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"Speaking in Tech" is a podcast that focuses on Enterprise Tech including storage, cloud computing, servers, virtualization, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), networking, databases and applications.... and anything else remotely tech related.

"Speaking in Tech" is a podcast that focuses on Enterprise Tech including storage, cloud computing, servers, virtualization, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), networking, databases and applications.... and anything else remotely tech related.
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"Speaking in Tech" is a podcast that focuses on Enterprise Tech including storage, cloud computing, servers, virtualization, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), networking, databases and applications.... and anything else remotely tech related.




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Speaking in Tech #297 - I Don't Get It

This week Josh, Peter and Melissa discuss Hyperloop proposals, Atari's new cryptocurrency, Sony's taxi bid, Microsoft's drug program, Spotify's new bet and being Switzerland. 00:00 - Watching bad movies #ForTheTech 03:28 - Elon's boring between McDonald's & ATF bureau 04:52 - Melissa hates on the MidWest 10:38 - Atari's Token Stock Market game 14:58 - Sony gives Uber the "Boy Bye" using AI 19:49 - Microsoft's giving away free cloud candy 26:16 - Spotify's hardening their...


Speaking in Tech #296 - Love Bytes

This week Josh and Melissa discuss drones, Citrix’s new acquisition, IBM’s new vulnerability, iMessage features on Android phones, Uber’s settlement, a new Social Engineering trick and moody voice assistants. 00:00 – Drones filing for separation 08:30 – Citrix’s warm blanket security strategy 12:20 – Using lotus notes? My Secret Squirrel has a present for you. 15:00 – Passive Aggressive iMessaging love for all 17:50 – I love you baby, here’s $240 mil. We cool? 21:05 – Why you should...


Speaking in Tech #295 - Wonderstruck

This week Peter, Josh and Melissa discuss Comodore64 making a comeback, SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launch, Kodak’s new Cryptocurrency, Samsung overtaking Intel as the world’s largest chipmaker, Cloud company revenue and RedHat’s acquisition of CoreOS 00:00 – Dry Hell in Colorado 04:45 – Peter is ready to get his nunchuckers on 06:25 – Using Rockets to dispose of your rivals 11:45 – Cryptocurrency playing with your film stock 16:51 – Congrats Tostitos! Worlds largest chipmaker 20:00 –...


Speaking In Tech #294 - Inception

This week, Josh and Melissa are joined by Brian Gracely (@bgracely), Director of Product Strategy at RedHat. Together they discuss Microsoft's bug "fix" rejection, the UK gets high speed broadband, Dell's reverse acquisition rumor, podcasting, BBQ and great causes. Donations for the Krispy Kreme Challenge can be made here: https://www.crowdrise.com/thecloudcastnet 00:00 - Engineering tiny cars 03:00 - Intel gets bit by the love bug 04:40 - Josh remote trolls Peter 07:12 - Brian says...


Speaking in Tech #293 - Switched Out

This week Josh and Melissa are joined by Eddie. Together they talk about the AI Next Conference, the OnePlus phone breach, Bitcoin's recent plummet, Apple's redistribution of wealth plan and Whole Foods food shortages. 00:00 - Ready or not, here AI come 10:00 - ph-0wn3d your credit to buy ring gear 19:40 - Doing the bitcoin dip and nay nay 24:13 - Apple is all about the washingtons 29:23 - No-ole Foods 34:50 - Streaming in the Sky, because no one should go an hour without Rick and...


Speaking in Tech #292 - Consumed

This week Melissa and Josh are joined by Greg McCarthy @gmccarthy24, Social Business Advisor at Dell. Together they discuss the Hawaiian missile threat, Google's new acquisition and all things CES from the couch. 00:00 - Lost bets 04:00 - Not a drill, but not true 07:16 - Deep Touch 10:00 - Rained Out in Vegas 15:12 - Speaking in Blockchain, CES greatest hits 20:00 - Wireless charging at the coffee shop is as good as it gets at CES? 26:30 - Alexa, give me a courtesy flush 33:43 -...


