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Ep. 49- To Be a Saint, with Phil Drake and My Very Best Arsenal Friend Josh

Phil Drake, author of To Be A Saint, joined me this week to talk about writing, his new book and the recent happenings with the club. It was a real honor to have him on the show and to get the chance to talk about the history of the club through the eyes of a fan from 1976 to present. This book is almost 20 years in the making, and you can tell. It’s a fantastic story, and it’s beautifully told. Phil has written a bunch of other books as well, both fiction and nonfiction, so do be sure to...

Duration: 01:13:12

Ep. 48- A Long Pointless Trip and a Dive Into Bournemouth, with Aydin Osman of Read Southampton

In a week where Saints’ fans had both one of their longest and shortest away trips if the season, I’m joined by Aydin Osman to help sort out what to make of our performances against Manchester City and Bournemouth. It was a pleasure to speak with Aydin, and although the technology and Skype gods did their absolute best to foil our plans, we managed to talk about a range of things, from our recent team and individual performances, to Pep’s pep talk with Nathan Redmond, a Sterling strike, the...

Duration: 00:50:30

Ep. 47- Tadic Stays, Austin Plays, and Together Saints Score 4, with Jamie Grant of the Saints Report

Well how about that? We all know Everton are garbage, and it’s not just former Captain Ron that thinks so. But, no matter what you think of the blue side of Merseyside, you have to give some credit to Saints for their performance on the pitch on Sunday. In the immediate aftermath of that bare-bottom spanking we gave Everton, I spoke with Jamie Grant of @TheSaintsReport about the match, mental health, and the upcoming trips to Manchester City and Bournemouth. It’s not often that Jamie steps...

Duration: 00:59:20

Ep. 46- Peak Goalkeeping with Millie Peak of the Southampton Women’s Football Club

This week is pretty special. I got to see a few of my good friends for the weekend, and, currently, my family and I are at Disneyland, the happiest place on earth. It’s a good thing, too. I consumed so much alcohol Friday night and Saturday that I remember very little of the Saints performance against LFC. And, what little I do remember is being replaced by memories of my kids screaming with excitement at the sight of princesses, wild rides, or spinning teacups. I also know that this episode...

Duration: 00:36:59

Ep. 45- Southampton FC Off the Pitch, with Greg Baker of the Saints Foundation

This week I had the opportunity to speak with Greg Baker, head of the Saints Foundation about serving the communities in and around Southampton through his work at the Saints Foundation. As always, we start with being a fan and work towards his current position as head of the Foundation. From there we look at the different projects the Foundation are currently focused on, how it’s changed since its inception in 2001, how new and current projects are developed, how you can get involved, and,...

Duration: 00:39:33

Ep. 44- Burned by Burnley, Burden for Pellegrino, with Jake Hughes of St. Mary’s Musings

Well, well, well. Here we are again, slightly bitter, disappointed, frustrated, yet somehow very happy to be here, talking with yet another great guest for this week’s podcast. This week, after a disappointing match against Burley, where one of our own fans, Sam Vokes, scored against us to take all three points, I’m joined by Jake Hughes (@JJHughes_ on Twitter). Jake is the editor of St. Mary’s Musings (you can also find them on Twitter @StMarysMusings) in addition to writing about MMA...

Duration: 01:03:49

Ep. 43- Breakdown in Brighton, with Matt Beling of the We Are Southampton Page

This week I am delighted to be joined by Matt Beling of the WeAreSouthampton Page on Instagram. You hear me talk about him every week but this week I got to talk to him, not just about him. It’s always a pleasure to chat with Matt and, as always, he was great. We talk about his page and some of the changes that have gone on since last February, as well as his trip down to Brighton to catch Saints’ 1-1 draw against the newest south coast team to join the Premier League. It’s not all...

Duration: 01:00:01

Ep. 42- Boufal Bags Wondergoal, Baggies, and 3 Points, with Owen Hawes

This week some pretty good things happened. Saints got three points, we scored from open play, The Astros made the World Series for the first time since 2005, and the Dynamo got a home playoff match by finishing 4th in the conference. Overall a pretty good sporting weekend from my perspective. It was made even better by getting to chat with Owen Hawes, @Owen_TheSaints on Twitter. Owen writes a blog- and contributes to the 90min football YouTube[...]

Duration: 01:05:01

Ep. 41- 2 Goals, 1 Point, and a Lucky Draw, with Richard Brereton

Link to donate to a Saints family who lost their home and possessions in the wildfires currently raging in Northern California. What to make of the return of football to St. Mary’s after the international break… we changed the system, we scored, we equalized twice and came away with a point, but we also fell behind twice to newly promoted, tight-wad Newcastle. There are definitely cracks in the team that need addressing, and...

Duration: 00:45:37

Ep. 40- Enjoying the Break, with James George, Post2Post Pod, and the Exiled Geordies

I think made the most of my international break. I spent some time with family, ruined a family picture, jumped from a moving vehicle, and a bunch of other things I’m not willing to commit to writing. If you followed my Instagram story I’d like to apologize for what you may have seen. I also used the break as an opportunity to talk with three different podcast hosts about their podcasts, Saints, and our upcoming match against Newcastle. First off, I spoke with James George...

