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Coming up on 4 years, a new episode every two weeks. Featuring guests from across the internet, reality television, comics, and more.

Coming up on 4 years, a new episode every two weeks. Featuring guests from across the internet, reality television, comics, and more.
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Coming up on 4 years, a new episode every two weeks. Featuring guests from across the internet, reality television, comics, and more.






Episode 110 – Comics Watching Comics w/ Kevin Gootee

What’s going on everyone. This week, the Somethings had the pleasure to hang out with Kevin Gootee, a stand-up who is doing something pretty original on Amazon Prime. Every episode features one or two stand-ups doing a set while Kevin and his panel talk about what they did right and what they did wrong. From […]

Duration: 01:02:46

Episode 109 – 2017 Darwin Awards

Happy New Year! First, lets get the important stuff out of the way. We’re starting the year with a contest! This is what you gotta go do if you haven’t – go subscribe to our show via iTunes. Go leave a review. Send a screenshot to us via twitter (@STSTCast) – be entered for a […]

Duration: 00:52:20

Episode 108 – The 2017 IJOV Christmas Party

It is a yearly Something Tradition – the IJOV.NET Somethingcast Christmas Party! So get yourself some rum-laden nog, light the fire, and do what everyone does during the beginning of the season of giving. Put on headphones and listen to your friends prattle on about holidays and the year that has passed while you get […]

Duration: 01:17:35

Episode 107 – Unsolved Mysteries

Does that logo alone send a chill down your spine as you hear Robert Stack telling you about all the horrible crap that is going on in your neighborhood? Well, get ready for a little preview of what’s to come for the Somethings future. Take a listen to understand what I mean about that. (hint: […]

Duration: 02:00:23

Episode 106 – Stranger Things 2

It’s time to go back to the umop apisdn (that doesn’t work if you use a weird font) ..anyway, it’s time to head on back and see what’s going on in the eeriest of Indiana’s – that’s right, Netflix’s bingers dream has returned for nine more episodes of small town life with a Lovecrafty spin. […]

Duration: 01:43:13

Episode 105 – Vampire Movies w/ Megan Salinas

The rules you need to know: – You have to invite them in – You’ll never see them in front of a mirror – If you stake them, they will die – Go sparingly on the garlic I am course am talking about the Somethings, who are back with an episode about the monster movie’verses […]

Duration: 01:39:10

Episode 104 – Michael Bay

You can’t have a summer blockbuster without your bae… am I right? I, obviously am talking about the Master of all things Kaboom – Michael Bay. We can joke, but he’s had his share of fun flicks – and its time for the boys to break them down and find out which ones set them […]

Duration: 01:22:46

Episode 103 – The Defenders w/ Tim Stevens

Take the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. A loud-mouthed P.I. with superpowers. A bullet-proof man who swears to watch out for Harlem. And.. ..well.. Danny Rand. Push them together and what do you get – you get us bringing back the Somethingcast’s favorite guest, Mr. Ungajje himself, Tim Stevens! As always, when the binge-worthy Marvel World […]

Duration: 01:44:50

102 – Starchaser: The Legend of Orin

After 3 big episodes in a row, the boys are hanging back for a little and catching their breath. What that means is you get to dive into one from the secret archives of the Somethings, where you get all new material, we did the same amount of work, but we did it before now! […]

Duration: 00:56:43

Episode 101 – Ralph Garman

So after putting the Patreon on pause. After our Anniversary. After our 100th Episode. How could we put icing on that cake? Oh, we got ourselves a badass guest to hangout with for a little while. Who, you may ask? Why Ralph Garman, co-host of the Hollywood Babble-On with Kevin Smith, actor in a lot of stuff you’ve […]

Duration: 01:11:46

Episode 100 Party!

NOTE: Please forgive the mistake in this episode… I think it makes it funnier, but I forgot to add in a critical sound-effect. It’s always something, am I right? This is it! We did it! So what do we do.. we throw a party with two friends from the Inside Joke Outside Voice Network. We got […]

Duration: 01:13:22

Episode 99 – Year Four, Expanded Universes

Ok here we go… and go.. and go… and we are celebrating our Year 4. Where in years gone by we have found our way to the fabulous Wildpig Comics, this year there just wasn’t a lot to discuss when it came to the comic universes.. so we decided to have an episode where we create […]

Duration: 01:18:48

Episode 98 – Movie Confessions

Look, we all have blindspots. Maybe it’s that you really weren’t a fan of Star Wars. Maybe it’s that you think the ending of Lost is really good. These are things that sometimes you hold as a badge that you have not done something the rest of the world has.. but other times, you are […]

Duration: 01:02:29

Episode 97 – The SomethingSomethingCast Retrospective

And now for something a little different… and by different, we mean the same.. sort of. The boys have been doing the show for just about 4 years, so why not take a look back with us. Hatton and Rob talk about how it began, and some of the adventures on the way. And on […]

Duration: 01:35:49

Episode 96 – Theme Song Challenge (w/ Kyle from This Is Important)

We all like ourselves a little bit of television. We also like ourselves the earworms that lodge into your head for 30 minutes and beyond. So Hatton’s taken a few. Rob’s taken a few. And they are going head to head to find out who has the best line-up. And a battle as important as […]

Duration: 01:13:40

Episode 95 – Spin The Wheel: Taglines!

It’s time again for everybody’s favorite SomethingGimmick! THE WHEEL OF THINGS! The last time, the Somethings talked on about Dragonlance. This time it’s a contest episode. We’ve done movie posters before, but what about that one little sentence that tries to drag you into the flick? He was a flint. She was a steel. Sparks fly […]

Duration: 00:52:31

Episode 94 – Highlander

♫ Here we are… born to cast pods… ♫ That’s right, it’s time for one of those shows that was inevitable. It’s Clan Hatton & Clan McRob as we talk about one of the most long-legged, long-lived, fantasy… sci-fi *sigh* series that defined many a’geek. It’s Highlander time! So grab your katana and beware the planet […]

Duration: 01:18:20

Episode 93 – Buddy Flicks

Hey thanks for understanding the lateness. LET US NEVER DISCUSS IT AGAIN! When a movie starts, ‘Two cops with nothing left to lose’ or ‘Two best friends on a mission’ or ‘An unlikely duo of…’ Well, that’s a buddy flick and it’s a sub-genre unto itself. Hell, this show is pretty much a buddy flick turned audio. […]

Duration: 01:28:46

Episode 92 – The Last Jedi Trailer

A long time ago… but lesser long ago than it was before, but more recent than it was when it started.. or… Look, there’s a new Star Wars thing and we talk about it! Breaking from our usual ‘movie’ tradition – we’re going the super internet geek route and taking a trailer down. What’s to come? What […]

Duration: 01:08:59

Episode 91 – MST3k

♫ In the not too distant future… On Thursday on Netflix… The Mads are at it again! This time, they’ve taken the Somethings hostage and before they can be set free they have to review their favorite episodes of the B-Movie-Riffathon of MST3k! Ok, so there are no Mad Scientists. There’s no SOL. There’s simply an episode […]

Duration: 01:15:59

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