Speaking in Tech #291 - Data Naked

This week Peter, Josh and Melissa are joined by Ariel Zane (@lariebyrd), Health Sciences Analyst at MSC. Together they discuss Trump website issues, Amazon's Linux 2 release, Microsoft's latest acquisition, Specter/Meltdown and all things Data Science. 00:00 - Data Science.... OoooOOh! 04:00 - Trump the web troller 07:20 - Amazon is creeping onto your premises 13:00 - MS gets NAS-y 16:50 - Specter Meltdown is my James Bond themed emo cover band 22:51 - Data Science Shaping...


Speaking in Tech #290 - Force Sight

This week, Josh and Melissa use the undeniable power of the dark side to lure Greg and Ed out of the trunk. Together they discuss Net Neutrality, Tintri offering to sell out, the SpaceX relauch/reuse/recycle program and they predict top tech trends and events for 2018. 00:00 - The Return of Greg and Ed 03:00 - The Net Joins the Dark Side 08:32 - No Spoiler Review of The Last Jedi 11:40 - Tintri debates going Han Solo 15:07 - The SpaceX Falcon 20:00 - Predictions for '17: about as...


Speaking In Tech # 289 - Shame

This week Josh and Melissa are joined by Carl Niger @carl_niger, Director of Advanced Technology at CGI Northpoint. Together they talk about Netflix trolls, HP, 3D body scanning technology, The Apple-Shazam acquisition, new tech from Nvidia and a bit of SDN. 00:00 - Carl Drives In 05:40 - Big Data: It's for Shaming 09:15 - HP is Keylogging Your Mom 13:42 - 3D Body Scans: What are they good for? 17:50 - Ready Player Chunky 22:30 - Shazappled 27:00 - Old Cars are the New...


Speaking In Tech #288 - Kidding

This week Josh, Peter and Melissa discuss Bourbon, the first deployment of Azure Stack in the UK, Facebook Messenger for kids, Elon Musk's next launch, UX for kids on home devices and an Echo Look review. 00:00 - Speaking in Bourbon? 03:30 - Scouting is shouting 13:15 - Azure Stack takes on the UK 21:00 - Facebook Messenger is the new Joe Camel 27:30 - Safety starts with Communication? We are all Doomed! 35:30 - Roadster Space Oddity 40:30 - Alexa isn't taking any crap from your...


Speaking in Tech #287 - Echo-Stalkers

This week Peter, Josh and Melissa discuss the newest rishest man on the planet, black Friday trends, Microsoft's new VMWare Migration Strategy and even more industry hacks. 00:00 - Blah-ck Friday 06:09 - Bezos' Billions 09:35 - Microsoft's rogue VMware plot 19:29 - GitHub Uber-N00bs 24:50 - I'm MAH GRRRRRR 28:43 - News is sad mmmkay?


Speaking in Tech #286 - Crated Up

This week Josh and Melissa are joined by Keith Townsend, @CTOAdvisor. Together they discuss loot crates, Android location tracking, law enforcement DNA warrants, Candid's disruption of the Orthodontics industry and Tesla's new venture. 00:00 - Hello CTOAdvisor 02:55 - Battlefront Gamblin' 06:45 - Google: treating you like a crazy ex 12:00 - All your DNA are belong to us 17:30 - Introverts rejoice! Braces by mail 23:24 - Tesla goes BIG and small 34:40 - Book Reviews with...


Speaking in Tech #285 - CTRL + Freaks

This week, Melissa is joined by new cohost Lauren Malhoit. Together they talk about HPE and Rackspace teaming up for a new offering, Qualcomm and Broadcom's not merger, more sexual harassment allegations in the tech industry and Bill Gates building smart cities. 00:00 - Welcome Lauren! 02:54 - Private not Private Cloud 11:31 - Qualcomm's just not that into you 14:31 - Great at what you do isn't the same as being a good person 18:21 - Move to Bill Gates' Racoon City! 23:53 - What's...


