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Sports, entertainment, controversy and the new “Wrestling War” between the industry giant WWE and Spike TV’s new TNA wrestling – just some of what Bruce weighs in with his celebrity and expert guests each week. You’ll hear the battle stories and the behind the scenes realities from years past and the backroom stories of today. “Brother Love” is back on the air.

Sports, entertainment, controversy and the new “Wrestling War” between the industry giant WWE and Spike TV’s new TNA wrestling – just some of what Bruce weighs in with his celebrity and expert guests each week. You’ll hear the battle stories and the behind the scenes realities from years past and the backroom stories of today. “Brother Love” is back on the air.
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Sports, entertainment, controversy and the new “Wrestling War” between the industry giant WWE and Spike TV’s new TNA wrestling – just some of what Bruce weighs in with his celebrity and expert guests each week. You’ll hear the battle stories and the behind the scenes realities from years past and the backroom stories of today. “Brother Love” is back on the air.




Episode 87: No Way Out 1998

The WWF has struck gold with Mike Tyson agreeing to participate in WrestleMania to the point that the New York Daily News had a headline that read, "Vince Revels as King for a Day!" Business is up and the public attention in WrestleMania is hotter than ever. In the middle of all this Mike Tyson has a very public split from long time promoter Don King and many think the WWF deal was the "final straw." We dig into that full story, Vince hilariously coaching Tyson in front of reporters at the...


Episode 86: Undertaker 1995-1997

"Ohhhhhh yessssss!" we've got everything you could ever want to know about the Phenom, the Undertaker from 1995, 1996, and 1997! "REST IN PEACE" that we cover why the "druids" were with Undertaker, how Undertaker handled autograph signings in the mid 90s, how the WWF almost did Baywatch, an incredible never-before-heard story about what Vince wanted to do to create controversy at NAPTE in 95, how Vince tried to piggyback the Super Bowl, why King Kong Bundy was chosen for Taker at 11, whether...


Episode 85: The Main Event on NBC: Hogan vs. Andre '88

WWE still refers to our topic today as, "the most watched wrestling program in American TV history." February 5, 1988, was the first time pro-wrestling had been on network TV since 1955 and 33 million viewers tuned into NBC to see the biggest rematch in history: Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant for the WWF World Championship. The largest audience in wrestling history was in for a treat: "How can there be two Dave Hebners?" Bruce breaks down arguably the best angle in WWF history and it was so...


Episode 84: 1988 Royal Rumble

"I LOOOOOOOOOOVE YOUUUUUUU!" returned to Monday Night RAW and we hear details about Bruce's experience at #RAW25. Did he see Vince? What did Stephanie say to him? What does this mean for the podcast? And of course then it's time for the story behind the very first Royal Rumble. Why did it ever happen to being with? Who sort of deserves the credit besides Pat Patterson? How was Dick Ebersol involved in a USA show? Why was it on USA anyway? What other names were considered? What sort of...


Episode 83: Royal Rumble 1998

STONE COLD! STONE COLD! It is one of the best pay per views of all time, at a time where the WWF was at the very top of it's game. Seemingly reeling from the departure of top stars and being "out gunned" by the star power of rival WCW, the WWF emphasized the talent they had on hand: Steve Austin, HBK, Undertaker, Mick Foley and more.. and the wrestling world was never the same. Hear all about this pivotal event, as well Mike Tyson, HBK's infamous farewell tour, Chainsaw Charlie and all...


Episode 82: The Rockers & Marty Jannetty

The Rockers have to be the most interesting story of a tag team in the history of WWE! We cover their starts in the business individually, who put Marty and Shawn in the car together for the first time, who they learned from individually, who they wrestled in their first tag match, how they got to the AWA for their first big break, a hilarious casino story that sets the tone for their careers, Gagne's suggestions for them, the inspiration for their name, who they tried to emulate, the ribs...


Episode 80: Vengeance 2001

Who could forget the night Chris Jericho beat the Rock and "Stone Cold" in the same night? Bruce and Conrad discuss that fateful night and the entire build up to get there including the end of the "Invasion" angle, the Rock-Austin politics, bringing Ric Flair back, the hilarious story about Vince's reaction on TV to Flair being his partner, bringing Jerry Lawler back, the rumors that Bruce slept with Stephanie, the allegations that the WWF artificially inflated the price of their stock,...


Episode 79: Goldust

The Two-Time Podcast of the Year is back with one of the most controversial characters in wrestling history, Goldust! Did Dusty politic to use Dustin in 1990? What did Vince say when Dustin asked for his release in 1991? What was Bruce and Pat's idea for Dustin in 1993? Who kept Dustin from being a main eventer in 93? How did the signing in 95 happen? You won't believe the influences for Goldust. How did the character come together? Who put the initial vignettes together? What made the...


Episode 78: Edge in the WWE

The SI Podcast of the Year is back with FIVE hours of Edge! But first we discuss which WWF Superstar the Steiners used as a human urinal and who they shot in the locker room. Yes, they shot a guy. We cover the early days of Edge extensively including growing up a wrestling fan, how he started training, who Edge compared himself to on the indies, why Ron Hutchison doesn't get more credit, how Bret Hart helped Edge early on, living with Dynamite Kid's ex wife, more detail than ever before...


