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65 Ikigai

Today’s episode dives into the Japanese concept of ikigai, which roughly translates to “a reason to live” or “a reason to get out of bed in the morning.” To find your own ikigai, experts recommend that you answer the following four questions: What do you love?What are you good at?What does the world need from you?What can you get paid for? In an ideal situation, you are able to build a career and a life around your answers to these questions. We discovered the concept of ikigai after...


Office Hours: SEO (Part 2)

As you learned in last week’s Office Hours episode, incorporating targeted keyword phrases into your blog content is essential. Those SEO-driving phrases need to be sprinkled throughout all of your content, but you can also benefit from placing them strategically in a few more places. This episode shares our specific recommendations on where else to load up your keywords within a blog/podcast/vlog post: The post URL: WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace, and many other blogging platforms allow...


64 Girl

“The words you speak become the house you live in.” - Hafiz We’re discussing all things related to #girlboss culture in today’s episode. We would never consider using the term #girllawyer or #girldoctor, so it’s fascinating that this child archetype been so widely adopted by women in business. How does this self-imposed characterization impact us, both individually and culturally? According to a recent New York Times article, “female entrepreneurship is on the rise because gender...


Office Hours: SEO (Part 1)

The advice most brick-and-mortar businesses owners are given when they first start out is “location, location, location.” For online business owners, the equivalent advice is “SEO, SEO, SEO.” SEO, or search engine optimization, is a series of practices that makes your web content easy for search engines to find, understand, and recommend to their users. A search engine’s job is deliver relevant and authoritative content to the people using their platforms. Your job as an online entrepreneur...


63 Bravery

We had the honor of interviewing the co-founders of Bravery Magazine, Elyse Beard and Ashley Aikele. Ashley and Elyse met seven years ago and have dreamed of doing something big ever since their friendship started. At first they dreamed of opening up a shaved ice shack, but years later they finally had an idea that stuck...Bravery! The idea for Bravery Mag was born from their shared frustration at the lack of kid-friendly resources to help teach their children about bravery and strong...


Office Hours: Discounting

If you’ve been listening to the podcast for any length of time, then you know that we’re not fans of discounting. Here are some of the reasons why discounting is bad news for your business: Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) are increasing across the board.Discounting creates a race to the bottom in your industry.Pricing too low attracts the wrong customers.Selling cheap products tarnishes your brand. What should you do instead? Differentiate yourself with these strategies: Tell your story....


62 Just

“Just is a word that minimizes whatever follows. And somehow I got it in my head that adding that little ‘just’ in there made whatever request I had smaller, easier to handle, and less of an inconvenience to whoever I was emailing. Basically, it’s another word for sorry.” - Chelsea Stone The podcast gets personal this week. After releasing more than 60 episodes, we want to check in about the observation that we use a lot of qualifiers like “just” and “actually” in our speech and dialog with...


Office Hours: Repurposing Blog Posts

Blogging is a powerful way to build your brand online, but it’s also pretty time-intensive. Since you’re putting in all of that effort to draft, edit, post, and promote, how else can you repurpose your blog content give it some additional legs in your business? Here are 9 strategies that we’ve used to repurpose content within our own company: Sharing on Facebook (both within Groups and on Business Pages)Discussing the post on Facebook LiveDiscussing the post on YouTubeMicro-blogging about...


61 Danielle

In this episode, we chat with Danielle Joseph of Function Creative Co. Danielle is responsible for the branding of our podcast (and the design of the podcast’s website), but she is a talented entrepreneur in her own right. Danielle discusses her journey from employee to becoming the founder of her own design agency and shares some tips for working with designers (such as the one skill she wishes that all of her clients could learn). Other Mentions: Function Creative Co., The Brand...


Office Hours: Promoted Pins

Pinterest is a powerful tool for anyone who runs an online business. A whopping 92% of our social traffic comes from the platform, so it's time we share with you our secret sauce: Promoted Pins. With Facebook Ads, you generally target people by demographic or psychographic information. With Pinterest, you can target by search terms (i.e., you only pay to expose your advertisement to people who are already looking for what you’re selling). In this episode, we share seven tips for...


