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STT 052: Hotel Regina, Affordable Luxury Gem in Paris

The Hotel Regina in Paris, France is a phenomenal hotel, a gem of a place to stay, and a fabulous example of affordable luxury. It was also the lodging of choice of Astrid Clements, your solo travel advisor on her recent trip to Paris. We profile the 5 Star Hotel Regina not only to share this wonderful find, but also to explore affordable luxury-- what constitutes affordable luxury, and how solo travelers can get more affordable luxury in their travels. You will be transported by this...


STT 051: Pick Your Paris Theme

Last week, Astrid Clements shared her recent trip to Paris and told listeners that her trip had a theme of Style and Fashion. On this episode of Solo Travel Talk, Astrid delves deeper into the theme of her trip, detailing exactly what activities made up the adventure. We hope you find the details of the trip interesting… and maybe even inspiring, but also to give you a sense of scope to how you can bring a theme to your Parisian travels. Mentioned on the show: Le Studio Parfum ParisAnelle...


STT 050: Your 2018 Solo Travel Planning Guide - Paris

Ooh la la! Get ready for a Parisian excursion on this episode of your solo travel podcast, Solo Travel Talk. If you have not put Paris on your 2018 destination list, you probably will after this show. Astrid is back from a trip to Paris that she says ranks in her top trips ever. (And when someone travels as much as Astrid, a "top trip" should make you sit up and listen!) You'll learn why Paris is so amazing for both tangible and intangible reasons and some tips for making Paris super solo...


STT 049: Art Routes San Miguel de Allende

Art Routes is back! In coordination with The Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge and Astrid Solo Travel Advisor, Art Routes will be going to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Tucked in the eastern side of the state of Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende is a renowned art colony and is home to world-class galleries, sights, food and accommodations. The tour is set for June 1-7, 2018 and is sure to be an amazing, enriching experience. Listen to this show and discover if this trip is for you! The...


STT 048: What the Smart Solo Traveler Has - Travel Insurance

You might not think of it, but travel insurance is something the smart solo traveler has. On this episode of your solo travel podcast, Solo Travel Talk, Astrid Clements goes in depth on travel insurance and why you might want to consider it for your next trip. PLEASE NOTE - Disclaimer: Neither Astrid Clements nor Astrid Solo Travel Advisor LLC are licensed insurance agents or providers. This program is for informational purposes only. Astrid references Allianz for travel insurance - Astrid...


STT 047: The Solo Travelers’ Wish List and Astrid’s Travel Essentials

So very merry! This time of year welcomes gift giving and what better time is there to discuss lovely items that should be on the solo traveler’s wish list. In addition to having some fun talking about gifts, we are also pleased to announce that Astrid’s marketplace has launched! You are in for a treat as your solo travel advisor Astrid Clements takes you on a tour of her Astrid’s Essentials. Mentioned on the show: Astrid's Travel Essentials Bandolier Longchamp We love sharing the most...


STT 046: Table for One (Dining Solo Rebroadcast)

It’s December... the year is soon coming to a close and we’ve been doing some reflecting on 2017 here at Astrid Solo Travel Advisor. Solo Travel Talk launched in 2017 and we love bringing you innovative ideas about affordable luxury for the solo traveler. In that spirit, we revisit one of Solo Travel Talk’s most popular episodes: dining alone as a solo traveler. Astrid still hears so many people ask about this topic. After hearing this show, you’ll be able to banish any by-yourself eating...


STT 045: Kamelia Britton - Hackerette

One part mindset, one part strategy, and a nice sprinkling of verve for life. Kamelia Britton is THE Hackerette, and she devotes her travel blog to helping people get the most out of travel and obtain affordable luxury whenever she can. If you are wondering why you aren't traveling as much as you would like, Kamelia shares her unique perspective for making travel happen. Kamelia made a special guide for Solo Travel Talk listeners! Find it here: Also...


STT 044: Destination Holiday Travel

Are the holidays the best time to travel to a fun destination? Destination holiday travel is all about making a journey to a wonderful place and celebrating your holiday away. On the new episode of your solo travel podcast, Solo Travel Talk, Astrid Clements is going share her merry and bright perspective about making holidays in a glorious destination. Mentioned on the show: We...


STT 043: Taking Some of the Stress Out of Holiday Travel

It's almost something we've come to expect: holiday travel being a stressful disaster. Nothing can take the fun out of the season faster than stress! On this solo travel podcast episode, Astrid Clements-- your Solo Travel Advisor-- tackles traveling during the holidays and how to make it all a little easier (so you can enjoy yourself! This is a holiday vacation, after all!) Travel insurance mentioned on the show: Allianz Travel Insurance (Please note: this is an affiliate link.) We love...


