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Rank and File Worker and Trade Union Show, covering current affairs, progressive issues and news and events from the labour movement.

Rank and File Worker and Trade Union Show, covering current affairs, progressive issues and news and events from the labour movement.
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Melbourne, VIC


Rank and File Worker and Trade Union Show, covering current affairs, progressive issues and news and events from the labour movement.




Can We Afford to Bring Them Here? II Lidia Thorpe Win II Fascists & the Melb Fight Back II Striking a Privilege says High Court

1st Half Hour: Can We Afford to Bring Them Here? New International Bookshop & Search Foundation Forum Series: Lucy Horan (Teachers For Refugees & RAC) & Julian Burnside QC.On the Steps of Vic Parliament to celebrate Lidia Thorpe's first speech - the first indiginous women in Vic Parliament.2nd Half Hour: Fascist & the Fight Back What happened Mon 6 in Melb? Debbie Brennan from Campaign Against Racism and Fascism was there.This is the Week that Was with Kevin Healy3rd Half Hour: Don...

Duration: 01:30:23

The Police Problem II Manus II This is the Week that Was II Dr Bassil

1st half hour: The Police Problem - on the streets outside Flinders Street in the centre of Melbourne Dec 26, 2017 Special Operations police barred the way of peaceful refugee activists after a violent altercation at Friday's rally in city. We talk to refugee rallyists on the street on the police response.We talk to the Laywer from Melbourne Activists Legal Support (MALS) who went to the watch house after the Friday rally.2nd Half HourWe speak with Anne Moon for a look at Manus and what is...

Duration: 01:30:24

Streets Victory II Rally for Environment game plan 2018 II Humphrey McQueen

1st half hour: Don Sutherland talks about the Streets victory 2nd half hour: Environment Rally on steps of Victoria Parliament on Nov 1 to celebrate victories and the game plan for 2018 This is the Week That Was3rd half hour: Humphrey McQueen Christmas round up.

Duration: 01:30:13

Defend Public Housing - Walker St Estate Northcote rally II Manus update II Yes Vote report

1st half hour: Defend Public Housing - Walker St Estate Northcote rally Nov 112ond half hour: Chris Breen (Refugee Action Collective) Manus Island update/ Pine Gap Protestors Court Case update / This is the Week that was3rd half hour: "Yes Vote" rally Melb making history 15-11-2017

Duration: 01:30:13

US Bases I Pine Gap Demonstrators go to court I 8Days Refugee Solidarity I Sampari is coming

7.30 - Prof David Vine talks about US bases8.00am - Paul Christie, peace activist, talk to us about his up-coming case for a peace demo at Pine Gap last year8.20am - This is the Week that was.830 am - 8 Days of Solidarity, a grassroots campaign to show solidarity with refugees who have been locked up in detention. It will be 8 days of action to highlight the longest time spent in Australia’s detention facilities, which is 8 years.12 to 19 of November info8.45 - Jill talks about the upcoming...

Duration: 01:30:26

Elders endorse Lidia Thorpe Green 4 Northcote II Productivity & Wages debunked

We open with Lidia Thorpe maybe the 1st First People's representative in Victorian Parliament. We ask her why she is a Greens & why Northcote?In the last half hour Bill Mitchell debunks the outrageous claims from "leading business people' that to raise wages from an all time low needs a productivity increase. The gloves are off.

Duration: 01:30:22

Defend Vic Public Housing Report II Cash Should Go II Capitalism Exposed

Celebration of Public Housing rally at Debneys Park Flemington. Public Housing Tenants speak out against Vic Govt "renewal" plans. They are joined by Adam Bandt Greens Federal Member for Melbourne. Next Rally 11 Nov Walker St Estate Northcote. PUBLIC HOUSING DEFENCE NETWORKDon Sutherland talks about Cash and that raid on the AWU & Australian democracy. What a week.Kevin Healy with This is the Week that WasHumprey McQueen talks Das Capital article here

Duration: 01:29:39

Anti Terror Laws / WAR / Change the Rules Campaign

Rob Starry: Anti Terror Laws up close. Rob takes us through what these laws are doing to Islamic Australians and the fabric of our democracy by looking at two recent banner headline cases. Lift up the curtain and all is revealed.Chrissie-Horswood - Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance founding member explains why WAR is so importantKevin Healy gives us This is the Week that WasDon Sutherland surveys the industrial relations scene in Australia at this moment with reference to the progress of...

Duration: 01:25:18

Eyewitness accounts: Venezuela & West Gate Disaster II Peter Norman Day

Coarle Winter just back from Venezuela give a clear account of the situationBessie Byrne on the Reel Impact Industry Day for the Environmental Film FestivalMarcus Harrinton speaks to Pat Preston who was there when the West Gate Bridge collapsed. Oct 15 is the 49th anniversary of the event that killed 35 workers.This is the Week that Was with Kevin HealyPeter Norman Day celebrations Oct 9th outside Melbourne Town HallChrissie-Lee Horseman fro Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance at the...