Episode 77: The Steiners and Big Poppa Pump in the WWF

Rick and Scott Steiner formed arguably the greatest tag team in WCW history, and certainly have a place among the all time greats, but what is the story with their run with WWE? Learn about the plan to push Scott to the moon as a single star, what kept Vince from getting on board, their quick ascent to the title, and the reasons for their short run in the WWF. Conrad and Bruce also cover the entire run of Big Poppa Pump in the WWE; including why he was an ideal adversary for Triple H at...


Episode 76: Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Nobody has a story like Jake Roberts. His family life has become somewhat of an urban legend in wrestling so Bruce and Conrad address the rumor and innuendo surrounding Grizzly Smith. They also detail Jake's rise in the business outside of the WWF, how the character was developed, Jake's interest in booking, his unique promo style, the DDT on the floor that took Steamboat out of commission, why the Hogan feud never happened, who created the DDT, how to properly take it, protecting a...


Episode 75: Survivor Series 1987

Your new Thanksgiving tradition continues! An early release of Domething To Wrestle featuring Bruce and Conrad providing a rare "watch-along" running commentary episode on the inaugural Survivor Series PPV 30 "Turkey Days " ago! There were some kinks to work out for sure, and the guys talk about all of them. As an event designed to get everybody "on the card", there are an unbelievable amount of Hall of Famers to talk about as well as Bam Bam Bigelow, Danny Davis, the real reason for...


Episode 74: Survivor Series 2002

It goes without saying that 2002 was a crazy year for the WWE. In this episode we discuss the first brand split fizzling, the way the boys felt about it, who created Katie Vick, how the funeral segment was shot, the fallout from the angle, why they got rid of the Intercontinental title, the Lennox Lewis vs. Brock Lesnar PPV, Undertaker missing a PPV main event, was Kevin Nash milking the quad injury, Stephanie discussing her sex life with Triple H on Howard Stern, Regal's rep as an office...


Episode 73: Bret Hart’s 96/97

The business was changing in 1996 and Bret Hart was at the center of it all for the World Wrestling Federation. Bill Watts is out and the decision is made to make Shawn Michaels "the guy." Soon after, Diesel and Razor leave for greener pastures creating a perfect storm for Bret Hart to the subject of the greatest bidding war in the history of the business. Bret stays loyal for less money but finds that this isn't the same WWF he left a year before. How did the Ultimate Warrior potentially...


Episode 72: New Age Outlaws

"Oh, you didn't know?!" Bruce and Conrad proudly bring to you three hours about one of the greatest tag teams in the woooooorld, "the Badass" Billy Gunn and "the Roaddog" Jesse James -- the New Age Outlaws! How could the Roadie and Rockabilly ever possibly compete for screen time with Stone Cold, the Rock, Triple H, the Undertaker, Mankind, and a locker room filled with Hall of Famers? Bruce explains how an unlikely pairing became bonafide superstars during the biggest boom in wrestling...


Episode 71: The Rock 1997-1998

Do You smell what The Rock is cooking? In one of our most requested topics ever, Bruce tells you the inside story of the ascent of the most electrifying man in sports entertainment. From Flex Cavana to Rocky Maivia, to 'FINALLY' discovering his true self as "The Rock", the journey of Duane Johnson is covered with backstage insight, never before heard stories, and answers to the questions you have always had about pie eating jabroni beating icon. Join Conrad and Bruce as they give you an...


Episode 70: Doink the Clown

Who thought of the idea of an "evil clown" character? Who in the WWE dreamed of joining the circus as a kid? Where does a cartoon character fit into all of this? What movie did Bruce and Pat have Vince watch to understand the idea? How did Jim Johnston create the theme? We break down Jim's creative process with Vince, how Vince pitched Matt Borne on the character, the potential WrestleMania ideas, Crush in Hawaii, backlash from a neck injury angle right after a real life situation in the...


Episode 69: No Mercy 1999

Bruce and Conrad discuss the Fall of 1999 for the WWF for three hours! The company going public, how Russo walking out changed the company forever, what Ed did, how Gerwitz and Blancha fit in, hurting Vince's feelings, why the company ran UK PPVs, a hilarious Gorilla story, Steve Phillips, running the Georgia Dome, the Big Show's father's funeral, booking dog crap angles, Jarrett walking out, the rattlesnake bite angle, the Bulldog in dog crap, Austin on Nash Bridges, how Lita came in,...


Episode 68: IYH: Badd Blood 1997

Join Bruce and Conrad as they discuss the WWF in the Fall of 1997 and one of the most notable In Your House PPVs of all time: Badd Blood! They discuss the origins of the Kane character, whose idea it was, the inspiration for ripping off the cage door, who invented Hell in a Cell, what Taker and HBK thought of working together, Owen 3:16, Cactus Jack's WWF debut, stunning Vince, Shawn changing the finish at One Night Only to win the European Title, the first time we saw DX, the...


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