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Episode # 11 Defining Success

Episode kicks off with the 🔥🔥🔥 as RES, Ave, and J-Rock are back to celebrate lasting more than 10 episodes. The guys discuss everything from Wins and Losses, Avengers, getting ahead of due dates, and shout out to Michelle Perry for the definition of success quote. Kick back and relax as the team Speaks Between The Lines!!! 4:12 Wins and Losses 7:55 Marvels Avengers talk 13:56 Live by your pay date not your due date 28:36 Late win Black Panther over a Billion dollars / PSA for Black...


Episode 10 Bad Dates / Room Mates

10 episodes deep, the crew is back to give their thoughts on a sermon done at One Community about relationships. The crew discuss how to know when your single, RES compares thots fronting to rappers fronting, the crew each go into what they look for in a woman, their thoughts on women pursuing men, and what should guys do when they are afraid to approach women. Also, it’s the finaleof catch that beat. Kick back and relax as the teamSpeaks Between The Lines!!! 9:20 wins and losses 19:00...


Episode # 8 Can You Hear Me Now

RES Ave, and J-Rock discuss some big wins this week, Ave finally sees Black Panther and shares his thoughts. Ave brings a great Kevin Hart quote that challenges people to focus on themselves rather than others. RES shares a Personal development moment that helped him through a tough situation. J Rock steps up to dethrone RES in catch that beat and the jokes fly throughout. Kick back and relax as the team Speaks Between The Lines.


Episode # 7 Thoughts and Prayers

King Ave, J-Rock, and RES discuss going to opening night at the movies, Wins and Losses, J-Rock discuses time management, RES talks about the 3 money skills and his encounter with the kids on the block spins off into hilarious recounts of giving. The crew share their thoughts on the most recent school shooting and the reactions to it. Kick back and relax as the team Speaks Between The Lines!!!

Episode # 6 Wakanda Forever

The crew is back to review the epic Black Panther movie with special guest comic book enthusiast Hammer. An interesting wins and losses segment takes place with our guest before the gang breaks down the 3 arcs of the movie, the emotional beats, and their overall takeaways from the movie. Kick back and relax as the crew Speaks Between The Lines. Follow Us On Social Media: Facebook: facebook.com/SpeakBetweenTheLines Instagram: instagram.com/SpeakBetweenTheLines


Episode # 5 Give me my credit!!!

RES, J-Rock, and Ave are back at it with this week’s wins and losses, thoughts on the Superbowl, and why people are so proud of credit scores. The crew go back and forth on the merits of having credit and not having credit before diving into where they learned their manhood from. Kick back and relax as the team Speaks Between The Lines!

Bonus #2: Final Gift Card Announcement

*RATE and REVIEW us on iTunes or Google Play to be entered into a drawing to WIN A GIFT CARD* Check out future episodes where we will announce the winner! Support the podcast and you could win! #SpeakBetweenTheLines


Episode 4: Commitment Is Not Fun

J Rock, King Ave, & RES are back at it discussing setting up a savings account, women stating “all men are the same”, & the effects of an absent dad in a household. J-Rock touches on his journey of starting to save money, RES gives his thoughts on the statement “all men are the same” and the whole gang gives their perspective and personal experiences on the effects of an absent father. Sit back and relax as the crew Speaks Between The Lines.


Bonus # 1 Gift Card Announcement

As a way of saying thank you for all the support, the gang is having a gift card contest for anyone that rates, subscribes, and reviews the podcast on iTunes!!! Check out future episodes where we will announce the winner and shout out those that participated. Support the podcast and you could win!


Episode # 3 Dwayne Johnson Was There

On this episode the Crew is hype off having 100+ downloads & 100+ Likes on Facebook in less than 2 days. They also share if they were able to bounce back in Wins and Losses, Ave & RES clear up some comments from last episode, and J-Rock breaks down student loans and savings. Guess who RES was for Halloween? Don’t forget to Catch That Beat as J-Rock and RES go head to head to challenge the champion Ave next week. Kick back and relax as the team Puts You Speaks Between The Lines!!!


Episode # 2 Wins and Losses

J Roc, Ave, & RES are back at it discussing MLK, the Civil Rights Museum, & personal Wins & Losses. Ave breaks down Bitcoin and what’s currently going on with the currency. RES gives philosophies on not living paycheck to paycheck and the gang go head to head in Catch that beat!!! Kick back and relax as the crew Speaks Between The Lines!!!


Episode #1: The Coolest Podcast in the Jungle

In the 1st ever episode of Speak Between The Lines RES, King Ave, and J-Rock let the jokes fly regarding, a New Year New Me, RES shares a high school experience regarding math class & credit card issues. The crew dives in on the H&M dibacle then get serious when it comes to the matter of if it’s possible to die from a broken heart before bringing it back for the 1st segment of Catch that Beat. Kick back and relax as the crew Speaks Between The Lines


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