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040: Mitch Brechon from Suite Oblivion

Sound Matters show #040 features Tom's conversation with longtime bandmate Mitch Brechon from Suite Oblivion talking through his journey in music culminating in the formation of Suite O' and the band's storied history... Inside the Interview: 02:26 – Mitch's early days in Rockford, IL and start in music and bands... 04:19 - New bands at Illinois State University and onto Chicago, IL in the 80's and 90's... 07:17 – On Haven evolving into Patron Smith eventually with Mitch, Tom on drums,...

Duration: 00:21:44

039: Jack Russell from Jack Russell's Great White

Tom's second interview with Jack Russell, lead singer and chief songwriter for Jack Russell's Great White. Tom and Jack talk about his recent management changes, the legacy of the "Once Bitten" album, the recording process these days, health, sobriety, Jack's forthcoming memoir, and his philosophy on success today, and much more... Inside the Interview: 02:13 – On talking to journalists with something to say... 02:58 - On the Once Acoustically Bitten album release and live show... 07:11 –...

Duration: 00:37:01

038: Chris Vrenna from Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, & Tweaker

Sound Matters show #038 features Tom's in-depth interview with Chris Vrenna, Grammy winning musician, composer, producer, remixer, and drummer best known for his work in Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, and Tweaker among many others. Tom and Chris dig deep into topics ranging from music technology, his time in Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson, his solo project Tweaker, scoring video game soundtracks, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Nine Inch Nails' legacy, David Bowie, recovery, and...

Duration: 00:37:35

037: Michael Sweet from Stryper and Sweet & Lynch

Tom's 3rd interview with Michael Sweet from Stryper and Sweet & Lynch delves into S&L's second release "Unified" out on Frontiers Records, shooting videos in Hollywood, wearing the producer's hat, line-up changes and healing in Stryper, and much more... Inside the Interview: 01:43 – On the waiting for the release of his new music to be released... 02:48 – How is Sweet & Lynch's second release "Unified" different from the debut? 04:47 – On Michael's approach to producing his albums... 07:03...

Duration: 00:20:56

036: Authors, Freddy Negrete & Steve Jones

Sound Matters #036 features Tom's interview with Freddy Negrete and Steve Jones, authors of "Smile Now, Cry Later: Guns, Gangs, and Tattoos - My Life in Black and Gray". This conversation with both Freddy and Steve deliberately focuses primarily on the journey from recovery to discovery, health, life, and ultimately... giving back. Digging into Freddy's life through addiction, multiple heart attacks, recovery, and counseling youth today, to Steve's initial encounter with Freddy and the...

Duration: 00:20:47

035: Frankie Muriel from KingoftheHill

Sound Matters episode #035 features Tom's interview with Frankie Muriel of KingoftheHill and Dr. Zhivegas. KOTH was/is the epitome high-energy fun, talent, and showmanship mixed into a rock and roll band. And as it should be, as Frankie and Tom discuss in this interview, along with his recollections and first hand accounts about what it was like to have a ringside seat to the wild ride that was rock and roll in the late 80's and early 90's, and much more... Inside the Interview: 04:30 –...

Duration: 00:24:20

034: Comedian & "That Metal Show" host, Don Jamieson on Sound Matters

Episode #034 features Tom's interview with comedian, author, and "That Metal Show" co-host, Don Jamieson. Don discusses his decades long career as the "rock 'n roll comedian," "That Metal Show," the state of music today, winning an Emmy, writing for Lisa Lampanelli, opening for Andrew Dice Clay, and more... Inside the Interview: 03:17 – "That Metal Show"... what happened and what's next? 06:00 – On Netflix and the future of media and entertainment... 07:42 – Is rock music dead? 09:26 – On...

Duration: 00:34:46

033: Tom Petty Tribute on Sound Matters

Sound Matters episode #033 features Tom’s tribute to the late, great Tom Petty who passed away this week with music, commentary, conversations, and reactions from musicians and friends influenced by Tom’s life and musical legacy. Connect with TOM LEU: Website: Official Facebook Page: Twitter: (@tomleu) Instagram: (@tomleu) "Sound Matters Radio" Episode 033 at...

Duration: 00:32:25

032: Aryn Jonathan Black from Scorpion Child

Tom's interview with Aryn Jonathan Black, lead singer of the great Austin, TX rock band Scorpion Child. Tom and Aryn spoke in the spring of 2016, just before the release of the band's second album, Acid Roulette. Conversations get into discussions about his musical influences, comparisons, perspectives on performing live, touring, and his even lessons learned in the music business along the way... Inside the Interview: 02:06 – On the release of Scorpion Child's second album "Acid...

Duration: 00:23:25

031: Author, Amy Dresner on Sound Matters

Tom's in-depth interview with the hilarious and insightful Amy Dresner, author of the riveting book "My Fair Junkie: A Memoir of Getting Dirty and Staying Clean" on Hachette Books. Inside the Interview: 03:21 – Special subject-matter on Sound Matters... 04:16 – Never had "handlers"... 04:31 – How terrifying is Amy's newfound success as an author? 07:35 – On what to leave in and what to leave out... 09:43 – On Amy's Dad reading her book... 10:04 – What was learned writing this book? 12:13 –...

