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"Speaking in Tech" is a podcast that focuses on Enterprise Tech including storage, cloud computing, servers, virtualization, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), networking, databases and applications.... and anything else remotely tech related.

"Speaking in Tech" is a podcast that focuses on Enterprise Tech including storage, cloud computing, servers, virtualization, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), networking, databases and applications.... and anything else remotely tech related.
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"Speaking in Tech" is a podcast that focuses on Enterprise Tech including storage, cloud computing, servers, virtualization, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), networking, databases and applications.... and anything else remotely tech related.




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Banging On

This week Ed, Peter and Melissa discuss the excitement over the new iPhone, Google dropping Symantec certs and Equifax's latest exits. 0:00 - There's no marching 7:14 - Ed's unplanned homework 16:03 - Apple pushes ahead? 29:16 - Truth or Dare 32:00 - Google doesn't trust you 41:30 - Remarkable Coincidences at Equifax 48:52 - Pokémon or Nokémon?

Duration: 00:51:43

Speaking in Tech #277 - The Big Finale on The Register

Speaking in Tech #277 - The Big Finale on The Register Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Peter Smallbone host the final show on The Register with a full house. Chad Sakac, from Dell EMC, Marc Farley, now back at HPE, Sarah Vela, from Forcepoint and Mark Twomey (aka StorageZilla), from Dell EMC all jump in to discuss disruption, Dell, Oracle, Solaris, Equifax and much, much more. The details… (1:00) Wrapping up on The Register (4:08) Dell and EMC one year wedding anniversary (5:35)...

Duration: 00:57:21

Speaking in Tech #276 - LIVE from VMworld

Speaking in Tech #276 - LIVE from VMworld This week Amy Lewis and Melissa Gurney are live from VMWorld with special guest Vaughn Stewart (@vstewed) VP of Technology at Pure Storage. Together they roll through all the latest buzzwords: bio-computing, cloud, SDDC, blockchain and transformation. This is a live edition from VMworld, background noise and all. (0:00) Welcome Back Vaughn (3:56) My computer smells a bomb and it isn't me (8:19) Down the Nerd Path (12:00) New Uber...

Duration: 00:43:05

Speaking in Tech #275 - Splunk!

Speaking in Tech #275 - Splunk! This week Peter Smallbone steers the ship with Amy Lewis and Eddie Saipetch with special guest Hal Rottenberg from Splunk. This week the nerdcast focuses on the Internet of Things, both consumer and business. The details… (0:00) Smoke alarms and this old house (11:42) Wink.i.am (15:47) Nest vs. Ecobee (19:49) Home IoT draw (27:17) Lockstate’s bricked locks (34:38) Splunk and IoT (38:55) Intel axing maker IoT platforms (42:16) Amazon 3rd party Alexa...

Duration: 01:10:56

Speaking in Tech #274 - Living on the Edge

Speaking in Tech #274 - Living on the Edge Amy Lewis, Eddie Saipetch and Dom Delfino, the go to market team lead for Software Defined Data Center at VMware. The trio discuss the edge of cloud, HBO, ransomeware and more WannaCry. The details… (0:00) Dinner with Greg (2:42) Parking the Geek Whisperers (5:29) Pushing cloud out to the fringe (17:13) HBO out of bitcoins? (18:50) Standing up to ransomware (21:57) IT’s bad security posture (30:28) EMEA Hotel Guests WannaCry

Duration: 00:37:20

Speaking in Tech #273 - Coasters

Speaking in Tech #273 - Coasters Amy Lewis, Ed Saipetch and Greg Knieriemen are all together this week on the nerdcast to discuss resting and vesting in the valley, hacking bust in Vegas, VMworld and IoT accidents. The details… (0:00) Coastal podcast wars (2:30) IoT accident (4:30) The failure of Google Voice (11:30) Floods and asbestos (13:40) Texas beaches and Outerbanks outage (18:02) Kronos bust (22:15) VMworld and FUTURE:NET (28:10) Qualcomm’s grand plans for China (33:45)...

