration: 01:11:58

AABE Smart Grid Principles And Economic Impact of FY 2018 EPA Budget Cuts.

8/16/17 Hosted By: Ronald Bethea Guest:Tracey Woods VP, Operations American Association Of Blacks in Energy Look at the FY 2018 EPA Budget in Brief Eliminated Programs total $983 million and A look at AABE Principles. * Energy Efficiency Principles The American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE) recognizes the need for increased participation in the discussion on national energy efficiency policy by historically underserved communities. To that end, AABE supports energy efficiency...

Duration: 01:01:06

Discussion on Trumps FY-2018 Budget Cuts At DOE-EPA On The Workforce

Hosted By: Ronald Bethea Guest: Mr. Tracey Woods Vice President of Operations American Association Of Blacks In Energy (AABE) The Administration is committed to creating a leaner, more accountable, less intrusive, and more effective Government. The FY 2018 budget eliminates programs that are duplicative or those that can be absorbed into other programs or are state and local responsibilities. Beach / Fish Programs (FY 2016 Enacted: $1.982 M, 3.8 FTE) This program provides science,...

Duration: 00:57:24

FY 2018 EPA Budget in Brief Eliminated Programs total $983 million

Hosted By: Ronald Bethea Chesapeake Bay (FY 2016 Enacted: $73.000 M, 39.9 FTE) The program includes the States of Delaware, Maryland, New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, the District of Columbia, the Chesapeake Bay Commission, the EPA, and other federal partners working together to protect and restore the Chesapeake Bay’s ecosystem. The EPA will encourage the six Chesapeake Bay states and Washington D.C. to continue to make progress in restoring the Bay from within core water...

Duration: 01:01:44

Trump’s budget proposal would eliminate federal energy efficiency program.

Ronald K. Bethea ENERGY STAR. The voluntary program – established under President George H. Bush – reviews the energy efficiency of a variety of consumer goods, and labels the best performers ENERGY STAR certified. President Trump’s budget proposal would eliminate federal energy efficiency programs like ENERGY STAR – which saved U.S. consumers $34 billion off their utility bills in 2015 alone! We need your help telling Congress that programs like ENERGY STAR benefit all Americans. Email...

Duration: 01:01:25

DC customers pay 15 million extra because shortfall in DC-based solar facilities

Betty Ann Kane Chairman (PSC) Betty Ann Kane Chairman (PSC) Letter To Chairman Mendelson DC Council To Reverse7.5 million from the Renewable Energy Development Fund and re-programed it to the District’s general fund. Dear Chairman Mendelson; I am writing to repeat my strong opposition to your proposal to take $7.5 million from the Renewable Energy Development Fund and move it to the General Fund in the FY 2018 budget. Please vote tomorrow to right this wrong. Because it is wrong—very...

Duration: 01:19:49

Institute for Local Self-Reliance

INSTITUTE FOR LOCAL SELF-RELIANCE:John Farrell is the Director of Energy Democracy The Institute’s mission is to provide innovative strategies, working models and timely information to support environmentally sound and equitable community development. To this end, ILSR works with citizens, activists, policymakers and entrepreneurs to design systems, policies and enterprises that meet local or regional needs; to maximize human, material, natural and financial resources; and to ensure that...

Duration: 01:01:53

Measuring The Impact Of Solar Now And The Future First Ten Mouths On The Airways

PCPC / BSLF HBCU Solar Radio Initiative Hosted By: Ronald K. Bethea This show will serve as a national platform for black American consumers who will be affected by federal, state, and municipal mandates requiring that twenty percent of residential home owners in Washington DC and the state of Maryland install solar panels by year 2032. We will have interviews with representatives of the private, public and non-profit sectors, informing our listeners about the benefits of installing solar...

Duration: 01:26:27

DC customers paid $15 million extra because of the shortfall in DC-based solar

Tommy Wells:Director of The Department of Energy & Environment Topic of Discussion:Impact On DC Solar For All Program Removing 7.5 Million from the (REDF ( Letter To Chairman Mendelson DC Council To Reverse7.5 million from the Renewable Energy Development Fund and re-programed it to the District’s general fund. BSLF / HBCU Solar Workforce Development Training Initiative Shawn O’Brie ExecutiveTopic of Discussion: Director North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP)...