#284 - Invasion

This week Amy, Peter and Melissa are joined by their new co-host. Together, they discuss Twitter, Look, Freedom, Kinect, Blockchain and Robot citizenship. 00:00- Well, there goes that surprise. 07:50- Twitter makes money? 13:44- Free Speech Snake Oil 22:13- Amazon is watching you 27:02- Kinecting in other ways 33:01- Gimme more $$, I got Blockchainzzzz 38:50- Arabian Nights with Robot citizens


Speaking in Tech #283 - Ditched

This week Peter, Eddie and Melissa talk about the latest on Docker, Citrix, Botnets, hostile media players and Google. 00:00 - 6 degrees of Eddie Saipetch 06:39 - Ed's news 12:41 - Docker's no surprise-surprise 22:21 - The Citrix sue off and spelling bee 29:45 - The New Botnet on the Block 36:57 - ElMedia player -the KILLer MacOS experience 41:03 - Google Maps fat shames you into walking 46:00 - We still kinda like you, Austin


Speaking in Tech #282 - Basement Daydreams

This week Amy, Melissa and Peter are joined by special guest James Watters (@wattersjames) SVP of Products @Pivotal. Together they discuss hack backs, blue screens, Krack and all the cloud platform buzzwords. 00:00 - Peter's Bionic Woman 04:16 - James Watters: He Doesn't Own Things 06:22 - Weirdest as a Service 09:50 - Hack! No Hack Backs! 14:34 - Blue screen of Servers vs Services 19:52 - Can't get enough Krack! 23:02 - Walls in France more interesting than your Krack 26:39 -...


Speaking in Tech #281 - Dumped

This week Peter, Amy and Melissa are joined by special guest Paul Stamp, Director of Product Management at Onapsis. Together they discuss AIM, Windows 10 Mobile, Google's big announcements, Equifax, Yahoo and ERP. 00:00 - Hi Paul 02:30 - Getting dumped on AIM 05:08 - Windows 10 Mobile going the way of PalmOS 08:57 - Google softly babeling in your ear 13:18 - Pixel 2 - Jacked out 15:30 - Google goes full Circle 16:35 - Equipatsy 23:30 - Yahoo's massive data dump 30:40 - Onapsis...


Speaking in Tech #280 - Mooving on Over

This week Ed and Melissa are joined by Rob Beddard (@rob_beddard), Senior Service Engineer at Microsoft. Together they discuss dead startups, stopping dubious cows, shipping Greg, unlikely unions and moving your traditional IT workloads to the cloud. 01:00 - Eddie nearly dies in the Michigan wilderness 04:13- Hello Rob 07:40- Pouring one out for the suckers 14:34- Autoreply on the phone 16:38- Nabbing terrorist cows 21:00- Greg's going on a mission trip to China 30:34- Marital War...


Speaking in Tech #279 - Experienced

This week Peter, Ed and Melissa are joined by Jane Murison (@mewroh) a head of UX design at BBC. Together they dive in to Uber, Google, Equifax, new data visualization techniques and user experience! 00:00 - Eddie's new sucker 01:50 - The curse of SiT 03:24 - Meet Jane 06:38 - Uber's straight out of London 19:25 - Googling phone hardware 27:54 - Equif*xed it up again 31:58 - Fonting brilliant 37:28 - Living, loving, UX 45:00 - Chasing the good UX unicorn 51:20 - Control...


Banging On

This week Ed, Peter and Melissa discuss the excitement over the new iPhone, Google dropping Symantec certs and Equifax's latest exits. 0:00 - There's no marching 7:14 - Ed's unplanned homework 16:03 - Apple pushes ahead? 29:16 - Truth or Dare 32:00 - Google doesn't trust you 41:30 - Remarkable Coincidences at Equifax 48:52 - Pokémon or Nokémon?


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