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We Own The Night We are excited to introduce you to the exceptional, knowledgeable and fascinating Host/Producer of Ufology’s most exciting network, “SPACED OUT RADIO”, DAVE SCOTT. DAVE is a long-time professional Journalist as well as a paranormal experiencer and researcher. DAVE SCOTT launched “SPACED OUT RADIO” in 2014, after having worked in the popular, mainstream radio sector for a decade. Since its inception, “SPACED OUT RADIO” has grown into a seven-days-a-week, syndicated, on-line ‘LIVE’ radio show which regularly delves into a wide range of paranormal experiences - ranging from encounters with ghosts and other discarnate entities, UFOs, USOs, psychic and metaphysical phenomena, Military Black Ops, time travel, extra/ultra-terrestrial beings and cryptozoological creatures, such as “The Jersey Devil”, “El Chupacabra”, “Bigfoot” and “Mothman”. DAVE SCOTT explores this fascinating subject matter alongside the world’s foremost experts, including noted authors, scientists, nuclear physicists and experts in alternative energies, archaeologists, cryptologists, psychics, “Experiencers” or “Contactees”, researchers, media figures and more! “SPACED OUT RADIO” is a unique experience, and is broadcast every Monday through Friday, beginning at 9:00 PM PDT, 12:00 AM EDT from DAVE SCOTT’S rustic cabin, located in rural central BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA.






Sept.22/17 - The UFO Perspective with Casper Parks

Guerrilla Novelist, Casper Parks is considered a “must read author” for today’s generation. He uses science fiction to explore the possibilities of reality past, present and future. His readership spans numerous ages and nations. After high school, he served in the United States Navy, doing a Westpac. Three semesters into collage opportunity knocked and he answered. For years, he worked in the industry, and as an actor and radio announcer. In the music industry, he started by setting stages...

Duration: 02:57:03

Sept. 21/17 - The Rebel Planet with Jamie Sexton

Jamie Sexton, owner and creator of Rebel Planet News stops by the third Thursday of every month to keep us up to date on the news behind the mainstream news. Rebel Planet News is a source of information that takes a look at stories from an alternative yet non-fear mongering avenue.

Duration: 03:00:03

Sept. 20/17 - Ghosts of the Great White North

Ghosts of the Great White North is an SOR special the third Wednesday of every month, talking about some of the most haunted places in Canada. Joined by Mike Morin from Haunted Crew of Canada, we take a look at the 108 Historic Site, one of the most haunted places in the Province of B.C. We will also be joined by Derrick Whiteskycloud, Cory Greaves and Kerri Mingo.

Duration: 03:00:02

Sept. 19/17 - Chemicals in the Sky with Patrick Roddie

Patrick Roddie is an activist from San Francisco, who runs His research into chem trails and geoengineering have led to some startling results.

Duration: 03:00:14

Sept. 18/17 - UFO Seekers with Tim Doyle

Tim Doyle, owner and UFOlogist from joins us for his monthly feature, happening the third Monday of every month. This time we look at Area 51, and the secrets of the Nevada Base.

Duration: 03:00:02

Sept/17/17 - Paula Hopwood and Psychic Sunday

Near Death Experiencer Paula Hopwood Interview and Psychic Sunday call in show with Paisley Towne and Paula Hopwood

Duration: 03:01:41

Sept 16/17-The Dark Files of Montauk w/ Christopher Garetano

Christopher P. Garetano is a passionate filmmaker. He was born in 1976 in New York. A graduate of the prestigious School of Visual Arts in New York CIty, Garetano bursted onto the scene with his fascinating documentary, "Horror Business", about the agony and the ecstasy of working in the indie-horror world. A selection of several major film festivals - The New York Horror Film Festival, The Chicago Horror Film Festival,The London Filmmakers Convention, The Eerie Horror Film Festival as...

Duration: 02:59:31

Sept. 15/17 - Forest Moon Paracon Preview

Coming up September 23rd in Concrete, Washington, is the second annual Forest Moon Paracon, put on by Eric Cooper and his team from Forest Moon Paranormal. Cooper joins us along with keynote speakers R Keith Andrews, Christina George, Eric Marcum and Mike Morin.

Duration: 03:00:07

Sept. 14/17 - Charlie Red Star with Grant Cameron

Legendary UFO researcher, Grant Cameron from, comes on to talk about his latest book 'Charlie Red Star'. It's the story that sent Grant down the UFO path of research.

Duration: 03:00:04

Sept. 13/17 - The Paranormal Challenge with Shane Sirois

Shane Sirois has been dealing with the paranormal on an investigative level for more than 30 years. From ghosts, to aliens and creatures like sasquatch, Shane continues to delve into the mystery of what is actually going on.

Duration: 03:00:02

Sept. 12/17 - The Flatwoods Monster Anniversary with Stanton Friedman

65 years ago today, an ominous fireball was seen in West Virginia. When local farmers went to investigate, they saw what they described as an alien monster with red eyes staring back at them. Legendary UFOlogist Stanton Friedman is here to talk about what happened September 12th, 1952.

Duration: 03:29:08

Set. 11/17 - The Anniversary of 9/11 with Author Albert Jack

Author Albert Jack discusses his research into the inconsistencies of 9/11 and what happened on that fateful day that claimed the lives of 2,977 innocent people.

Duration: 03:00:12

Sept. 10/17 - Getting Nerdy on Cosmic Passport

Spaced Out Sunday's Cosmic Passport with Elizabeth Anglin brings in SOR Resident Scientist, Eric Marcum to get nerdy about all things paranormal.

Duration: 03:00:08



Duration: 01:41:57



Duration: 00:57:28

Sept. 8/17 - Chasing the Paranormal with Christopher Balzano

Accomplished paranormal author Christopher Balzano works his research out of Boston, Massachusetts. A paranormal investigator for over two decades, Christopher challenges the paranormal to find the answers we all seek. Is there life after death?

Duration: 03:00:04

Sept. 7/17 - Nuclear Update with Libbe HaLevy

Libbe HaLevy is part of a watchdog group called Nuclear Hot Spot, where she has her eyes open for every nuclear disaster and potential disaster that the earth is facing, especially on North American soil. We look into the effects of Fukushima six and a half years after an earthquake melted down a nuclear reactor, sending toxins and radiation across the Pacific Ocean.

Duration: 03:00:49

Sept. 6/17 - Trails In The Sky with Matt Landman

Matt Landman is one of the foremost researchers when it comes to what's being sprayed in our daily skies, which people are referring to as "Chem Trails"! Is it for pollution, or weather modification? Whatever it is, it's only recently that people are starting to admit, we're being sprayed from above.

Duration: 03:00:08

Sept. 5/17 - The Spiritual You with Rachel Kirkland

Rachel Kirkland calls herself the "Modern Shaman", as her life's destiny, besides her family, is to help guide people to their higher self spiritually. In her monthly segment, Rachel will teach us how to get in touch with ourselves to heal our spiritual self.

Duration: 03:00:04

Sept. 4/17 - Saucers over Appalachia with William Van Huss

William Van Huss is the Author of Saucers Over Appalachia, detailing the 1973 multiple sightings and alien abductions in the Appalachia.

Duration: 03:00:09

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