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Basketball podcast with former NBA Star Antoine Walker and Clement Townsend as co-host.






Ep. 20 I Hate My Teammates

Clement Townsend and Antoine Walker discuss Kyrie Irving's hate towards his teammates and why the Cavs had to trade him (15:00), Celtics GM Danny Ainge has a history of lying and why once the Isaiah Thomas trade was in the works he had to give in and offer a 2nd round pick to finish the deal (20:00), Derek Fisher will participate in Season 25 of DWTS (40:30), Blake Griffin and Chandler Parsons double date is that cool (41:30), plus Pacers Guard Victor Oladipo releases a new single does he...

Duration: 01:05:35

Ep. 19 Just Get Better

Clement Townsend and Antoine Walker discuss OJ being granted parole (:45), could going to Cleveland be perfect for Derrick Rose's career (5:05), do all signs point to LeBron leaving Cleveland again (20:20), has LeBron pushed his teammates enough to improve (26:50), what should Carmelo's preferred destination be (37:15), Summer League Insights (45:30), plus Co-Sign or Decline. Send questions and comments to

Duration: 01:12:36

Ep. 18 Money Decisions

Clement Townsend and Antoine Walker discuss did Gordon Hayward make the right decision choosing the Celtics (2:15), can the Celtics compete with the Cavs (5:45), did Kevin Durant make the wrong decision taking less than max money (11:00), will Nick Young be a good fit with the Warriors (19:00), will Paul George work in OKC (23:00), where do the Clippers stand in the West (28:00), are the Kings ready to take a step forward (33:00), are the Miami Heat positioned to be big players in the...

Duration: 00:37:54

Ep. 17 Walker Stands By Statement about Butler Being Selfish

Clement Townsend and Antoine Walker discuss why Jimmy Butler's lack of leadership forced the Bulls to trade him (1:00), did the Bulls lose the trade with the Timberwolves (6:50), does adding Butler put the TWolves in the playoffs (23:45), how does Chris Paul fit with the Rockets (27:45), should the Clippers try to rebuild (36:30), was Phil Jackson ever willing to work to be successful or did he only take the Knicks job for the money (40:30), what's next for Carmelo Anthony (49:30), could...

Duration: 01:28:41

Ep. 16 Legacy on the Line in the Finals

Clement Townsend and Antoine Walker discuss is Tyronn Lue to blame for the Cavs 2-0 deficit in the NBA finals (4:45), how can Lebron James adjust his game to be even better (9:35), Can Lebron "D" up Kevin Durant (11:30), is Kyrie Irving out of shape or not giving max effort (19:15), did Coach Steve Kerr's return impact the Cavs (21:45), how will Klay Thompson finding his shot impact the series (24:40), will Klay grow frustrated being the 3rd option and want to be traded (26:00), is Tristan...

Duration: 01:03:22

Ep. 15 Life After Basketball

Clement Townsend and Antoine Walker bring on Special Guest Bobby Simmons to discuss helping players with careers after their time in the NBA (4:30), encouraging players to finish school and get their degree like TJ Ford (8:30), Walker discusses the obstacles of finishing at UK (9:30), why high salaries may be the reason the quality of basketball is down (12:30), why the Warriors 12-0 start is so impressive (18:00), can anyone coach the Warriors (21:45), Simmons discusses his time with the...

Duration: 00:36:12

Ep. 14 All NBA Team and Draft Discussion

Clement Townsend and Antoine Walker discuss the All-NBA Team (:30), the NBA Draft Lottery (13:30), NBA Draft Combine Crazy Questions (27:30), Combine Standouts (32:00), Warriors or Cavs which team is playing better (33:00), LeBron's secret workout machine (38:30), Co-sign or decline (42:00). Be sure to review and subscribe!

Duration: 00:43:00

Ep. 13 Zo & Bo Wow Ballin' Too Fast

Clement Townsend and Antoine Walker discuss Kevin Durant's comments dissing the NBA Draft combine (3:30), why Draymond Green has no business calling Kelly Olynyk dirty (8:30), Gordon Hayward potential free agency options (18:15), Lonzo Ball and his sky high shoe prices (21:30), the dirtiest NBA player during Antoine's era (28:00), Bow Wow fake ballin' (32:00). Don't forget to subscribe and leave ITunes reviews.

