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Looking for the ultimate electronica & relaxation? Interested in high quality ambient music? How 'bout non-stop mixes playing the best tunes out there, featuring artists from all over the planet and beyond. Exclusive releases, interviews, deep-space adventures mixed and hosted by TC.






Spacemusic HQ Sint Janshaven 579 3087 ED ROTTERDAM, HOLLAND


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Fresh Air! no.18

July 24th 2011 - opening for this episode: So Good Today, the Yoruba Suite Mix of this Ben Westbeech track, lovely groove isn’t it? So here we are to enjoy a fine new show, while the temperature outside is not even more than 14 degrees Celsius and tons of rain… Let’s get this lounge chair lifted off: the City Lights Lounge album brings a cool track All Day, we love the bassline and typical low-fi vocals…. The brand new album by Merge of Equals to be released July 29th and now on our show!...

#609 Spacemusic podcast

From the known and unknown past… inspired by a movie or two, this is Spacemusic in a very cinematic style. Not only music can bring back memories, this show proves the power of visuals as well. Even this film poster, even a title, it all makes sense in the end: we’re only human and we need this stuff to survive our very own thoughts. Wanna see this movie again? Listen to the episode, based upon Spacemusic #69 Loup Garou which was published back in 2007 for the first time. This is the...

TAKE 5 ::: Medusazoa

Based and built from analog modular synth drones, patches & effects, this is pure underwater dream zone music. Made to accompany the fluid movements and colorful bio-luminescence of the jellyfish, flowing and drifting with the currents,the blend of sounds are surprisingly organic in their textures, and mix well with crustacean-like effects and poly-sequential, fractal rhythms & pulses. Expansive, slow moving, aquarium-like environments are penetrated and felt deeply here. artist: Dan Pound...

TAKE 5 ::: Sound of Samui

The finest tradition of chillout and good-mood music… this comes from the Tropical Island of Samui, a perfect collection of tracks that reflect the typical places on the island. This 1st edition contains music by Domadar. Play it and dream away… artist: Domadar / track: Nathon / buy it on iTunes here Released on Igram Music TAKE 5 series brings you tracks worth to check out….

TAKE 5 ::: Slipped Time

From his album Subliminal Pulse comes this track called Slipped Time… it sets a cinematic tone, a dream, a journey to the heart. Bruno Sanfilippo has created a very exciting album which we have filed under Spiritual Ambient but have a listen yourself… you won’t regret! track: Slipped Time /artist: Bruno Sanfilippo /Buy on iTunes here released on: SPOTTED PECCARY MUSIC TAKE 5 series brings you tracks worth to check out, enjoy your weekend!

TAKE 5 ::: Till The Sky Falls Down

TAKE 5 via the Spacemusic podcast feed brings you tracks worth to check out, tracks that are unique. From our minds to yours…Good things need to be replaced when the time’s ready and now is the time… Instead of your Coffee Break you’re getting a vitamine boost via this new TAKE 5 series. NEWSFLASH: 25% of the Dutch population suffers from serious fatigue. Too much coffee, too much work in too little time… Take 5 everybody! Today’s track: Till The Sky Falls Down performed by Dash Berlin -...

#606 Spacemusic podcast

Dreamy atmospheres, fantasy moods, no gravitation and no concentration whatsoever…. welcome to another great new episode of the Spacemusic podcast, a non-stop edition featuring the best ambient tracks on this planet and far beyond. Status: total chaos, total bliss. We call it love. Enjoy! Tracklist: [00:00] - STELLAR DRONE : Dust of the Stars [06:23] - BETA TWO AGONIST : Rainbow [12:00] - RUDY ADRIAN : Subterranean River [17:11] - JOHAN AGEBJORN : Shoreline [19:41] - BIOSPHERE : Poa Alpina...

Coffee Break: Cosmic Excursion

Let’s make a Cosmic Excursion today…! This coffee break shows you a world between reality and thoughts, between action and relaxation. Take your time, absorb the energy, enjoy the view and hold that thought…Music performed by Uwe Gronau and Johan Agebjorn. EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: E. Throndson - R. Bradwell Tracklist: [00:00] - Coffee Break for Feb22nd 2011 [03:41] - UWE GRONAU : Heaven Of Falling Stars [07:20] - UWE GRONAU : Brave Heart [10:13] - UWE GRONAU : The Messenger [15:34] - JOHAN...

Coffee Break: Lost in Translation

February 2011 so that means…. the 6 Year mark! The first Spacemusic podcast ever was published back in 2005 on feb 26th. At that time talking to a 5 euro microphone, playing tracks that we found on the internet, no titles, no background info. We’ve gone very far from there to say the least… This specific show is a unique one as well, listen closely and become lost in translation. Huh? Yes, the first dutch spoken Spacemusic episode! Get your coffee now and tune in! Feel free to support this...

