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"Speaking in Tech" is a podcast that focuses on Enterprise Tech including storage, cloud computing, servers, virtualization, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), networking, databases and applications.... and anything else remotely tech related.

"Speaking in Tech" is a podcast that focuses on Enterprise Tech including storage, cloud computing, servers, virtualization, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), networking, databases and applications.... and anything else remotely tech related.
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"Speaking in Tech" is a podcast that focuses on Enterprise Tech including storage, cloud computing, servers, virtualization, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), networking, databases and applications.... and anything else remotely tech related.




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Speaking In Tech # 289 - Shame

This week Josh and Melissa are joined by Carl Niger @carl_niger, Director of Advanced Technology at CGI Northpoint. Together they talk about Netflix trolls, HP, 3D body scanning technology, The Apple-Shazam acquisition, new tech from Nvidia and a bit of SDN. 00:00 - Carl Drives In 05:40 - Big Data: It's for Shaming 09:15 - HP is Keylogging Your Mom 13:42 - 3D Body Scans: What are they good for? 17:50 - Ready Player Chunky 22:30 - Shazappled 27:00 - Old Cars are the New...

Duration: 00:45:24

Speaking In Tech #288 - Kidding

This week Josh, Peter and Melissa discuss Bourbon, the first deployment of Azure Stack in the UK, Facebook Messenger for kids, Elon Musk's next launch, UX for kids on home devices and an Echo Look review. 00:00 - Speaking in Bourbon? 03:30 - Scouting is shouting 13:15 - Azure Stack takes on the UK 21:00 - Facebook Messenger is the new Joe Camel 27:30 - Safety starts with Communication? We are all Doomed! 35:30 - Roadster Space Oddity 40:30 - Alexa isn't taking any crap from your...

Duration: 00:46:04

Speaking in Tech #287 - Echo-Stalkers

This week Peter, Josh and Melissa discuss the newest rishest man on the planet, black Friday trends, Microsoft's new VMWare Migration Strategy and even more industry hacks. 00:00 - Blah-ck Friday 06:09 - Bezos' Billions 09:35 - Microsoft's rogue VMware plot 19:29 - GitHub Uber-N00bs 24:50 - I'm MAH GRRRRRR 28:43 - News is sad mmmkay?

Duration: 00:28:40

Speaking in Tech #286 - Crated Up

This week Josh and Melissa are joined by Keith Townsend, @CTOAdvisor. Together they discuss loot crates, Android location tracking, law enforcement DNA warrants, Candid's disruption of the Orthodontics industry and Tesla's new venture. 00:00 - Hello CTOAdvisor 02:55 - Battlefront Gamblin' 06:45 - Google: treating you like a crazy ex 12:00 - All your DNA are belong to us 17:30 - Introverts rejoice! Braces by mail 23:24 - Tesla goes BIG and small 34:40 - Book Reviews with...

Duration: 00:43:12

Speaking in Tech #285 - CTRL + Freaks

This week, Melissa is joined by new cohost Lauren Malhoit. Together they talk about HPE and Rackspace teaming up for a new offering, Qualcomm and Broadcom's not merger, more sexual harassment allegations in the tech industry and Bill Gates building smart cities. 00:00 - Welcome Lauren! 02:54 - Private not Private Cloud 11:31 - Qualcomm's just not that into you 14:31 - Great at what you do isn't the same as being a good person 18:21 - Move to Bill Gates' Racoon City! 23:53 - What's...

Duration: 00:48:51

#284 - Invasion

This week Amy, Peter and Melissa are joined by their new co-host. Together, they discuss Twitter, Look, Freedom, Kinect, Blockchain and Robot citizenship. 00:00- Well, there goes that surprise. 07:50- Twitter makes money? 13:44- Free Speech Snake Oil 22:13- Amazon is watching you 27:02- Kinecting in other ways 33:01- Gimme more $$, I got Blockchainzzzz 38:50- Arabian Nights with Robot citizens

