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5: The Bandhole

This week, Payton makes up her own anatomy while delving deep into the murder/suicide of Kurt Cobain. On the other hand, Breanna shows off her truly amazing military skills (marksman, sharpshooter, expert by the way) while talking about our 35th President's death. Also, we have our Patreon up!! Finally! Go see! And we will C U Next Tuesday!

Duration: 01:17:40

4: Murders That Haunt

This week, Payton and Breanna talk a lot about teeth? Because clearly this is a dentist podcast. Payton goes over the Waverly Hills Sanatorium and Breanna tells us about the Villisca Axe Murders. Breanna also teaches Payton what C-U-Next-Tuesday means. Spoiler: She didn't take it well.

Duration: 01:02:29

3: Rich Daddy Probs

For this weeks episode, Payton and Breanna talk way too much tv. During the last half of the episode, they actually talk murder! JK, it's probably at least 80% of the episode. Payton tells the story of the messed ol' Big BB while Breanna has a cold and sounds like dirt, but she pulls through and talks Menendez. C-U-Next-Tuesday for another Sororicide Episode!

Duration: 01:20:34

2: Tricks and Deadly Treats

In this episode, Breanna talks about The Candy Man (not the fun one) and Payton talks about identifying crimes with hair (again, not the fun kind of hair). And just in time for Halloween! Trick-or-treat!

Duration: 01:07:28

1: Ecstasy with Mommy

Sisters who kill together stay together? This week, Payton tackles a good old-fashioned sororicide while Breanna dives into a very disturbing murder of sisters that kill.

Duration: 01:08:13