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Ep. 63- Huge News on Hughes with Two Views and You

Episode 63 went from being completely planned (twice) to over-crowded, to a bit shorter than normal, all within the space of a week. In the end, though, I’m more than happy with how it came together and thrilled to have gotten the chance to connect with so many wonderful people in such a short time. The span of the last 7 days (I’m writing this about 7 days and 3 hours after Pellegrino was sacked), I’ve done more guest podcasts and TV appearances than in the past 2 years combined. Add to...


Ep. 62- Championship Manager (out), with Josh of The Saints FC Page

This week was a weird one. We were absolutely torn apart at Newcastle, as Saints conceded more goals than they had shots on target. The performance was gutless and it caused the likes of Freddie from The Ugly Inside, Adam Leitch of the Southern Daily Echo, and Adam Blackmore of BBC Radio Solent to begin to turn on the entire situation. All three have tried to remain neutral in their analysis and judgment, and although they have been critical in the past, this match really did it. The...


Ep. 61- A Pointless Draw, with Rob Adam Evans of Fresh Saints

This week I’m joined by Rob Adam Evans to discuss the scoreless draw that took place at St. Mary’s against relegation rivals Stoke City on Saturday. Despite the storm that blew in and brought snow to much of England in the days leading up to the match, volunteers and the staff at Saints gave it their all to make sure fans could get safely to and from the stadium. Rob and I didn’t talk all that much about the snow or the walkways, but we did look at the match and discuss the few...


Ep. 60- A Positive Point, with Michael Kurn

Michael Kurn is Southampton born and bred. He always wanted a career in professional football and he’s created one for himself as a presenter and reporter for the Premier League, working on studio shows such as Premier League FanZone and bringing pre and post match interviews with players and managers to many of our TV screens. Michael also does a lot of work with charities and other sporting organizations. From Hampshire Cricket, to England Hockey and the Olympic and Paralympic games,...


Ep. 59- Squad Goals, with Kirsty Whitton of the Southampton Women’s Football Club

This weekend I had the pleasure of speaking with Kirsty Whitton(@Whitton_8), midfielder and Captain of the Southampton Women’s Football Club. After Kirsty helped lead her side to a 4-0 victory on Sunday afternoon in the semi-final of the Fa Hampshire Cup she sat back and chatted with me about her career, coming to the South Coast, her goals for the season, and more. We also took some listener questions (thank you to everyone who sent them in!). Kirsty is sponsored by Keila Tucker...


Ep. 58- Liverpool on a Sunday and Sheffield on a Wednesday, with Lucy Highnett

I had the pleasure of chatting with Lucy Highnett (@lucyhighnett on Twitter and Instagram) for this week’s podcast. To be completely honest, I’ve wanted to have Lucy on the show for some time, but we couldn’t find a time that worked for both of us. But, finally, with her PhD studies wrapping up, this weekend worked. I was excited to hear her perspective on the team and what I thought was some momentum being built, and then we played Liverpool, with 5 ex-Saints in the squad (all of whom...


Ep. 57- Wild Wild West (Brom), with Andy Caulton and a Range of Southampton Callers

This week I’m joined by a wide variety of guests from around the world to help cover a range of topics related to the sport of football and the Southampton Football Club. First up I spoke with Andrew Coulton, a Baggies fan originally from Derby County but now living in New Hampshire in the USA, about our most recent match against West Brom, his history with the club, coaching a former Saint, writing, the legacy left by Cyrille Regis, and more. We easily could have spent more than a full...


Ep. 56- Watford Done After One Shot of Jack’s, with Ben Hernandez-Stroud of Archers Road End

Ben Hernandez-Stroud, the man behind The Archers Road End blog joined me this week to discuss our FA Cup 4th Round victory over Watford. The win pushes Southampton’s unbeaten run to 4, but we’re still in the relegation zone and I personally am somewhat unconvinced. The team looked good for large parts of the match, but some of the decisions made by the manager cause me to question what’s going on, even after I heard his explanation of tactics. Ben and I talk tactics, social media,...


Ep. 55- A Point to Prove, with Allen Gunn of St. Mary’s Musings

We got a point, against Tottenham no less. The same team that absolutely trashed Saints just a few weeks ago was held largely at bay by Saints on Sunday in a hard fought match which saw each team walk away with a point. That point is about the only positive thing to come out of Southampton this week. No new signings, we fell into the relegation zone, and things seemed to be getting more bleak by the minute. But, with the performance on Sunday, maybe there is more than just a little hope...


Ep. 53- Ho, Ho, Horrendous Holiday Fixtures, with Cameran Alavi and Harry Holder

***Quick note*** this episode is long. It’s my fault and I apologize. My illness caused me to lose track of what was happening, so please excuse the meandering questioning at times during the interviews. 2018 is beginning a lot like 2017 ended. Episode 53 marks the beginning of the second year of the podcast. We made it 52 straight weeks with an episode. I’m proud of that, but it wouldn’t be a thing, or mean anything, without all of you taking part in, listening to and/or giving...