Duration: 00:35:49

Speaking in Tech #283 - Ditched

This week Peter, Eddie and Melissa talk about the latest on Docker, Citrix, Botnets, hostile media players and Google. 00:00 - 6 degrees of Eddie Saipetch 06:39 - Ed's news 12:41 - Docker's no surprise-surprise 22:21 - The Citrix sue off and spelling bee 29:45 - The New Botnet on the Block 36:57 - ElMedia player -the KILLer MacOS experience 41:03 - Google Maps fat shames you into walking 46:00 - We still kinda like you, Austin

Duration: 00:28:45

Speaking in Tech #282 - Basement Daydreams

This week Amy, Melissa and Peter are joined by special guest James Watters (@wattersjames) SVP of Products @Pivotal. Together they discuss hack backs, blue screens, Krack and all the cloud platform buzzwords. 00:00 - Peter's Bionic Woman 04:16 - James Watters: He Doesn't Own Things 06:22 - Weirdest as a Service 09:50 - Hack! No Hack Backs! 14:34 - Blue screen of Servers vs Services 19:52 - Can't get enough Krack! 23:02 - Walls in France more interesting than your Krack 26:39 -...

Duration: 00:43:24

Speaking in Tech #281 - Dumped

This week Peter, Amy and Melissa are joined by special guest Paul Stamp, Director of Product Management at Onapsis. Together they discuss AIM, Windows 10 Mobile, Google's big announcements, Equifax, Yahoo and ERP. 00:00 - Hi Paul 02:30 - Getting dumped on AIM 05:08 - Windows 10 Mobile going the way of PalmOS 08:57 - Google softly babeling in your ear 13:18 - Pixel 2 - Jacked out 15:30 - Google goes full Circle 16:35 - Equipatsy 23:30 - Yahoo's massive data dump 30:40 - Onapsis...

Duration: 00:34:40

Speaking in Tech #280 - Mooving on Over

This week Ed and Melissa are joined by Rob Beddard (@rob_beddard), Senior Service Engineer at Microsoft. Together they discuss dead startups, stopping dubious cows, shipping Greg, unlikely unions and moving your traditional IT workloads to the cloud. 01:00 - Eddie nearly dies in the Michigan wilderness 04:13- Hello Rob 07:40- Pouring one out for the suckers 14:34- Autoreply on the phone 16:38- Nabbing terrorist cows 21:00- Greg's going on a mission trip to China 30:34- Marital War...

Duration: 00:59:20

Speaking in Tech #279 - Experienced

This week Peter, Ed and Melissa are joined by Jane Murison (@mewroh) a head of UX design at BBC. Together they dive in to Uber, Google, Equifax, new data visualization techniques and user experience! 00:00 - Eddie's new sucker 01:50 - The curse of SiT 03:24 - Meet Jane 06:38 - Uber's straight out of London 19:25 - Googling phone hardware 27:54 - Equif*xed it up again 31:58 - Fonting brilliant 37:28 - Living, loving, UX 45:00 - Chasing the good UX unicorn 51:20 - Control...

Duration: 00:59:02

Banging On

This week Ed, Peter and Melissa discuss the excitement over the new iPhone, Google dropping Symantec certs and Equifax's latest exits. 0:00 - There's no marching 7:14 - Ed's unplanned homework 16:03 - Apple pushes ahead? 29:16 - Truth or Dare 32:00 - Google doesn't trust you 41:30 - Remarkable Coincidences at Equifax 48:52 - Pokémon or Nokémon?

Duration: 00:51:43

Speaking in Tech #277 - The Big Finale on The Register

Speaking in Tech #277 - The Big Finale on The Register Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Peter Smallbone host the final show on The Register with a full house. Chad Sakac, from Dell EMC, Marc Farley, now back at HPE, Sarah Vela, from Forcepoint and Mark Twomey (aka StorageZilla), from Dell EMC all jump in to discuss disruption, Dell, Oracle, Solaris, Equifax and much, much more. The details… (1:00) Wrapping up on The Register (4:08) Dell and EMC one year wedding anniversary (5:35)...

