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Spotlight Show - Tiger / Novo Combo

Hellooo Basementeers all over.... Yes we one of those shows featuring 2 groups in one show, why ?? well these 2 groups only had 2 lp's and we thought by playing tracks from each group, we would give them 30 of music to share with you. The groups are : Tiger and Novo Combo. The music is quite different from each band but we do a lot of variety here and both bands need attention, so were giving it to them. We think if you like 70's prog rock, Tiger is for you. If you like 80's pop rock, you'll...


Country From The Basement # 3

YYYYYAAAAHOOOOOOOO BASEMENTEERZZZZZ..... YALL DOGGIES GONNA BARK AFTER THEEEIISS ONE.....HEEUUUGH DAWGGYYY...... Ok that's an introduction...this show probably needed it. Welcome to our third installment of the Country songs found in the basement. Yep why not spin these gems from the heart & soul of America. We finally thought we'ed stretch the music bag this week and GEEIIT this show outa da way....But for Country fans, this will be an enjoyable show. We will be ropin' in songs from: Dwight...


Spotlight Show - Original Songs 3 Dog Night Covered

Helloooo Basementeers.... Today's Spotlight show is a little different then other Spotlight shows indeed. The group 3 Dog Night was actually in some ways a cover band, so we are going to play songs they made famous....just from the original songwriters and artists. 3 Dog Night were a powerhouse of a group in the early 70's, but a lot of the songs they had as hits....we'rnt theres. So we will play the original songs, you will know then anyway, they all sound pretty close. So let's get going...


Valentines Day Show - Hard Times For Young Basements

Hellooo, Long Beach, CA & Lancashire, England...and Basementeers everywhere.. This is our Valentines Day show, we aired this originally back in 2014, but this was one of the early lost shows, so it's coming out of retirement. Well if your in love your not going to like this episode..we kind of turned VD Day on it's's break-up songs....yes for craps and giggles we did this for this show. But it's all in good fun and yes most radio shows will be playing lovey-dovey sappy love songs...


Spotlight Show - Backstreet Crawler

Hellooo Basementeers.... On this episode on SFTB we have another great forgotten band called: Backstreet Crawler. The Leader was from the Group FREE Paul Kossoff. This group was more of a blues/rock group but no hits, but 4 strong albums. So were going to play some trax from the 4 albums. So if your a record collector, you can find these records at your local used record store..there easy to find and well worth having them. Intro:The Band Played On 1.Sail On 2.Without You 3.Who Do Woman...


Stand Up For Your Basement

Heloooo Colorado Springs, Co. / Sapporo City, Japan and Basementeers all over. Well here is a show I recorded back in 2015 but I don't think I ever posted this I think this is an unreleased far. So here it is finally. The songs from the show will be from: Tom Paxton / Santana / Janis Ian / Jeff Lynn / Scorpions / Deep Purple and Humble Pie as the Beaver.... So let's hear the sounds of the basement... Intro:Chicken Delight Twist 1.More Of That Jazz-Queen 2.Manuela...


Spotlight Show - Carolyne Mas

Hello Basementeers everywehere.... This show of SFTB is a unique one, and the lady were about to play is kind of a mystery...Therese not much info on Carolyne Mas but this lady, boy can she rock !! She only had 3 albums but we picked some goodies from them. Her albums spanned from 1979 to 1981. Well ok now we want to know what you think....should we pressure her old record company (Mercury Records) to put them back into print ??..... Intro:Little Baby Of Mine 1.Stilsane 2.Hold On 3.It's...


Basement Beautiful

Helooo Cleveland, Ohio / Shenzhen, China...and Basementeers all over the planet......... This show was on before in 2016 but it bears a repeat. There are some rockin' songs in this show I wanted to play it again....SAM.... Songs in this show will be from: Montrose / John Lennon / Queen / Joey Molland / The Monkees / Billy Joel and Christie as the Beaver..... Ok the records are waiting and you are waiting....let's get to it....... Intro:A Tab In The Ocean-Nektar 1.Down The Mississippi...


Spotlight Show - The Flamin' Groovies

Hi Basmenteers everywhere...... Today we have a group people may have heard about, but not heard there music, there the Flamin' Groovies. They were an interesting group that can form, break up and regroup and re-invent themselves and keep up the same energy as before. A band that was more less a blues rock band in the early 70's then by the later 70's a new wave/punk band. They even surprised me that they were great either way, but a bit puzzled why they didn't have a hit or two along the...


Ride Into The Basement

Helloooo, Buffalo, New York / Bogota, Columbia, South America...and Basementeers all the world..... Well Yes a start of another week here and we have yet another stack of wax to spin down on the turntables once again. Today you'll be hearing song from: Hawkwind / The Sweet / Manfred Man / Kenny Loggins / Def Leppard / Frigid Pink and Sony & Cher as the Beaver... So strap yourselves in here we go trippin' 'round the record players. Intro:Hey-Hey-Gershon Kingsley 1.Angry Blues-James Taylor...