60 Insourcing

Starting an online business? You need to run (not walk) to go hire a virtual assistant (VA). At least that’s the conventional wisdom we were told when we first started this entrepreneurial journey... We’ve streamlined our team in recent months and taken over tasks that were once delegated to virtual assistants and agencies and it has been THE VERY BEST decision we could have made for our business. We call this process “insourcing,” and although we naively thought we coined the term, it...


Office Hours: Instagram for Business

Given that your business and personal life are likely to overlap, should you create a separate Instagram account for your business? Many online entrepreneurs consider their personalities to be part of their brands. A single account shows you walk the talk without getting overly sales-focused. If you mix business and personal, that balance makes your online presence feel more authentic and grounded. If you have a partnership like we do (or a larger team), on the other hand, you’ll need to...


59 Ephemeral

In this episode, we discuss our theory of why tools like Snapchat and Instagram Stories have become so popular (and why they worry us at times). We’ve been wrestling for months with our opinions about ephemeral content on social media. Why, as entrepreneurs, would it make sense to put time into creating content that’s fleeting? At the same time, ephemeral content is often refreshingly honest and unscripted. Joy: Baron Fig Lock + Key Hustle: Plann


Office Hours: Hashtags

Today’s episode dives into strategies for using hashtags (on both Instagram and Pinterest) to grow your online following. Hashtags allow your posts to become searchable on social media, so it’s a powerful way to get new eyes on your content. For Instagram, we recommend that you: Research the hashtags that influencers in your niche are using and exploe the hashtags that your quintessential clients are including in their posts as wellMix up your hashtag blocks so that you don’t get...


58 Resolutions

“We are being sold on the need to upgrade all parts of ourselves, all at once, including parts that we did not previously know needed upgrading.” - Alexandra Schwartz It’s a brand new year, so that means our culture is abuzz with the aspirational narcissism of self development. In this episode, we discuss our opinions on New Year’s resolutions, the self help movement, and our society’s increasing focus on productivity. Other Mentions: Improving Ourselves to Death, Kids These Days:...


Office Hours : Online Challenges (Part 2)

Today’s episode is Part 2 of our quick overview of online challenges. (You can listen to Part 1 here.) Offering a challenge can work wonders for your email list, but only if that challenge truly appeals to your audience. You’ll want to be strategic at every step in the process. Here are our tips for creating a successful email-based online challenge: Find out what your audience wants. If you offer a 10-day core strength challenge but your readers are more interested in meditation,...


57 Visibility

In this episode, we summarize our big picture approach to online marketing. We see so much excitement among our clients about their teaching content, but all too often, marketing is an afterthought. We have four basic suggestions for getting your brand in front of new people: Master the Hashtag.Incorporate SEO.Invest in Paid Marketing.Be an Inspired Guest. Once you’ve got someone’s attention, how do you keep them interested in your brand? Get them on your email list via a generous, free...


Office Hours: Online Challenges (Part 1)

Today’s episode is Part 1 of our quick overview of online challenges. An online challenge is a multi-step, user-driven series of activities guided by pre-written content. Challenge creators are usually trying to build their followings, and the challenge itself offers subscribers a tangible, fun, motivating reward for signing up. Online challenges can be run through blogs, Facebook Groups, Instagram, virtually any online medium, but if you’re aiming to build your email list, your challenge...


56 Essence

“Singularity is the source of innovation.” — Carol Sanford Although new entrepreneurs can benefit from initial coaching and mentorship, your value proposition ultimately comes from your unique essence. In this episode, we discuss the work of Carol Sanford and the reason why it is so important to identify your business’s essence. In some ways, essence is related to branding, but your business’s essence is bigger than its brand. As Sanford notes, “Essence is unique to each company, and...


Office Hours: Favorite Software

Being the founders of a software company, we kind of geek out on software tools. In today’s Office Hours episode, we dive into our favorite apps for new online business owners. Project Management: We love Trello best, but Asana is great too. Personal Email, Word Processing, Spreadsheets: G Suite Graphic Design: Canva Online Teaching Platform: Namastream Payment Processor: Stripe Video Editing: iMovie Email Marketing: Convertkit Website/Blog: Squarespace Team Communication: Slack


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