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Episode 14: Natchez City Cemetery

Natchez City Cemetery is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the South. Behind each monument, beneath each grave site, is a story of a life marked by tragedy and mystery. Love and devotion. This is the story of some its most fascinating occupants. Facebook: Twitter: Email: Music Credits


Episode 13: Goat Castle Murder of Natchez

On August 4 1932 Jenny Merrill was shot and killed in her Natchez, Mississippi home, Glenburnie. An eccentric couple who lived in a run down mansion known as the “Goat Castle” were arrested and charged with murder. But an innocent African American woman went to jail for the crime. Karen L. Cox, author of Goat Castle: A True Story of Murder, Race, and the Gothic South joins me to tell the story of murder and injustice. Connect on Facebook:...


Episode 12: Coral Castle - The Taj Mahal of the South

Imagine a 5 foot tall, 100 pound heartbroken man excavating, shaping and hoisting massive coral blocks into a structure all by himself. Literally building walls to try to deal with a broken heart. This is the story of Edward Leedskalnin. This is the mystery of Coral Castle Connect on Facebook: Connect on Twitter: Email: Music Credits: Theme Song: “Dark &...


Episode 11: Rougarou

Meet the Rougarou, Louisiana’s bayou-dwelling werewolf, and a prominent figure in Cajun folklore. People fear it, because one wrong move and they too could become one. Connect on Facebook: Connect on Twitter: Email: Music Credits: Theme Song: “Dark & Troubled” by Panthernburn Special thanks to Phillip St Ours and Pantherburn for permission for use


Episode 10: Loreta Velazquez

Meet one of the most controversial women of the 19th century - Loreta Velazquez . She challenged gender, social and ethnic boundaries during the Civil War. But who was she? Did she really exist or is her story one of the greatest hoaxes of her time? Connect on Facebook: Connect on Twitter: Email: Music Credits: Theme Song: “Dark & Troubled” by...


Episode 9: Lands End Road

If you turn down Lands End Road and travel along it’s eight mile stretch during the day, you’ll find it to be a picturesque community on St Helena Island in South Carolina. But three legendary haunts have led to this road being named one of the most haunted in the South Connect on Facebook: Connect on Twitter: Connect on Instagram:


Episode 8: Droppin’ It Like It’s Hot Across the South

To some cities, New Year’s Eve means a party and dropping a ball. But across the South, cities and towns skip the ball and drop some pretty bizarre things to ring in the New Year! Connect on Facebook: Connect on Twitter: Connect on Instagram: Email:


Episode 7: Christmas Special - A Christmas Mystery, Myth and Legend of the South

This Christmas episode features a Tennessee Mystery, A Civil War Myth about Santa and a Florida Christmas Legend. We also feature some of your favorite Christmas memories. Connect on Facebook: Connect on Twitter: Connect on Instagram: Email:


Episode 6: Death Keeps A Tryst - Thomas Hotard & Audrey Moate

On November 24, 1956, Thomas Hotard was discovered dead in his car on Frenier Beach near LaPlace, Louisiana. The same day, Audrey Moate went missing. The two were lovers who had a weekly tryst at the beach and it was believed Audrey was in the car with Thomas when he was shot and killed. A retired detective, who investigated the case, chats with Southern Mysteries about theories surrounding the case and what he believes happened to Audrey. Authorities are still looking for answers. If you...


Episode 5: How Do You Put A Sweater On A Turkey?

In 1923, an Augusta, Georgia newspaper printed a story about two female teachers who did not want to behead their holiday turkey. The teachers tried a different method to prepare their turkey for the oven –chloroforming the turkey. Shannon and Traci look into the story to determine if its fowl folklore. Connect on Facebook: Facebook Discussion Group: Connect on Instagram:...


Episode 4: Georgia Tann’s Children

From the 1920s until 1950, Georgia Tann used a network of powerful accomplices to take advantage of the poor and helpless in and around Memphis, Tennessee. Her crimes made her one of the most notorious child traffickers of the 20th century and led to countless unsolved mysteries throughout the South and across the country. Connect on Facebook: Connect on Instagram: Connect on Twitter: [...]


Episode 3: The Legend of the Pope Lick Monster

In this episode we’re exploring an urban legend that has led countless seekers to a dangerous trestle bridge in Louisville, Kentucky. Connect on Facebook: Connect on Instagram: Connect on Twitter:


Episode 2: It’s Raining Strange Eels

In 1892 The New York Sun published a story about strange eels raining on small town Coalburg, Alabama. Did it really happen or was this a tall tale gone national? Shannon and Traci investigate with the help of Alabama weather historian, Bill Murray, and Alabama weird news journalist, Kelly Kazek. Connect on Facebook: Connect on Instagram: Connect on Twitter:


Episode 1: The Phantom Barber

For three weeks, in the summer of 1942, residents of Pascagoula, Mississippi were terrorized by “The Phantom Barber” who broke into homes and cut the hair of his sleeping victims. In this episode, Shannon and Traci discuss the attacks and strange events that happened in the years after them. Included is an interview with author, Sandra Moncrief, who grew up in Pascagoula and was a child when the attacks happened. Sandra’s family kept a “billy stick” in their Pascagoula home to protect her...



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