Ep. 51- Lumps of Coal, with Saints News and Views

First off, if you are listening to this instead of being with those you love, for whatever reason, consider pausing the episode and calling them, or going in the other room to see them, or texting them or whatever you can do to let them know you love them. That’s what this time of year is all about. Before Jack and I went on our respective holiday shenanigans, we decided to discuss Southampton, our current form, and the issues we are having at the moment. We discuss everything from poor...


Ep. 50- Once More, with Feeling, with guest Chris Rann

What a week for the club…2 losses, 0 points, and a -4 goal difference after Claude Puel’s Foxes came to St. Mary’s and ran us ragged, and then we made the trip to Stamford Bridge, only to lose on a cheaply given free kick that Forster failed to get down and block. There’s truthfully not a lot to say, other than the performance against Leicester was unacceptable, and we need to start getting some points, now. The manger shook up the lineup against Chelsea, and spoke of player commitment...


Ep. 49- To Be a Saint, with Phil Drake and My Very Best Arsenal Friend Josh

Phil Drake, author of To Be A Saint, joined me this week to talk about writing, his new book and the recent happenings with the club. It was a real honor to have him on the show and to get the chance to talk about the history of the club through the eyes of a fan from 1976 to present. This book is almost 20 years in the making, and you can tell. It’s a fantastic story, and it’s beautifully told. Phil has written a bunch of other books as well, both fiction and nonfiction, so do be sure...


Ep. 48- A Long Pointless Trip and a Dive Into Bournemouth, with Aydin Osman of Read Southampton

In a week where Saints’ fans had both one of their longest and shortest away trips if the season, I’m joined by Aydin Osman to help sort out what to make of our performances against Manchester City and Bournemouth. It was a pleasure to speak with Aydin, and although the technology and Skype gods did their absolute best to foil our plans, we managed to talk about a range of things, from our recent team and individual performances, to Pep’s pep talk with Nathan Redmond, a Sterling strike,...


Ep. 47- Tadic Stays, Austin Plays, and Together Saints Score 4, with Jamie Grant of the Saints Report

Well how about that? We all know Everton are garbage, and it’s not just former Captain Ron that thinks so. But, no matter what you think of the blue side of Merseyside, you have to give some credit to Saints for their performance on the pitch on Sunday. In the immediate aftermath of that bare-bottom spanking we gave Everton, I spoke with Jamie Grant of @TheSaintsReport about the match, mental health, and the upcoming trips to Manchester City and Bournemouth. It’s not often that Jamie steps...


Ep. 46- Peak Goalkeeping with Millie Peak of the Southampton Women’s Football Club

This week is pretty special. I got to see a few of my good friends for the weekend, and, currently, my family and I are at Disneyland, the happiest place on earth. It’s a good thing, too. I consumed so much alcohol Friday night and Saturday that I remember very little of the Saints performance against LFC. And, what little I do remember is being replaced by memories of my kids screaming with excitement at the sight of princesses, wild rides, or spinning teacups. I also know that this...


Ep. 45- Southampton FC Off the Pitch, with Greg Baker of the Saints Foundation

This week I had the opportunity to speak with Greg Baker, head of the Saints Foundation about serving the communities in and around Southampton through his work at the Saints Foundation. As always, we start with being a fan and work towards his current position as head of the Foundation. From there we look at the different projects the Foundation are currently focused on, how it’s changed since its inception in 2001, how new and current projects are developed, how you can get involved,...


Ep. 44- Burned by Burnley, Burden for Pellegrino, with Jake Hughes of St. Mary’s Musings

Well, well, well. Here we are again, slightly bitter, disappointed, frustrated, yet somehow very happy to be here, talking with yet another great guest for this week’s podcast. This week, after a disappointing match against Burley, where one of our own fans, Sam Vokes, scored against us to take all three points, I’m joined by Jake Hughes (@JJHughes_ on Twitter). Jake is the editor of St. Mary’s Musings (you can also find them on Twitter @StMarysMusings) in addition to writing about MMA...


Ep. 43- Breakdown in Brighton, with Matt Beling of the We Are Southampton Page

This week I am delighted to be joined by Matt Beling of the WeAreSouthampton Page on Instagram. You hear me talk about him every week but this week I got to talk to him, not just about him. It’s always a pleasure to chat with Matt and, as always, he was great. We talk about his page and some of the changes that have gone on since last February, as well as his trip down to Brighton to catch Saints’ 1-1 draw against the newest south coast team to join the Premier League. It’s not all...


Ep. 42- Boufal Bags Wondergoal, Baggies, and 3 Points, with Owen Hawes

This week some pretty good things happened. Saints got three points, we scored from open play, The Astros made the World Series for the first time since 2005, and the Dynamo got a home playoff match by finishing 4th in the conference. Overall a pretty good sporting weekend from my perspective. It was made even better by getting to chat with Owen Hawes, @Owen_TheSaints on Twitter. Owen writes a blog- and contributes to the 90min football YouTube[...]


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