Duration: 01:30:22

Marx II Refugee death @ Manus II Rebel Women in 1880's II Weekly Round up from Kevin II Poverty, wages & the need for change

Ass. Prof. Anitra Nelson on the relevance of Marx in the fight for the environment.Aron Mylvaganam talks about the recent death on Manus and the Federal Governments call for $7,500 from family to repatriate their sons body.Katie Wood, Socialist Historian, talks about rebel women.This is the week that wasDon Sutherland talks about the industrial landscape - how the laws are broken & what we can do about it.

Duration: 00:06:40

Neo Nazis, Local Councils & Australia Day II Union Activism & History Conference II 'oily' Sam Griffiths the drafter of the Australian Constitution

Yarra Mayor Amanda Stone explains Yarra Council's position on Australia Day.Debbie Brennan gives first hand report of Neo Nazi storming of Moreland Council meeting against their position on Australia Day. Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (CARF) info here.Jerome Small talks about Union Activism & History Conference on Sat 14th Oct.This is the Week that WasHumphrey McQueen talks about 'oily' Sam Griffiths the drafter of the Australian Constitution.

Duration: 01:29:12

South China Sea II Allende Commemoration II Uproar in Catalonia

South China Sea: IPAN conference speaker James O'Neill outlines the US role in undermining peace.Allende Commmoration The Commemoration of the 1973 Chilean Coup and Death of Salvadore Allende at Melbourne Trades Hall. Uproar in Catalonia The referendum to decide if Catalonia would separate from the Spanish Union set for Oct 1 has been interfered with by Federal Government intervention. LATEST: (Saturday, September 23, at 1500 hours). The Catalan interior minister, Joaquim Forn, rejects the...

Duration: 01:25:04

Vulnerable Workers Bill & Hadgkiss demise II Save Vic Market II Save Public Housing Now

- Don Sutherland our industrial relations reporter talks about the Vulnerable Workers Bill & the departure of Nigel Hadgkiss from the ABCC & what should mean to the Minister for Employment Michealea Cash.- Phil Cleary says the latest plan for Vic Market out of Melb City Council should not be seen as a fait-a-complet.- Lew Wheeler (Fair Go For Pensioners) talks an allaince to Save Public Housing in Victoria.

Duration: 01:27:50

Eminent Australians' against NT intervention - Gillian Triggs & Rosalie Kunot Monks II This is the Week that Was II Bruce Pascoe & Dark Emu

Concerned Australia's organised the launch of the Eminent Australian's statement against the NT intervention on Sept 28th at the Melbourne University Law School. 200 Eminent Australians have put their name to this important statement here . Gillian Triggs, recent past President of the Human Rights Commission, gave the first speech of the night while first nations Roasalie Kunot Monks from Alice Springs talks up here. Concern Australians' moto is Without Justice there is no...

Duration: 01:30:38

Save Public Housing Gomm St Residents Speak II This is the Week that Was II Humphrey McQueen celebrates Das Kapital

Gomm St Housing Estate residents meet and talk about the removal of residents for the Martin Foley Private Public Partnership rebuild that doesn't really include the residents' voices. The Meeting was held on Aug 30 with Councillor Sue Bolton from Moreland Council and a lawyer from Fitzroy Legal Service in attendance.This is the Week that Was says it all really.Humprey McQueen celebrates the 150th anniversary of the publishing of Volumne 1 of Das Kaptial. For more reflections go to...

Duration: 01:30:21

A chat on Progressive change II Melb Uni attacks academic freedom in new agreement II this is the week that was II the rules are broken how do we fix them?

Vince Emmanuel talks about progressive action in America.Changes to Melbourne University EBA attack academic rights - Colin Long from the National Tertiary Education Union.This the week that was.The rule are broken - Don Sutherland talks about how the industrial rules in Australia can and should be changed.

What's Going On in US II Cuts to Concessions II This is the Week that Was II Banks Part 2

Vince Emmanuel talks about America and activism.Lew Wheeler talks about cuts to concessions. Lew is from Fair Go For PensionersKevin Healy reviews the week.Humphrey McQueen tells us what the banks really do.

Duration: 01:29:43

Politics with your Weeties

Labor talks "the rules are broken" to the Sydney Institute. Don Sutherland crits Shadow Industry Ministry Brendan O'Connor's recent speech to the right wing Sydney Institute - the theme "The rules are broken".This Is the Week that WasDr Noah Bassil returns to talk about the state of things.

Duration: 01:28:34

Venezuela II Longford dispute II this is the week that was II the banks

Venezuela on fire - live cross before the popular vote.Longford dispute rally outside Esso with the voice of affected workers.This is the Week that was with Kevin Healy.Humphrey McQueen talks about banks and their place.

Duration: 01:25:43

Inequality from Turnbull, Shorten, Prof Roger Wilkins & Van Badham II This is the Week that Was II Sue Cramer on Constructivism & Aust Art @ Heide II Justice for Elijah

Inequality from Turnbull, Shorten, Prof Roger Wilkins & Van Badham.This is the Week that Was - Kevin picks up the theme of Shorten's inequality speech.Sue Cramer on Constructivism & Aust Art @ Heide - in an exhibition the honours the influence of the art movement that was born out of the Russian Revolution and worked to remake the world where art was no longer an elite sport.Justice for Elijah Rally in Melbourne called by Warriors of the Resistance filled the top of Bourke St and stopped...

Duration: 01:30:30

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