STT 042: Business Trips That Feels Like Pleasure Travel

For many people, traveling for business is the introduction to solo travel. Is it possible to use business trips as a way to not only get solo travel experience, but also as a way to enjoy leisure travel at the same time? On this solo travel podcast episode, Astrid explores how to make business travel feel like leisure travel. In addition to practical business travel tips, you'll learn the necessary mindset to enjoy fun and enrichment without letting the business suffer. We love sharing the...


STT 041: Travel Trends the Solo Traveler Needs to Know

Luxury travel is becoming democratized, which has led to the expansion of the affordable luxury market for travelers. This is just one of many travel trends examined in this episode of Solo Travel Talk, the solo travel podcast. How some travelers expect to be changed by travel; which travel trends follow the desires of solo travelers the most closely; how making a difference is becoming a part of vacations; and many more trends are discussed on this show. Listen to this episode if you want...


STT 040: Your Key to Solo Travel Success - Back to Basics

If you want to make your solo travel adventures successful, you’ll need to have your fundamentals in order. Thankfully you have your own Solo Travel Advisor, and your solo travel podcast Solo Travel Talk. The conversation on today’s show was inspired by Astrid’s recent appearance on the THINKING LIBERTY travel podcast. (Link to that show here.) You'll hear what Astrid does before every adventure, how (really) to get started solo traveling, her highs and lows of solo travel, and the number...


STT 039: The Evolution of a Solo Traveler

Astrid has an amazing depth of experience with her solo travel and on this episode of Solo Travel Talk, we document the evolution of the solo travel journey. Along the way, there are stories of inspiration, discovery-- we even get to hear about Astrid's recent trip to Ireland and how the opportunity of business travel can further develop a solo traveler. One thing that has evolved to near perfection is Astrid’s packing list—no joke, her packing list has been refined over many years and...


STT 038: 15 Packing Tips Every Solo Traveler Should Know

Anyone who has ever listened to Solo Travel Talk knows Astrid is passionate about easing packing stress! On the new episode of your solo travel podcast, Astrid shares 15 packing tips (not to be confused with her packing list) that will set the stage for successful solo travel. You'll learn about picking a color palette for your clothes, how to organize your things, features your luggage should have, avoiding weight related baggage fees and so much more! Astrid, your expert Solo Travel...


STT 037: Self-Discovery and Reflection on the Road - Gerri Hobdy

Listeners, you are in for a treat. On the new episode of Solo Travel Talk, we hear from Gerri Hobdy and learn from her unique perspective. The discussion moves from "placemaking" to journaling, the power of walking in a city someone is touring, and many more interesting places. Gerri beautifully delves into how travel-- and especially solo travel-- can be a tool of self-care, and shares how some of her own travel has had life changing implications. We hope this episode serves as an...


STT 036: Some Trusted Brands for the Solo Traveler

Astrid has a lot of tips and thoughts about how to make your solo travel better, and today we turn her attention to some trusted global brands. On this solo travel podcast episode, Astrid profiles two hotel brands; a luggage company; and a cruise line. Not only will you get solid information, but you will be inspired to add these brands to your travel, enhancing your overall solo travel experience. Mentioned on the show: SofitelSO SofitelThe Kessler CollectionIT LuggageUniworld Cruises...


STT 035: The Call of a Place

It might start as an inkling, maybe it grows to a pull-- a feeling that you need to visit a particular place. What is this force and what's behind these longings we might feel to travel somewhere? On this episode of Solo Travel Talk, Astrid examines the source of these calls. You may be surprised at the romanticism and spiritual nature of the conversation on this solo travel podcast. If you have ever felt drawn to a place, this show is for you. Mentioned on the show: Open Russia...


STT 034: Solo Travel From Hanoi to NYC

What do Hanoi and New York City have in common? You'll find out on this episode of Solo Travel Talk as Astrid talks about both these cities in terms of being a destination for the Solo Traveler! You might find yourself adding both these cities to your MUST SEE list after listening to this solo travel podcast episode. Astrid has an amazing packing list available for download. Get it at her website, Follow Astrid on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can subscribe to...


STT 033: Get Dreaming About Singapore and Bangkok

Whisk yourself away to Singapore and Bangkok on this new solo travel podcast episode. This week on Solo Travel Talk, Astrid continues a mini-series about different destinations she thinks you should consider. You won't be able to resist the call of Singapore and Bangkok after listening to this show! Mentioned on this episode... Singapore Gardens By The BaySingapore Art MuseumMarina Bay SandsSingapore Flyer Bangkok Sofitel Bangkok SukhumvitGrand PalaceChao Phraya RiverChatuchak...


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