Duration: 00:41:23

Speaking in Tech #272 - Busted

Speaking in Tech #272 - Busted This week, Ed and Melissa are joined by Lauren Malhoit (@Malhoit) co-host of TechWise TV. Together they dive into blackhat phone prep, Meg Whitman's departure from HP Inc, net neutrality and Russian robots that swipe right or kill you. (0:00) Lauren puts Greg in the Trunk (3:50) Eddie just likes to name drop (7:30) Phone prep for Blackhat (12:00) Amazon Landscaping Services (14:28) Giving HP Inc the bye Felicia (17:43) Psycho hiring and making large...

Duration: 00:51:01

Speaking in Tech #271 - pbooks

Speaking in Tech #271 - pbooks Amy Lewis, Ed Saipetch, Peter Smallbone and Greg Knieriemen are all together this week on the nerdcast to discuss UK internet problems, the year of VDI… again, tech lobbying and drones. The details… 0:00 - Amy’s new gig 5:32 - Mac-n-Cheese in Tokyo 9:41 - Tile injuries 13:31 - Birmingham moves and UK broadband 17:41 - Microsoft goes multi-tenant 22:06 - Tech giants spend big on lobbying 29:11 - Peter schmoozes the Prime Minister 32:22 - New tech...

Duration: 01:00:43

Speaking in Tech #270 - Diapers

Speaking in Tech #270 - Diapers This week Amy is joined by Ed and Melissa with special guest Michael Coté (@cote), Director of Technical Marketing at Pivotal. Together they discuss IOT's turn to stink, more douchebags, AI takeovers, the rise of the content providers and zombies. 00:00 - Digital Transformation? Use Powerpoint 04:54 - Amy's apocalypse-proof wifi 09:00 - Legacy Software and Flooring 12:00 - 3 year olds and CIOs 14:05 - IOT? Fail 18:13 - Hey everybody, douchebags aren't...

Duration: 00:55:24

Speaking in Tech #269: Opex!

Speaking in Tech #269: Opex! Melissa Gurney is steering the nerdiest this week with co-hosts Ed Saipetch and Peter Smalbone to discuss Microsoft news, iPhone hacks and the shelf life of Kubernetes. The details… (0:00) Sky’s “instant” messenger support (5:55) Ring Floodlight, Android tablets, car wifi (11:33) iPhone exploits too valuable (16:30) Microsoft 365: Opex all the things (25:24) MS Azure Stack finally GA’ing (37:36) Kubernetes days NOT numbered (54:43) Do you bookmark?

Duration: 00:57:48

Speaking in Tech #268 - Back to Java

Speaking in Tech #268 - Back to Java Ed, Amy and Greg are back together for this week’s uber-nerd podcast with special guest Richard Seroter, Sr. Director of Product at Pivotal to talk about bad actors in tech, destructive malware and developer productivity with obscure programming languages. The details… (0:00) Vertigo from U2 (5:30) Valley of the Douchebags (8:09) Sacca sorry (13:10) Petya, not Petya (15:42) The death of desktop backups (19:56) Fyreguy gets busted (22:25)...

Duration: 00:51:37

Speaking in Tech #267 - Bagged

Speaking in Tech #267 - Bagged This week Petersmallbone steers the ship with Ed Saipetch and special guest Ben Kepes, noted business leader, evangelist, entrepreneur and commentator. This week the trio discuss Ben’s adventures without a passport, OpenStack woes, AWS and Walmart scuffles and Windows source code leaks. Stay tuned pass the wrap for outtakes from this week. The details… (0:00) Ben’s bag ejected from flight (7:23) 96 million robocalls for $129M (12:38) Russia: Symantec,...

Duration: 01:00:09

Speaking in Tech #266 - Making Friends

Speaking in Tech #266 - Making Friends This week Amy and Melissa are joined by special guest Sarah Vela (@orchid8), Senior Digital Communications Manager at Forcepoint (@forcepointsec). They discuss new jobs, Trumping government in the cloud, buying Whole Foods with Alexa, pizza on Mars, AirBnB's shifting business model and how to use LinkedIn. 0:00 - We're all Marketers Now 5:29 - How to Make Friends at Your New Company 8:56 - IT's a GaaS! 16:41 - Whole Infrastructure at...

