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Sports, entertainment, controversy and the new “Wrestling War” between the industry giant WWE and Spike TV’s new TNA wrestling – just some of what Bruce weighs in with his celebrity and expert guests each week. You’ll hear the battle stories and the behind the scenes realities from years past and the backroom stories of today. “Brother Love” is back on the air.




Episode 60: Razor Ramon

"Say hello to the bad guy". Arguably one of the greatest WWF wrestlers to never hold the world title, Scott Hall's Pacino inspired creation is examined from his beginning appearing in vignettes shot in Miami (or was it Connecticut ?), to his departure after the curtain call. Did Vince actually not know what "Scarface" was? Was he destined to hold the "big belt" before his departure? All these questions and much more will be answered on this week's episode of Something to Wrestle With Bruce...

Duration: 02:53:50

Episode 59: SummerSlam 1996

Things are changing quickly in the Summer of 1996 in the WWF. Ron Simmons left his job at Coca Cola to become a gladiator, Ahmed Johnson nearly died, Paul Bearer turned on the Undertaker, TL Hopper ate a turd from a swimming pool, Goldust likes women now, Austin 3:16 says "I work Free for All matches," and Shawn Michaels ruined Vader's WWF run. Enjoy over two hours of behind the scenes stories you've never heard!

Duration: 02:49:40

Episode 58: Paul Heyman in the WWE

Hear a hilarious story about Bruce traveling with Paul to NYC, Vince picking up Paul in a limo to help with Shotgun Saturday Night, the infamous conference call, Stephanie's breath strips, the one word Vince used to describe Paul, whose wedding Paul was in, and who was NOT a "Paul Heyman" guy will surprise you! Happy Anniversary!

Duration: 03:02:54

Episode 57: SummerSlam 2000

The WWF's business is better than ever but their biggest star is on the sidelines and the PTC is forcing the WWF to change their "Attitude." Val is no longer a porn star, the Goodfather doesn't even like hoes, the Rock is in politics, and Chyna is the Intercontinental Champion? Join us for an interesting ride through the WWF in 2000 as we discuss Shane being Shane, Kane losing his mask, Tazz wrestling Lawler, a thong stinkface match, Angle making out with Stephanie, and a badass TLC match!

Duration: 03:02:34

Episode 56: Fully Loaded 1998

Professional wrestling is hotter than ever in the Summer of 1998 with "Stone Cold" is leading the charge for the WWF. This show was between Mankind's infamous Hell in a Cell and the "Highway to Hell" SummerSlam at MSG and things are changing quickly in the WWF. We cover choppy choppy, the Dungeon match, the DX parody of NOD, the drunken Hawk angle, the nearly nude Sable, and of course Jackie's um... well, you know.

Duration: 03:00:01

Episode 55: Demolition

Here comes the Ax, here comes the Smasher, the Demolition! Over two hours of Bruce discussing the entire fun of the #1 WWE Tag Team of all time, Demolition! How did they come about? Were they a poor man's Road Warriors? Why did they turn baby face? Why did Crush join? What happened to Ax? Why aren't they in the Hall of Fame? All of this and more!

Duration: 02:40:40

Episode 54: IYH: Canadian Stampede '97

Twenty years ago the WWF was transitioning as the wrestling business was changing. Bret Hart was now a heel in America but still a Canadian hero out to stop the rise of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. This PPV was the Hart Foundation's "homecoming" in front of one of the rowdiest crowds of all time. This IYH won "Major Show of the Year" in 1997 and our coverage is longer than the actual show!

Duration: 02:39:57

Episode 53: The Rise of CM Punk

From the backyard to the world title, Bruce Prichard covers the entire Rise of CM Punk. Why was he sent to OVW? Who in talent relations held him back? Did being a Heyman Guy hurt him? What the hell happened with Unforgiven 2008? Does Bruce think he will be back? All this and more in over three hours of CM Punk!

Duration: 03:24:18

Episode 52: The Rise of John Cena

Before John Cena was "the Face that Runs the Place" everyone from Bruce Prichard to Vince McMahon had their doubts as to whether or not he could even make the main roster and then a trip to the UK changed everything! From wrestling on mattresses with his brothers to beating the Big Show for the US Title at WrestleMania XX, we cover the entire rise of John Cena!