Duration: 00:57:21

Speaking in Tech #276 - LIVE from VMworld

Speaking in Tech #276 - LIVE from VMworld This week Amy Lewis and Melissa Gurney are live from VMWorld with special guest Vaughn Stewart (@vstewed) VP of Technology at Pure Storage. Together they roll through all the latest buzzwords: bio-computing, cloud, SDDC, blockchain and transformation. This is a live edition from VMworld, background noise and all. (0:00) Welcome Back Vaughn (3:56) My computer smells a bomb and it isn't me (8:19) Down the Nerd Path (12:00) New Uber...

Duration: 00:43:05

Speaking in Tech #275 - Splunk!

Speaking in Tech #275 - Splunk! This week Peter Smallbone steers the ship with Amy Lewis and Eddie Saipetch with special guest Hal Rottenberg from Splunk. This week the nerdcast focuses on the Internet of Things, both consumer and business. The details… (0:00) Smoke alarms and this old house (11:42) (15:47) Nest vs. Ecobee (19:49) Home IoT draw (27:17) Lockstate’s bricked locks (34:38) Splunk and IoT (38:55) Intel axing maker IoT platforms (42:16) Amazon 3rd party Alexa...

Duration: 01:10:56

Speaking in Tech #274 - Living on the Edge

Speaking in Tech #274 - Living on the Edge Amy Lewis, Eddie Saipetch and Dom Delfino, the go to market team lead for Software Defined Data Center at VMware. The trio discuss the edge of cloud, HBO, ransomeware and more WannaCry. The details… (0:00) Dinner with Greg (2:42) Parking the Geek Whisperers (5:29) Pushing cloud out to the fringe (17:13) HBO out of bitcoins? (18:50) Standing up to ransomware (21:57) IT’s bad security posture (30:28) EMEA Hotel Guests WannaCry

Duration: 00:37:20

Speaking in Tech #273 - Coasters

Speaking in Tech #273 - Coasters Amy Lewis, Ed Saipetch and Greg Knieriemen are all together this week on the nerdcast to discuss resting and vesting in the valley, hacking bust in Vegas, VMworld and IoT accidents. The details… (0:00) Coastal podcast wars (2:30) IoT accident (4:30) The failure of Google Voice (11:30) Floods and asbestos (13:40) Texas beaches and Outerbanks outage (18:02) Kronos bust (22:15) VMworld and FUTURE:NET (28:10) Qualcomm’s grand plans for China (33:45)...

Duration: 00:41:23

Speaking in Tech #272 - Busted

Speaking in Tech #272 - Busted This week, Ed and Melissa are joined by Lauren Malhoit (@Malhoit) co-host of TechWise TV. Together they dive into blackhat phone prep, Meg Whitman's departure from HP Inc, net neutrality and Russian robots that swipe right or kill you. (0:00) Lauren puts Greg in the Trunk (3:50) Eddie just likes to name drop (7:30) Phone prep for Blackhat (12:00) Amazon Landscaping Services (14:28) Giving HP Inc the bye Felicia (17:43) Psycho hiring and making large...

Duration: 00:51:01

Speaking in Tech #271 - pbooks

Speaking in Tech #271 - pbooks Amy Lewis, Ed Saipetch, Peter Smallbone and Greg Knieriemen are all together this week on the nerdcast to discuss UK internet problems, the year of VDI… again, tech lobbying and drones. The details… 0:00 - Amy’s new gig 5:32 - Mac-n-Cheese in Tokyo 9:41 - Tile injuries 13:31 - Birmingham moves and UK broadband 17:41 - Microsoft goes multi-tenant 22:06 - Tech giants spend big on lobbying 29:11 - Peter schmoozes the Prime Minister 32:22 - New tech...

Duration: 01:00:43

Speaking in Tech #270 - Diapers

Speaking in Tech #270 - Diapers This week Amy is joined by Ed and Melissa with special guest Michael Coté (@cote), Director of Technical Marketing at Pivotal. Together they discuss IOT's turn to stink, more douchebags, AI takeovers, the rise of the content providers and zombies. 00:00 - Digital Transformation? Use Powerpoint 04:54 - Amy's apocalypse-proof wifi 09:00 - Legacy Software and Flooring 12:00 - 3 year olds and CIOs 14:05 - IOT? Fail 18:13 - Hey everybody, douchebags aren't...

Duration: 00:55:24

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