Spotlight Show - Paris / Ironhorse

Helooo Basementeers..... We have 2 short groups for you in one show, The bands are PARIS and IRONHORSE. The reason were putting 2 groups in one show is because, both bands only made 2 albums. The first group will feature will be PARIS. Bob Welch formed this band after leaving Fleetwood Mac in 1975. They had 2 albums that came out in 1975. The second group is Ironhorse. This was Randy Bachmans band after he left Bachman, Turner Overdrive. So were going to play selected trax from there lp's....


Space Songs

Hellooo Titusville, FL, & Helsinki, Finland...and Basementeers all over. For the people who work at NASA or anyone who has an intrest in Space...we made a show for you, we came up with some nutty songs about space and ect. Songs will include from: Journey / Steve Miller Band / ELO / George Thorogood / Trooper and Vik Veanus as the Beaver...... So let's take off into the stratosphere........We will have another space show soon, when we can find it lol...soon.... Intro:Moonshot-10 Tuff...


Spotlight Show - STARZ

Hellooo Basementeers..... On this episode of SFTB we have a very under-rated rock group that should have shot to the top of the hard rock charts and been rock legends. There called ....S T A R Z..... At first the members of Starz plyed in the group (The Looking Glass), then formed a new group called The Falling Angels, then after a year of that, they were Starz. So we have a good chunk of there songs from there lp's and now you can hear there music and history. Intro: Colosseum Rock 1....


TV Themes # 2

Hellooo Tampa Fl / Hamilton, Ont, Canada... Yes It's a new year 2018 and why not start with something fun... We have another show on TV Themes. You will remember something from here. Not many people have done shows like this, but this show was a gem to pull together, and yes we will do this again in the future....but on this show you will hear TV themes like: Josie & The Pussycats / Bob Newhart Show / Cheers / Fat Albert/ Medical Center / Big Blue Marble and Fantasy Island much more.........


Spotlight Show - Roadmaster

Hellooo Basementeers everywhere.... On this version of the Spotlight series, we have an under rated 70's band called Roadmaster. They were from Indianapolis, Indiana and they could stand up to any of the bands coming out of the later 70's. They had the commercial touch, had the hard rock edge and a record label, but just could not get past the (Pay Your Dues) part of the music biz. While they were out there, they left behind 4 great albums that were going to play trax from. Hope you finf...


Basement Rampage

Hellooo, San Jose, CA & Guatemala City, Guatemala.... and Basenteers all over....... This is a Basement Replay.... Since this is still the Holiday season and the festivities are still going on this week, We will continue to play a golden moldie from the past from 2014. It was a great show I thought... but for the people who did not hear this the first time, it's a new show to you. We will play trax from: The Tubes / Grateful Dead / The Orlons / Gary Walker and the Rain / The Kinks /...


Special Spotlight Show - KLAATU IS KLAATU

Hi Basementeers...... This is a very special SFTB show. I actually have a musical story for all of you, pretend it's my musical bedtime story. I tell the tail of a Canadian group called: KLAATU. In 1976 they were rumored to be The Beatles in disguise but they were really not, but I go through some comparisons of some of there songs to The Beatles ect. So this is not a regular SFTB show but interesting anyway...If you tune into the KLAATU show, listen to this one as well it will all make...


Spotlight Show - KLAATU

Helloooo Basementeers all over the globe and elsewhere...... Since it's the end of the year we thougfht we would bring you back to a strange spotlight show we did in 2016 from a group from Canada, that people thought that they were The Beatles in disguise. At one point there were rumors that The Beatles were secretly going under a new name and recorded a new lp in 1976 , well that band is KLAATU. There are similarities between The Beatles and KLAATU, but nope 2 different band s all...


The New Years Show

Helloooo Basementeers all over the world You can't hide from a new year and what it all brings. Well we made a new years show with party music and everything musical a new year show like this should have. So no matter where you live on the planet HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU !!!!! Intro:Auld Lan Syne-Guy Lombardo 1.1492-Betty Johnson 2.Another Year-Ian Gomm 3.1963-Bobby Vee 4.What's Another Year-Johhny Logan 5.Early 1970-Ringo Starr 6.A Couple More Years-Dr. Hook 7.Back In '72-Bob Seger 8.20...


You See The Trouble In My Basement

This Is A Basement Replay.... Hellooo Basemnteers all over the world.. Since the Basement is sort of on Vacation and taking a week off to get ready for the new year, we will play a show that was posted back in 2014, yes an oldie but a goodie. On this show we will be spinning songs from: The Beach Boys / Queen / Roxy Music / The Monkees / The Velvet Underground / Redwing / Humble Pie and Neil Diamond as the Beaver... Sop for the people who didn't hear the show the first time it's all new to...


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