Duration: 00:09:52

#605 Spacemusic podcast

Are you busy? Are you in a hurry? Fine. But take your moments of rest from time to time. Human beings need to recharge on a regular basis, it’s that simple! Maintain energy and avoid burnout effects; here’s a couple of tips to do it better, we think. 1] develop a positive attitude, even if you don’t want to do something, find a way to reframe the circumstances, do not judge everything around you all day, stay focussed. 2] listen to uplifting and refreshing music, listening to Spacemusic is...

Duration: 01:08:39

Coffee Break: welcome to 2 0 1 1

Hello and welcome to the year 2 0 1 1 - back online with new shows for you to check out. This is the first one made on Jan 16th. Sitting in the studio, thinking about all those great tracks… first let me tell you some tracks didn’t make it to the 2010 end of year podcast; not because the tracks are not good enough… on the contrary: extremely good songs certainly worth to add to your libraries! Let’s start with Saycet from Paris, France. Also known as Pierre Lefeuvre. His second LP release...

Duration: 00:11:41

2010 Oliebollen Show (part 1)

Oudejaarsdag 2010, welcome to the End of Year podcast! It’s becoming a serious thing we must say, no year is complete without a Spacemusic dedicated show. Here we are, XMas tree still up, preparing the ‘Oliebollen’ which of course we will explain and give you the recipe so we all can enjoy them! The recipe is within the shownotes for part 2 as well… Spacemusic Oliebollen Show - this is part 1 - recorded in high quality for you: music from the past, present and future during a three hour...

2010 Oliebollen Show (part 2)

Spacemusic Oliebollen Show - this is part 2 - recorded in high quality for you: music from the past, present and future during a three hour Spacemusic event coming LIVE… from Rotterdam. WARNING: Spacemusic is not responsible for damaging your speakers as a result of playing this part of the show. You have been warned. This part is less suitable for younger ears/playing at the office. ADVISE: play as loud as possible on a good HiFi set/speakers that can handle high and low frequencies very...

2010 Oliebollen Show (part 3)

Spacemusic Oliebollen Show - this is part 3 - recorded in high quality for you: music from the past, present and future during a three hour Spacemusic event coming LIVE… from Rotterdam. Collection of high quality ambient tracks in a non-stop mix. After eating that many Oliebollen this might be the best solution for you right now… Tracklist: [00:00] - Spacemusic Oliebollen Show , part three, relaxation mode. [03:44] - ASCIAN : Voices from the Ether [06:55] - ROBERT DOUGLAS : Almost Done...

Coffee Break: Merry Christmas!

It’s that time of the year again… and the temperature has dropped to minus! The Christmas tree is here while recording this last podcast before the special end of year show. We are proud to announce: the end of the year event via Spacemusic.nl - the Oliebollen Show - at least 3 hours of pure entertainment! (Oliebollen comes from a typical Dutch delicacy we prepare for celebrating Old/New Year). Our advise is to you keep your computers running on december 31st so you can download as soon as...

#604 Spacemusic podcast

Easy going beats and grooves for your wintery days… Snow has arrived @ the Dutch planet. For some a source of inspiration, for others a nightmare; traffic has been a big adventure to say the least but we managed. Time for a warm compilation of tunes featuring: Ariaphonics, Klangstein, Sine, Soulcraft, Schiller, Anggun, PLanet Boelex, Lisa’s Antenna, STM, Harax, Mister Electric Demon. It’s only a few weeks till the end of 2010, please do let us know the tracks you think are the best and...

#603 Spacemusic podcast

Tons of rain and lots of wind… hello Autumn! Are you there again? It feels like we saw eachother only a few months ago? Ah well, we might as well dive into it the max: Spacemusic #603 brings you the Autumn theme from our point of view. Music to accompany you on those cold and windy nights, while driving work/home and having those typical Autumn season walks in the wild, getting lost if you will. Artists like Markus Reuter, Darshan Ambient, Mark Preston, id Submerged, Hoover Manoevres, Nunc...

#602 Spacemusic podcast

The shuttle Discovery will be launched with a six-member crew november 1 on its last scheduled flight to the International Space Station. It would be its last flight before its scheduled retirement, and the fourth and last flight of the year…. our music on this episode is a perfect soundtrack for watching Earth and many other things from high above. Featuring artists like Darshan Ambient, David Helpling, Max Corbacho, Bruno Sanfilippo, Lammergeyer, Observation Point, Off the Sky…...

#601 Spacemusic podcast

Welcome to the Spacemusic podcast, take a deep breath, forget about everything and enjoy the music we play here for you… it’s a journey through time and space featuring artists like Ars Deco, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Craig Padilla, Terra Ambient, Observation Point, Robert Douglas, Ben Cox, Bruno Sanfilippo and Mathias Grassow. feedback/comments via:spacemusic.nl@gmail.com EXCECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Jrgen Ewald, Greg Demetrick [00:00] - ARS DECO : Onda [04:50] - CARBON BASED LIFEFORMS :...
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