Duration: 00:44:22

Ep. 12 Tipping, Stripping and Coaching

Clement Townsend and Antoine Walker discuss the impact of Tony Parker's season ending injury on the Spurs (1:00), will the Warriors sweep the Jazz (3:40), do the Warriors need Steve Kerr to win the title (10:00), can anyone challenge the Cavs in the East (14:30), does Tyronn Lue have the hardest job in the NBA (18:15), playoff night life Salt Lake City vs LA does it matter (24:35), what happens in the offseason with the Clippers Blake CP3 and J.J. Redick (27:00), what happens in the...

Duration: 00:40:54

Ep. 11 Family Decisions

Clement Townsend and Antoine Walker discuss should the Warriors sit Kevin Durant the rest of the 1st round of the playoffs (2:10), why Memphis Coach David Fizdale's rant was a bad idea (7:30), was Paul George wrong for calling out his Pacers teammates (15:30), why the Bulls will finish off the Celtics (22:00), how Carmelo Anthony should handle the Knicks situation (38:00), did Carmelo get a woman from Chicago pregnant and who is she (43:30), plus Cosign or decline (52:30).

Duration: 01:05:23

Ep. 10 Greatest Athlete Ever

Clement Townsend and Antoine Walker discuss the NBA MVP race and if Russell Westbrook is the greatest sports athlete ever (1:30), Brandon Jennings vs Javale McGee skirmish (12:00), Lance Stephenson beef with the Raptors (16:45), Larry Brown holds a grude with Walker (25:30), Derrick Rose future after meniscus surgery (31:00), will Patrick Ewing have success as the head coach at Georgetown (37:00), Should the Pelicans re-sign Jrue Holiday (48:00), are the Spurs being boring bad for the NBA...

Duration: 00:49:04

Ballin' for the top spot

Clement Townsend and Antoine Walker discuss Isaiah Thomas sets Celtics new single season 3pt record (1:00), C's chances of securing the #1 seed in the East (4:00), Cleveland tries to find their rhythm (6:20), Warriors hitting their stride (8:00), will Lonzo Ball's draft stock tumble after getting outplayed by De'Aaron Fox (12:00), Kentucky fans send death threats to referee (22:00), Tarheels hero Lucas Maye doesn't miss 8am class (23:30), Walker reveals his favorite soap opera (26:18),...

Duration: 00:47:51

Ep. 8 Social Media Slam Dunk

Clement Townsend and Antoine Walker discuss how Tinder and IG have helped players score off the court (1:00), is resting players ok (13:00), was it good to see a pair of NBA skirmishes (35:00), Durant's potential return to the Warriors (37:00), is Joel Embiid the next Greg Oden (39:30), who should leave NY Melo or Phil (46:00), and Co-sign or Decline (51:30). Subscribe so you don't miss an episode!

Duration: 00:53:31

Ep. 7 Watch Your Mouth

Clement Townsend and Antoine Walker discuss their Final Four picks (2:00), LaVar Ball's coments about beating Michael Jordan 1 on 1 (8:30), Dwyane Wade's elbow injury (13:00), the Battle for the 8th seed in the East (22:30), Andre Iguodola N-Word comments (24:30), Khloe Kardashian B-Day message to Tristan Thompson (35:00), Co-sign or Decline and Ask Antoine. Send questions to

Duration: 00:55:45

Ep. 6 Love and Basketball

Clement Townsend and Antoine Walker bring on Special Guest Leon Rodgers to discuss the pregnancy picture of Russell Wilson and Ciara (3:00), Chance the Rapper's $1M donation to CPS (11:00), Bringing up Ballers reality TV show (13:00), LaVar Ball's outspoken comments about his son UCLA star Lonzo Ball (19:00), why LeBron should win MVP (29:00), Westbrook's lack of respect for KD (37:00), who deserves blame for the Chicago Bulls disappointing season (48:00), how Leon's wife almost became...

Duration: 01:17:38

Ep. 5 It's a Different World

Clement Townsend and Antoine Walker bring on Special Guest Quentin Richardson to discuss why the Warriors should consider sitting Kevin Durant for the 1st rd of the playoffs (5:00), Durant's decision not to go to the Wizards and the perils of playing for your hometown team (10:00), new age NBA hairstyles and Dwyane Wade's fashion (15:00), DeMarcus Cousins attitude (22:00), Draymond Green and Paul Pierce beef (24:00), Real old school NBA tough guys (28:00), why Andre Drummond and other big...

Duration: 00:54:44

Ep. 4 NBA Trade Deadline and All-Star Recap

Clement Townsend and Antoine Walker discuss which teams made the right and wrong moves at the NBA trade deadline. Plus can Anthony Davis help DeMarcus Cousins change his attend and is Magic the man to get things turned around in LA.

Duration: 00:51:59