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Chicago, IL


Sparks in the Scene features today's best from a growing underground movement characterized by heartfelt, raw, and jammin' music. Termed by some as "new-emo," the variations in sound and execution of this movement are the product of a widespread network stretching from the West Coast to the East, with Chicago as the major hub in the Midwest. The main subject of Sparks is what's catching on in the scene, with a focus on Chicago. Listen in for opportunities to see the music featured on Sparks live at one of Chicago's many DIY houses and other venues in the upcoming week, news about touring and releases from bands featured on the show, as well as guest co-Djs and interviews with these bands.






820 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60611 (773) 508-9589

This show will be available on Mon, Nov 18 at 1PM.