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48: Melissa Culbertson; Capturing the Everyday

Melissa Culbertson is a mom of two boys, a social media strategist for Burt's Bees, the author of Blog Design for Dummies, a long-time fitness instructor, and, on top of all that, runs a site called Blog Clarity educating bloggers and online entrepreneurs on how to create a successful blog. It's no surprise that someone with such a busy schedule would be drawn to fostering more simplicity, clarity, and gratitude in the daily lives of her and her family. Melissa will share how she uses...

Duration: 00:36:36

47: Jessica Williams; Helping Women Level Up at Work

Jessica Williams has made a career of empowering women to look gender inequality in the face and say "Not today, buddy." With the Superwoman Project, Jessica aims to put more women in positions of power, and she's created a huge community around just that idea. On this episode, we'll talk about why men really do still make more than women for the same work, how women can successfully and confidently negotiate pay, and what else Jessica and the Superwoman Project are doing to empower women...

Duration: 00:48:18

46: Dr. Robin Miller; Take Control of Your Health and Happiness

Dr. Robin Miller is the co-author of the book "Healed: Health and Wellness for the 21st Century," and her approach to discussing physical and mental health is refreshing to say the least. We'll discuss some little-known but extremely powerful tips about our health and wellness and find out how to lose weight without dieting and truly take control of our own health and happiness from the inside out. Visit for the full show notes and amazing blog post as well as...

Duration: 00:49:58

45: Melissa Garner; Meditation & Mindfulness

We've talked about it many times and in many ways, but this week we dive head first into one of our favorite topics: mindfulness. Melissa Garner teaches mindfulness to business professionals and athletes, and can help us all find that extra edge we're looking for with simple practices that increase mental focus and relaxation. Visit for the full show notes and amazing blog post as well as how to connect with our amazing guest.

Duration: 00:46:11

44: Sarah Mowery; Very Serious

Sarah is back to discuss her very serious new writing project and how it has changed the way she looks at the world by shifting the focus closer to home. She’ll share how you can add adventure and happiness to your life by simply looking at what’s already around you. Plus, a brilliant moment of the week that just keeps on giving. Visit for the full show notes and amazing blog post as well as how to connect with our amazing guest.

Duration: 00:39:24

43: Denaye Barahona; Parenting Like a Minimalist

There's nothing simple about figuring out how to be a parent, but our guest, Denaye Barahona, has created an online community geared toward simplifying our approach to raising our kids. This week, the discussion is all about how to create a fuller life for yourself and your kids through the pursuit of less. Visit for the full show notes and amazing blog post as well as how to connect with our amazing guest.

Duration: 00:56:31

42: Tiffany Syfan, Part 2; Conscious & Mindful Eating

Our spunky friend Tiffany is back for more fun conversations about how we eat. This week, she'll tell us about mindful and conscious eating and how practicing more mindful eating can bring benefits to all areas of our lives. If you missed our first conversation with Tiff, make sure to tune in to Episode 41 on Intuitive Eating! Visit for the full show notes and amazing blog post as well as how to connect with our amazing guest.

Duration: 00:34:17

41: Tiffany Syfan; Intuitive Eating

Tiffany Syfan has built up a rich knowledge in the realm of nutrition and fitness, and she believes in sharing the wealth. This week, Tiffany and Angela talk about intuitive eating, the concept of getting back in tune with our primal instincts when it comes to our health and wellness. Tiffany explains how to identify what type of eater you are, how to listen to your body's natural signals, and why we should ditch the diets and learn to love every bite. Visit the Show Notes related to this...

Duration: 00:41:49

40: Kellie Lin Knott; Essential Creativity

We all know those people who seem to have a TON going on, but not many can compare to our guest, Kellie Lin Knot, when it comes to projects. Kellie is a singer songwriter, business coach, essential oils educator, chocolate maker, realtor, and creativity guru, and she makes it all sound like a breeze with her light and easygoing spirit. Kellie joins us to talk about the power of creativity, how we can learn to induce a creative state, and how we can find it in every area of our lives. Also,...