Duration: 00:39:16

030: Highlights & Hits

Episode #030 features conversation, commentary, and insights about cover bands who do it differently, National Recovery Month,, Nikki Sixx and Sixx Sense radio, author Amy Dresner interview preview on show #031, and comedian Don Jamieson interview preview. Show #030 concludes with Tom's signature Sound Matter Moment... Connect with TOM LEU: Websites: & Official Facebook Page: Twitter: (@tomleu)...

Duration: 00:16:38

029: Highlights & Hits

Episode 029 features conversation, commentary, and insights about podcasting, Motley Crue, Nikki Sixx, and interviews with radio personality Kevin McCarthy and Kevin Polky, Executive Director of Shatter Our Silence. Show #029 concludes with Tom's signature Sound Matter Moment... Connect with TOM LEU: Website: Official Facebook Page: Twitter: (@tomleu) Instagram: (@tomleu) "Sound Matters Radio"...

Duration: 00:38:34

028: Bryan Wilkinson from Black Actress & The Last Vegas

Tom's interview with Bryan Wilkinson... best known currently as guitarist for both The Last Vegas and Chicago’s Black Actress, as well as a prolific solo artist performing under the banner of Bryan W. Music... Inside the Interview: 03:26 – On Bryan W. solo acoustic, live song choices, overall sound and style...? 06:29 – On doing an acoustic tour previously with The Lust Killers... 07:01 – On Bryan's vocals... 08:10 – On status of The Last Vegas... 09:37 – How does the business side of...

Duration: 00:19:40

027: Highlights & Hits

Episode 027 features conversation, commentary, and insights about "The Defiant Ones" (Jimmy Iovine & Dr. Dre) on HBO, Styx, Riki Rachtman, Rockford's Local Music Scene with Kevin McCarthy, Ratt, Heavy Metal (the film), and the Gin Blossoms. Show #027 concludes with Tom's signature "Sound Matter Moment"... Connect with TOM LEU: Website: Official Facebook Page: Twitter: (@tomleu) Instagram: (@tomleu)...

Duration: 00:34:59

026: Highlights & Hits

Episode 026 includes Tom's recap and commentary on his many recent travels shooting and doing media at Chicago Open Air and Country Thunder 2017, and an overview of the excellent Armed Vision reunion show and the 3 reasons WHY it was so successful. Show #026 concludes with Tom's signature "Sound Matter Moment"... Connect with TOM LEU: Website: Official Facebook Page: Twitter: (@tomleu) Instagram:

Duration: 00:20:16

025: Armed Vision from Rockford on Sound Matters

The legendary and influential Armed Vision band from Rockford, IL joins Tom in the studio for this long-form interview. Vocalist Rex Scott, guitarist Jay Samp, and drummer Lance Porter take calls, and discuss the band's storied history as they prepare for a triumphant hometown reunion show... Inside the Interview: 03:40 - About the big reunion show coming up on July 28th... 04:39 - On the set list and AV merchandise... 06:55 - On Lance's travels, transporting the drum kit, and "drum...

Duration: 00:37:47

024: Producer/Songwriter, Colin Brittain on Sound Matters

Producer/Songwriter, Colin Brittain talks with Tom about writing and producing with some of today's top acts including Papa Roach and Japan's One OK Rock among others... Inside the Interview: 02:53 - On Colin's bio as "the ultimate genre blender..." 03:14 - On the making of the Papa Roach track "Periscope"... 04:14 - On the making of the One OK Rock track "Take What You Want"... 05:39 - An insider's look at Japan's One OK Rock... 07:48 - Behind the curtain of how relationships are forged...

Duration: 00:20:31

023: Scott Phillips & Brian Marshall from Alter Bridge

Tom talks with Scott Phillips & Brian Marshall from Alter Bridge backstage at the Northern Invasion 2017 festival in Somerset, WI... Inside the Interview: 01:31 - Brian & Scott's least favorite interview question... 01:47 - Touring in 2017... what's better, what's worse from back in the day... 03:04 - Summarize the evoloution of Alter Bridge from the 1st album to present... 04:31 - On what Brian & Scott uniquely bring to Alter Bridge as a rhythm section... 06:25 - On how tracking happens...

Duration: 00:09:25

022: Michael Sweet from Stryper

Tom's first of two interviews with Michael Sweet from Stryper in the Fall of 2016 talking about his latest solo release "One Sided War"... Inside the Interview: 02:04 - On the album "One Sided War"... 03:06 - On melody, or the lack thereof, in hard rock music today... 04:35 - On the diversity between heavy and light within Michael's music... 06:22 - On running from the past in the past... 07:10 - On the classic Stryper sound and still staying relevant... 08:49 - The players, the...

Duration: 00:24:03

021: Shatter Our Silence Founder Kevin Polky

Shatter Our Silence Founder and Executive Director, Kevin Polky and Tom discuss the all-important topic of suicide awareness and assistance. Inside the Interview: 01:38 - About Kevin Polky... 03:13 - How did Shatter Our Silence come to exist? 04:45 - When did SOS begin, and what are some recent events? 05:50 - Top 3 goals of the SOS organization... 07:43 - Performing Arts partnerships with SOS... 08:33 - On the 2016 inaugural SOS events... 10:11 - Upcoming events... 13:26 - Crisis support...

Duration: 00:21:20

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