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SpeakerHub is business-oriented social networking service, aimed at connecting speakers with event organizers. We welcome everyone who is a public speaker, trainer, moderator or school speaker to join the platform to be found by any organizer. Organizers are able to find a wide variety of speakers: everyone from volunteers to top-level paid speakers, with diverse backgrounds and expertise. SpeakerHub is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, with the intent of connecting European speakers to events across the globe.




Podcast Interview For Debra Fine

Podcast Interview For Debra Fine by Esther Snippe

Duration: 00:22:53

MasterClass: "Webinar Success Formula" with Alfred Poor

In this webinar session, speaker, writer, and independent technology expert Alfred Poor outlines how to use webinars to reach new audiences. From how to get sign ups to which hardware you need: Alfred outlines the basics for speakers looking to take their message to a live, online audience. Sign up for our next session here: https://speakerhub.com/masterclass Bringing more than 30 years of experience with the technology markets to the table, Alfred specializes in making the complex...

Duration: 00:48:52

MasterClass with Aurora Gregory: "Get Picked: Tips, tricks and tools for landing a speaking spot"

In this webinar session, best-selling author Aurora Gregory outlines how to get picked for conference speaking events. See the video recording, slides presentation and full transcript on the SpeakerHub blog: https://speakerhub.com/blog/masterclass-aurora-gregory-get-picked-tips-tricks-and-tools-landing-conference-speaking-spot From finding the perfect events to start at to creating eyeball grabbing titles: this guide is filled with practical tips and insights for speakers looking to land...

Duration: 00:47:38

Behind the Curtain: Interview with Daniel Levine

The way consumers act and buy is constantly changing, and business who ignore global trends are often left behind. But how can a business figure out what changes are here to stay, and which ones should be driving their business if they’d like to meet needs of their customers and clients? Today we talk with Daniel Levine, the founder of the Avant Guide Institute, a business consultancy firm which helps business make sense of the social trends which are influencing the global marketplace....

Duration: 00:23:33

Behind the Curtain: Interview with Lieve Leysen

Communication can be a wonderful, and wonderfully difficult, thing. In this podcast, we speak with communications expert Lieve Leysen. She has a simple message about how clear communication can help us lead happier lives. She covers topics like love, communication goals and how recognizing your value as an individual can transform not only your work life, but your relationships and overall quality of life. Learn more about Lieve and see the full transcript here:...

Duration: 00:30:07

Behind The Curtain: Interview With András Baneth

After 20 years of planning events, Andras Baneth was sick of the endless hours it took to find the perfect speakers for his events. So, he conceptualized a solution that would transform the way event organizers search for speakers: he created SpeakerHub. In this interview, Andras shares his insights. See the full interview and transcript here: https://speakerhub.com/blog/behind-curtain-interview-andras-baneth

Duration: 00:17:39

Behind the Curtain Interview with Eric Johnson

In this podcast, we talk with motivational speaker and pastor, Eric Johnson. Eric has a very unique story that challenges his audiences perspectives and outlooks. He gives us some valuable advice on how to talk about difficult subjects with humor and storytelling, and what to do if your audience starts becoming disengaged (Spoiler: It might involve jumping on a chair!) See the full article and transcript here: http://speakerhub.com/blog/behind-curtain-interview-eric-johnson

Duration: 00:13:40

Behind the Curtain: Interview With Josh Steimle

What can we learn from a communications expert who has written over 200 articles, and been published in places like Forbes, Mashable, and TechCrunch? Being able to empathize with your audience is the most crucial part of communication. See the full interview here http://speakerhub.com/blog/behind-curtain-interview-josh-steimle In this podcast, entrepreneur and marketing influencer Josh Steimle shares with us his unique insights on a variety of topics: from learning how to empathize can...

Duration: 00:17:53

Behind the Curtain: Interview with Alberto Alemanno

In this interview, we speak with Alberto Alemanno, a social innovator and public interest lawyer. He is passionate about creating authentic democracy within the European Union. In this podcast, Alberto talks about how to use empathy in conjunction with data to make an impact on audiences. He shares with us a few ideas on how to relate to millennial audiences, as well as some advice on how to balance your talks while being genuine.

Duration: 00:19:13

Behind the Curtain: Interview with Ken Molay

Ken Molay is the go-to guy when it comes to creating engaging and innovative webinars. He’s been practicing new techniques, and then posting his best practice on his blog for over 10 years. Listen to this podcast to learn about why you need to start creating webinars if you want to share your ideas easily across the globe. He covers the newest innovative techniques to engage the audience, as well as offering advice to webinar novices on how to seem like a pro. See the full article and...

Duration: 00:16:40

Behind the Curtain: Interview with Stuart Thomson

Communication can quickly become a quagmire when you have a lot of different interests vying for competing needs. Sometimes it pays to have an expert in both politics and economics on your side who can help you navigate through the tangle of logistics and jargon. Read the full article here: speakerhub.com/blog/behind-curta…ew-stuart-thomson When it comes to facilitating clear communication with the public, the stakeholders and the politicians, Stuart Thomson is an expert. In this...

Duration: 00:17:07

Behind the Curtain: Interview with Jackie Le Fevre

There are probably only a handful of truly impactful speakers that you can remember listening to. If you think about all the dozens of talks you’ve attended, what sets these few a part? Most likely, it was that they were genuinely passionate about what they were talking about, and they were authentic. When you learn how to lean into your passion, and develop your authentic voice: it can transform the way you speak and engage with audiences. In this podcast interview, we speak with...

Duration: 00:18:26