Duration: 00:49:22

39: Jeanine Donofrio; Love & Lemons

Jeanine Donofrio had a successful career in graphic design when she discovered a passion for cooking. She decided to combine her eye for beautiful images with her love of cooking to create the sensational food blog, Love & Lemons, which has since inspired a best-selling cookbook of the same name. Jeanine joins Angela to talk all about being a food blogger, easy ways to create beautiful and healthy meals, and how we can all find fulfillment in our passions by simply beginning. Visit the...

Duration: 00:39:43

38: Sarah Saves $

We've got Sarah back on Spark to talk about the epic money-saving plan she has to prepare for her epic 2,650-mile hike. Sarah will tell us about her plan to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail and explain 1) what a Spending Fast is and 2) how it's going to help her save money for her hike and can help anyone save a ton of money, fast. Visit and read the show notes, amazing blog post and links related to the episode.

Duration: 00:42:28

37: Megan Lyons; Nutrition Made Easiest

Megan Lyons, health and wellness coach who is changing the way people approach and learn about nutrition, joins Angela this week to discuss her simple approach to nutrition. Megan shares some of her best tips for taking the mystery out of healthy eating, and shares how she inspires others to feel their healthiest and happiest. Visit

Duration: 00:43:34

36: Stacks on Stacks

... of Pancakes?! We wish. This week we're talking about organization's secret nemesis: Paper. We stack it up all over the house, file it away in bins and cabinets, and recycle it in heaps when it floods our mailboxes. But why on earth in this digital age are we still so swamped in it? Angela and Nicole discuss simple ways to phase paper out of your life and cut back on how much of it you keep around.

Duration: 00:41:19

35: The Four Agreements (Part 2 of 2)

This week we take on parts 3 and 4 of The Four Agreements, a set of principles based on Toltec wisdom and presented in the book by don Miguel Ruiz for living a happier life. Angela and Nicole explain how never assuming and always doing your best can change your life for the better. Also, find out why our motto this week is "Don't cry over spilled booze". Find the full show notes and episode blog of the episode at

Duration: 00:41:16

35 B- Spark Short! Dreamers

We've all heard people say it: Follow your dreams! But how do we actually take action on that when, often, our dreams seem so far off? Angela discusses how she went after her dream of opening a yoga studio, and how all of us can fight through fear and self-doubt to take the first steps toward finding out where our dreams can take us.

Duration: 00:08:11

Angela Turns 40!

Visit for a free one on one clarity call with Angela.

Duration: 00:00:53

34: The Vagina Whisperer

Sara Reardon is the Vagina Whisperer. Oh yeah, folks, this week we are truly embracing our status as the podcast where there's no such thing as oversharing. Our special guest specializes in women's pelvic health and she's here to demystify the vagina and answer soon-to-be-mama Nicole's questions about what really goes on before, during, and after pregnancy.

Duration: 00:47:25

Episode 33: The Four Agreements (Part 1 of 2)

Angela and Nicole discuss the first two sections of The Four Agreements, a set of principles based on Toltec wisdom and presented in the book by don Miguel Ruiz for living a happier life. We explain why "Be Impeccable with your Word" and "Don't Take Anything Personally" are words to live by. We give tips on how to motivate loved ones to live healthier, and get an adorable shoutout that inspires us to enjoy the little things.

Duration: 00:37:18

32: Bulk Buying Busted, Stopping Snack Attacks

When a fat stack of coupons comes in the mail, do you use them or lose them, and how can you know if you're really getting the most for your money? We talk about some of the drawbacks to bulk buying and extreme couponing. Coach AWags gives some clever tips on how to fend off snack attacks, and Nicole shares a very uncool Sucky Moment of the Week. Visit the Show Notes related to this episode. We have lots of fun and inspiring content on our website Get in...

Duration: 00:38:21

31: Erica Duran; Luxurious Minimalism

Erica Duran is a business coach and freedom-based luxury lifestyle designer. If you're wondering what that even means (hint: it's the coolest job ever), Angela and Nicole get the scoop from Erica on her former life as a professional organizer, how she helps people pursue their own entrepreneurial passions, and her tips on living a minimalist life with maximal luxury and function.

Duration: 00:49:39

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