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Episode 46: Color Him...The Red Guardian

Hawkeye and Hercules strike out a crazy adventure in order to save Black Widow from Colonel Ling and his latest creation, the Red Guardian. But when Hercules is drawn into the dreaded Psychotron, how will the Prince of Power survive? And without Herc, what chance does Hawkeye have against the Red Guardian?

Duration: 00:23:43

Episode 45: The Plan And The Power

With Goliath and Wasp kidnapped by Diablo and the brutish Dragon Man, the Avengers must once again rally in order to save their comrades. Joined by the guest, the mighty Hercules, the Avengers might just have a chance.

Duration: 00:21:02

Thor Ragnarok

This week, your host Andrew reviews the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor Ragnarok. An overall great movie filled with action, adventure, humor and more than a little heart.

Duration: 00:23:37

Episode 44: Let Sleeping Dragons Lie

After the infamous android, Dragon Man, is delivered to Goliath's lab, it's previous master makes a play to retrieve his property. The alchemist Diablo will stop at nothing in order to make his plans a reality. How will the Avengers stand up to this latest threat while Hercules sits on the sideline.

Duration: 00:27:10

Episode 43: Suddenly...The Sub-Mariner

The Avengers battle with Namor, the Sub-Mariner for possession of the Cosmic Cube! Who will take final custody of this power artifact?

Duration: 00:26:33

Episode 42: The Torment And The Triumph

With Hawkeye still reeling from the bombshell dropped on him by Black Widow and Captain America away, the devious Mad Thinker decides that this is the perfect time to destroy the mighty Avengers. Will our heroes be able to out think the Mad Thinker. How will Hercules fair in the world of mortals?

Duration: 00:26:40

Episode 41: In Our Midst...An Immortal

The Avengers face off against the Prince of Power, Hercules! Under the spell of Enchantress, Hercules is forced to do battle with our desperate heroes. Can the Avengers stand against the might of not one, but two immortal gods?

Duration: 00:26:01

Episode 40: To Conquer A Colossus

Once again the mighty Avengers snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. After escaping from the Ability Assimilator and the Ultroids, the Avengers must now face off against Ixar the Invincible. But will even the wiliest of Avengers be able to predict the plot twist that lies in store?

Duration: 00:22:35

Episode 39: The Ultroids Attack

It's the return of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. When Scarlet Witch arrives in Avengers Mansion without her brother, the Avengers spring into action to rescue Quicksilver. But all is not as it appears and soon the Avengers are at the mercy of Ixar and his Ultroids. Will the Avengers be able to rescue their team mate, or will they share his fate?

Duration: 00:25:07

Episode 38: The Light That Failed!

Once again the Avengers must square off against the Living Laser. This time however, the Living Laser has turned his sights on the small South American country of Costa Verde. With Wasp as his prisoner, the other Avengers must act quickly to save their teammate and protect this innocent nation from the machinations of the Living Laser!

Duration: 00:31:15

Episode 37: The Living Laser

A bank robbery takes an unexpected turn when the Avengers show up. On seeing the beautiful Wasp, Arthur Parks, the Living Laser, falls instantly in love and will stop at nothing to win her heart. Can the Avengers stand against the power of love?

Duration: 00:27:00

Episode 36: ...To Become An Avenger!

A special meeting of current and former Avengers decides to offer a membership to Spider-Man. After a rocky start, the Avengers send the Webcrawler on a mission to find the Hulk who has been seen in New York. How will Spidey manage to deal with the strongest hero in the Marvel Universe?

Duration: 00:25:02

Episode 34: The Sign Of The Serpent

This issue the Avengers face off against the insidious Sons of the Serpent. When the Sons attack Goliath's new assistant, Bill Foster, our heroes decide that this group of hate mongers have to go.

Duration: 00:26:29

Episode 33: Never Bug A Giant

Now that the Avengers have determined Goliath's location, the team is in hot pursuit to find and help their wayward companion. Little do they know that Goliath is on his own adventure deep beneath the surface. Can Goliath save his friend Dr. Anton? Will the Keeper of the Flame triumph? Will the world as we know it survive? You'll have to listen to find out...

Duration: 00:22:41

Episode 32: Frenzy In A Far - Off Land!

As Goliath struggles to come to terms with his new condition, he decides to chase after a former professor in hopes of obtaining a cure. Meanwhile, after locating Black Widow, Hawkeye rushes off to confront her and her allies on hopes of redeeming himself for his past failings.

Duration: 00:24:01

Episode 31: This Power Unleashed!

With two of their original number having returned to the team, things should be looking up, but reality couldn't be further from the truth. Goliath is unable to change size and is forced to remain 10 ft tall. Meanwhile, Hawkeye's former lover, the Soviet superspy Black Widow has returned, throwing the young Avenger's world into utter turmoil. Can the team weather these latest storms, or will these trials prove too much for even Earth's mightiest heroes?!

Duration: 00:27:51

Episode 30: Among Us Walks A Goliath

This week we welcome Giant-Man back to the Avengers! When Wasp fails to return as scheduled, a worried Dr. Hank Pym contacts his former teammates in an effort to find his beloved. Little do the heroes realize that Wasp has been taken captive by the Collector and his aid the Beetle. Will the Avengers be able to free Wasp from her captivity or will they become one of the Collector's prizes?!

Duration: 00:23:21

The Infinity Gems: A Brief History (Live from Tidewater Comicon 2017)

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe hurtles towards the much anticipated Avengers: Infinity War, the mysterious Infinity Stones have played an increasingly important role in these films. But far from being a creation of Hollywood, the Infinity Gems (as they are known in the comics) have been a part of the Marvel Universe since the early 1970's. As some of the most powerful artifacts out there, the Stones have played a major role in shaping the very fabric of the Marvel Universe, going so far...

Duration: 00:42:48

Episode 29: Four Against The Floodtide

While Hawkeye faces off against an unnamed foe, his fellow Avengers are in a life and death struggle against the villainous Attuma. Will Hawkeye come to their rescue, or are the Avengers doomed to a watery grave?! Will Earth be saved from the ever rising tide or will humanity be washed away?

Duration: 00:21:53

Episode 28: The Voice Of The Wasp

When one of their own is captured by the barbarian Attuma, the Avengers rush off to save Wasp from certain doom! But with Hawkeye AWOL will the team be able to stand against Attuma's fury? Captured and deprived of life giving air, what chance to our heroes stand against the might of their captor. First part of a three issue arc that heralds the return of two original Avengers to the team.

Duration: 00:25:50

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