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A new music track for a future Somatic Podcast episode on the physical culture/bodily experiences of train travel. Photo is of the Western Nebraska landscape at night. Photo was taken by me while traveling east by train.


Somatic Podcast Ep 6 - Sport Studies and Podcasting

In this episode of Somatic, we talk with Professor Brett Hutchins of Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. As an Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellow, Prof. Hutchins has been developing research on The Mobile Media Sport Moment: Markets, Technologies, Power. As an integral part of his research program, Prof. Hutchins developed his MediaSport Podcast Series, in which he interviews leading international researchers and scholars on the prescient sociocultural, political, and...


Somatic Podcast Ep 5 - The Spaces of Suburbia

In this episode we explore the history and spaces of suburbia, focusing on the role of physical activity in the shaping of suburban life. The story and development of American suburbs is a long, complicated, and often overlooked social history, but what many people forget is their persistent role as spaces where people exercise, play sport, and seek leisure. In developing the episode we spoke with several contributors to examine questions not only of what the suburbs have been in the past,...


Ep 4 - Embodying Belfast's Feminist Activism

This episode is a discussion with Helen McBride. Her graduate historical research explored the role of Northern Irish women community organizers within the peace process during the Troubles. While in Laramie she became involved in the community’s Take Back the Night and SlutWalk events. When she returned to Belfast following her graduate work, she became heavily involved in the feminist activist community, co-founding the city’s Hollaback chapter, joining the Belfast Feminist Network, and...


Somatic Podcast Ep 2.5 - NASSS Reflection (Somatic in Brief)

In this episode we took a break from our usual format and tried out something new. We are going to try to stay as close as possible to a monthly schedule with our main episode releases, but there are times when we want to be able to go outside of that routine and put out a show that may need to be more timely or that does not quite fit a normal format. These episodes will be referred to as 'Somatic in Brief' and will be listed as half numbers (2.5 in this case). There is not a specific...


Somatic Podcast Ep 1 - Olympics Special

The Olympics is one of the biggest sporting events in the world that connects to a wide array of global and local political, economic, social, cultural, and technological processes. As such it has received a lot of attention, both in the popular media and through academic analysis. In order to cut through this multiplicity of voices and opinions we turned to Dr. Bryan Clift to explore how he views to games in Rio and what it means for the future of the Olympics.


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