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Roger Law, the co-creator of Spitting Image, heads to Cape Town to meet South Africa's satirical puppets. What happens when he meets the rubber version of Nelson Mandela? In a small studio under Table Mountain a dedicated group of puppeteers are keeping the satirical flame burning for South Africa. With rubber versions of their politicians. old and new, and the backing of one of the country's finest cartoonists Zapiro, they are making waves for the establishment. But how easy is this to do in a democracy that is so new? Comedy can be tricky in a country where race and politics are so highly sensitive. Roger Law goes on set to talk to the writers and the performers of ZA News, South Africa's puppet show, as well as stand up comedians. He finds out what can - and can't be - said on air and on stage, and what really upsets the country's political elite. A portrait of South Africa through its evolving satirical scene, with a democracy only now finding that perhaps it can laugh at itself.



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