Duration: 01:08:56

Ep. 39- Stunned but Still Stoked, with Chris Hughes and Kirsty Bell

This week I am joined by TWO, yes TWO guests. The first is Chris Hughes, site expert at Saints Marching. He is a Saint loving journalist who brings passion and professionalism to his job and the team. I enjoyed chatting with him and, at least partly because the Stoke match was what it was, we don’t really go play-by through the game, but we cover it all and I think you’ll enjoy it. Links to Chris’ personal Twitter account, the Saints Marching account, and the Saints Marching website are...

Duration: 01:16:41

Ep. 38- To United We Fall, But Together We March On, with Dan James

Dan James (@TheDanJames) is a regular guy… if by regular guy you mean an absolute stud who hasn’t missed an away day in 3 years, who coaches and works for the Saints Foundation and who appears almost every week on the Ugly Inside Fan Cams. Dan was kind enough to find time to chat with me after the ManU match about all sorts of things. We kept the recorded conversation to Dan’s background and work, Saints’ latest match, the issues we are facing, listener questions and a bit more. I think...

Duration: 00:49:29

EP. 37- 3 Points, 3 Points, and Again I say 3 Points, with Blake Hampton

This week Saints went to Selhurst Park and refused to go Dutch, taking all three points from a Crystal Palace side playing their first match under new manager Roy Hodgson. Saints played well for most of the match, with good performances all the way up the spine of the team. I’m joined by Blake Hampton to discuss the match and take some listener questions. You can find Blake on Twitter @SFCBlake and you can get his writing @TheSaintsReport and @EIFsoccer. Blake is fantastic follow, and his...

Duration: 00:49:43

Ep. 36- No CAM, No Shots, No Service, with Dan Hargraves

Finally, the international break is over. I was anxiously awaiting the end of the break and very much looking forward to the return of the Southampton Football Club… and then we played Watford. I read about it online before I actually saw it, and man was it tough to watch…I spoke with Dan Hargraves, who’s on Twitter @dhargravessfc and who’s YouTube Channel can be found here about it all. If you haven’t subscribed to his channel yet be sure to do so. You won’t be disappointed. Dan and I...

Duration: 00:51:39

Ep. 35- He Came In Through the Transfer Window

The international break can be a time of boredom, but, luckily for us, the first half of it was filled with the final week of the summer transfer window. Depending on your perspective, that could make it better or worse. I, for one, am glad the window is over. VVD is ours, we’ve reinforced the backline and added to the midfield. However, we didn’t add to the attacking third. The initial results are in and, for this episode, we’re going to talk to 5 different people and get their grades on...

Duration: 01:24:17

Ep. 34- Wolves and Terriers and Birdies (Oh My)

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Nashville SC’s newest intern… he also goes to Belmont University, writes for The Saints Report, EIF Soccer, Breaking the Lines and SB Nation and answers all of the my texts. His name is Christian Candler and you can find him @_candler [...]

Duration: 01:05:44

Ep. 33- A Gift from Fonte, with Luke Osman

Luke Osman (@LukeOsmanRS on Twitter) joined me again this week to discuss all that’s going on with the Southampton Football club, from the sale of the club and our 3-2 win against West Ham and Jose Fonte, to our dealings in the transfer window. We even took some listener questions. You can find Luke’s work across the @TheReadNetwork, but mostly@ReadSouthampton. Other links for Luke include @YahooSportUK

Duration: 01:00:38

Ep. 32- Saints News from a Different Point of View

My guest this week is Jack from Saints News and Views, on Twitter @SaintsfcViews. Jack has been running the account since its creation in November of 2012. Jack and talked about numerous aspects of the team, from our performance in the season opener against Swansea City, to our needs, wants, and desires in the transfer window. We also took some listener questions (thank you all, by the way) and, after all was said and done (even though I’m not sure all was actually said), after we called...

Duration: 00:59:14

Ep. 31- Ewan Campbell is a Saint

My guest this week is Ewan Campbell, on Twitter @EwanCampbell1NI. I first saw him/heard him on @TheUglyInside’s year-end season review last year. Since then we’ve been working to try and find a time to get him on the podcast. He put up with a ton of crap from me, from audio issues to my general lack of any ability to actually host a podcast…Anyway, Ewan deserves a lot of credit for this episode and I promise that next time he is on I will do better. I really enjoyed our chat about the...

Duration: 00:53:49

Ep. 30- A Chocolate Chat with The Archers Road End

This week I had the opportunity to speak with Ben Hernandez-Stroud who owns and writes The Archers Road End blog, which you can also find on Twitter (@ArchersRoadEnd), and Facebook ( Ben works in social media, lives in London, and has been a fan of the Southampton Football club since childhood. Ben’s blog is a bit different than some in that it isn’t updated with every rumor or even with each passing week. He takes on large swaths of time with each post,...

Duration: 00:56:38

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