Duration: 01:31:11

Oil Change International responds to Trump pull out from Paris Agreement

Oil Change brings unique industry expertise that allows us to research and release timely, hard-hitting, campaign-relevant investigations countering corporate arguments for oil, gas and coal development;Oil Change engages in domestic and international policy forums to push a shift of public finances away from fossil fuels and towards clean energy;Oil Change provides experience and leadership in organizing resistance to the political influence of the fossil fuel industry, particularly in...

Duration: 01:01:59

President Obama’s Sunshot Initiative Program

President Obama’s Sun Shot Initiative Program: Listen to President Barack Obama the of voice form the Sun Shot Identity initiative Program DOE video and former members of his administration that headed the DOE. And The Solar Training and Education for Professionals (STEP) funding program tackles soft costs by addressing gaps in solar training and energy education, both within the solar workforce. SRECTrade Tom MacKenty, Manager, Business Development and Operations SRECTrade, Inc. focuses...

Duration: 01:47:00

The Like Of RPS & Net Metering Legislation Impact On HBCU's Solar Development

Synapse Energy Economics, Inc. Thomas J. Vitolo, PhD Senior Associate Synapse researches and analyzes the benefits and costs of renewable resources for electricity customers and for society as a whole. We also evaluate the public policies and regulations that are commonly used to support renewable energy. Since its inception in 1996, Synapse has grown to become a leader in providing rigorous analysis of the electric power and natural gas sectors for public interest and governmental...

Duration: 01:30:13

What role has DC Sun played on impacting public policy On Solar In DC?

What role has DC Sun played on impacting public policy On Solar In DC Ms. Anya Schoolman DC SUN expands access to solar by educating District residents about the benefits of distributed solar energy, helping them organize group solar installations, and strengthening D.C.’s solar policies and its community of solar supporters. We mobilize D.C.’s community of solar supporters to fight for fair policies so all D.C. residents can benefit from solar energy. Our neighborhood co-ops strengthen...

Duration: 01:54:27

How To Grow Market Share For Black American Companies And Contractors In Solar

Coretta Bennett | Chief Operating Officer Bithenergy is an award-winning energy engineering and technical services consulting firm that maximizes the business value and efficiency of each unit of energy produced and consumed. We offer our government, corporate, and residential clients intelligent strategies, advanced information systems, innovative technologies, and full implementation services for managing energy consumption, smart grid infrastructure build-out, and the development of...

Duration: 01:51:36

DC Solar Congress Saturday May 6, 2017

Ronald Bethea Host: Commentary On Why The NAACP Is Standing Up For Just Energy Policies Communities of color nationwide are, and have historically been, beset by human and civil rights violations, including disproportionate exposure to pollution, crime, substandard living conditions and more. African Americans who reside near energy production facilities including coal fired power plants, nuclear power plants, or biomass power plants, are more likely to suffer the negative health impacts...

Duration: 01:34:51

Obama Administration driving force behind utility-scale PV, says DOE

Host by: Ronald Bethea New analysis from the US Department of Energy (DOE) suggests that the Obama Administration was the pinoeer of utility-scale PV projects in the US, and coincides with a new renewable energy target for civilian agencies to develop 1GW of clean electricity by 2021. .. Mayor Muriel Bower signed the Renewable Portfolio Standard Expansion Act Over View of Climate Change March and Events : by Ronald Bethea

Duration: 01:05:37

Peoples Climate Change Movement Washington DC 2017

Ronald Bethea: Host Of Solar Now And The Future WIth It's Economic On Black America On the 100th Day of the Trump Administration, we will be in the streets of Washington D.C. to show the world and our leaders that we will resist attacks on our people, our communities and our planet. We will come together from across the United States to strengthen our movement. We will demonstrate our power and resistance at the gates of the White House. We will bring our solutions to the climate crisis,...

Duration: 01:01:45

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