Duration: 03:07:25

Episode 51: Vince Russo in the WWE

From the video store to the head writer, Bruce Prichard covers the rise of Vince Russo in the WWF for over three hours! From The Rock, to DX, and Stone Cold the "Russo Era" was all about "Attitude." You've heard Russo tell his story but what REALLY happened? Hear the good, the bad, and the ugly on our longest show ever!

Duration: 03:32:17

Episode 50: Austin Walks Out

What happened when Austin "took his ball and went home" in 2002? Was it creative? Was he injured? Did it cost him a beer deal? How much did it cost him to come back? Listen if you dare, Bruce is sick and this is three hours of our worst episode ever! WHAT? Worst episode. WHAT? Ever.

Duration: 02:59:56

Episode 49: Hulk Hogan's 1988

What you gonna do when Something to Wrestle runs wild on YOU?! How the first Royal Rumble came to be, the first SummerSlam, Hogan-Andre on NBC's Main Event, the Mega Powers unite, WrestleMania IV, the fist helmet, Bad News beef with Andre the Giant, memories from the Brother Love Show and more in nearly three hours covering Hulk Hogan's 1988!

Duration: 03:00:29

Episode 48: Eric Bischoff in the WWE

What happened when "hell froze over" in July 2002 and Eric Bischoff joined the WWE? Who was for it and who was against it? The time he tried to fight Vince, HLA, the Chuck & Billy Wedding, kissing Linda and Stephanie, Flair trying to take his eye out, and getting thrown in a garbage truck -- we cover it all! PLUS the Punjabi Boss Man song!

Duration: 02:56:03

Episode 47: King of the Ring 1996

What happened when Steve Austin became "Stone Cold" and got his first major push in the WWF? Many argue that the "Attitude Era" started at this very Pay Per VIew. But no one could argue "Austin 3:16" would become the #1 selling t-shirt in the company and the business was never the same! Enjoy more than two hours of Bruce Prichard talking the show that made "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!

Duration: 02:32:22

Episode 46: WWECW

What happened when the WWE decided to re-launch ECW as a third brand in 2006? Why didn't it work? What about Heyman getting sent home? Enjoy more than three hours of the Zombie, Vampires, Do-Rag Vince, Flair in thumbtacks, and Macho Libre?! ECW! ECW! ECW!

Duration: 03:11:40

Episode 45: Judgment Day 2002

Don't miss over two hours of Bruce discussing Hogan's last title title defense, a Hell in a Cell match Tim White will never forget, Angle puts his hair on the line, "Deacon" Batista, Austin's last PPV before he walked out, the nWo in the WWE, Brock's rookie year, and the first show where the WWF "got the F out!"

Duration: 02:44:51

Episode 44: Global Wrestling Federation

After McMahon let Bruce go in May 1991, Eddie Gilbert asked Bruce to join a new company with daily TV on ESPN and the "Expert" was born! Hear all about Joe Pedicino, the mysterious money behind the promotion, the greatness that is Eddie Gilbert, and learn about the early days of the Harlem Heat, Raven, X-Pac, Patriot, and more on this special BONUS episode! If you enjoy the show, please complete this: PodSurvey.com/Wrestle

Duration: 02:16:15

Episode 43: In Your House 8: Beware of Dog

What happened when the WWF lost power during a Pay-Per-View? What was Vince's reaction? What was supposed to happen? Fans had to tune in Tuesday to see the matches live making this the only "two part PPV" ever! Oh and the Bulldog and DiBiase gave their notice between the shows?! PLUS Bruce sing three songs!

Duration: 02:31:58

Episode 42: Jim Cornette in the WWF

Jim Cornette was a legend before he ever stepped foot in the WWF and when he finally did, no one could believe it! Jim never did anything quietly and this three hour episode chronicles it all in hilarious detail. From the rib that got him hired to the famous story that got him fired, Bruce and Conrad discuss all things James E. Cornette in the WWF!

Duration: 03:08:41

Episode 41: #LoveToKnow (Q&A Bonus Show!)

Bruce & Conrad asked you to complete a survey at PodSurvey.com/Wrestle and promised you a bonus show in return! Conrad grilled Bruce with your questions from Twitter (@PrichardShow) for nearly three hours! This show has something for everyone, don't miss it!

Duration: 02:53:54

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