Duration: 00:54:44

Speaking in Tech #265 - Ribbed

Speaking in Tech #265 - Ribbed This week, Amy and Melissa are joined by special guest Terrence Ryan, (@tpryan) Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform. They discuss parliamentary plots, Uber's continued descent into creepy, a new Xbox and IBM's giant cloud deal. 0:00- Bronto Ribs 1:09- Terrence Ryan says hello 3:14 - Rule1- Don't hear NDA stuff 5:13- Google/Don't Google it 8:47- Squishy Human Things 12:18- Parliamentary Plot Foiled? 15:18- Crowning Uber King of Creepy 23:20-...

Duration: 00:48:48

Speaking in Tech #264: usermind

Speaking in Tech #264: usermind This week Greg returns to the podcast with Amy and Melissa as well as special guest Michel Feaster, Co-Founder and CEO at usermind. This week the crew talks about CRM evolving, startup life, tech backlash and Apple announcements. The details: (0:00) Dropping F Bombs and Easter Eggs (3:24) Deep diving on usermind: Disrupting CRM (8:10) How mobile (and millennials) changed customer engagement (20:53) Working with big VC’s like Andreessen...

Duration: 00:45:08

Speaking in Tech #263 - Bad Power

Speaking in Tech #263 - Bad Power Melissa Gurney leads the gang this week and Greg is still locked in a trunk somewhere. The team jumps into the BA outage, cheating emission tests, cloud portability and cloud native myths. The details… (0:00) Rage Cage: Expenses and Oracle Sh!t Sandwich (2:30) Splash back (5:51) DJ Smallbone (7:29) AirBnB Internationalization (13:15) Manchester Tragedy (16:57) Amazon Grocery Stores (22:19) British Airways Outage: Bad power supplies? (27:25) VW...

Duration: 01:01:43

Speaking in Tech #162 - Cats in Teslas

Speaking in Tech #162 - Cats in Teslas This week Ed Saipetch, Melissa Gurney and Amy Lewis are joined again by special guest Chris Wysopal, security guru and co-founder and chief technology officer of Veracode. The details… 0:00 - Chris Wysopal our resident security guy, NBD 2:45- Hair dryers for grass 4:45- #catsinteslas 7:50- l0pht article resurrection 14:16- WannaCry? How about now? Now? 22:04- Get a flu shot, wash your hands, patch your sh!t 29:56- Snake oil, security and the...

Duration: 01:01:25

Speaking in Tech #261 - Trainers

Speaking in Tech #261 - Trainers This week, Ed’s driving along with Amy and Peter with special guest Martin Cooper, Sr. Director Worldwide System Engineering and Alliances at NGDC. The details... (00:18) Bomb in Peter’s backyard (02:41) Amy discretely coming into DellEMCWorld (04:17) Peter’s civic duties (04:50) Martin’s long title (06:03) What is Next Gen Datacenter (07:54) Amy wrecking Martin’s trainers (10:02) What the heck is NVMe? (13:43) Transformation of storage...

Duration: 00:47:03

Speaking in Tech #260 - Live from Dell EMC World

Speaking in Tech #260 - Live from Dell EMC World This week the whole gang, past and present, are live in Las Vegas podcasting from Dell EMC World. Besides pealing back this week’s announcements, Greg, Ed, Amy, Peter and Melissa are joined by Sarah Vela and Mark Twomey (AKA Storagezilla) to discuss changes at Dell EMC, Amazon’s new toy and a quick movie review. (0:00) The Prodigal Daughter returns (2:04) Executive back packs (3:00) Dell EMC World, a different feel (4:13) Storagezilla...

Duration: 00:45:33

Speaking in Tech #259 - Fyre!

Speaking in Tech #259 - Fyre! An engineer gets fined in Oregon for calling himself an engineer and Amazon wants a peak at what you are wearing. This week Greg, Ed and Melissa mull over absurd state rules and new toys from Amazon as well as horror stories from Fyre Festival in this week’s tech podcast. (0:00) Eddie’s flame throwing birthday (4:01) Nutanix vs VxRail (6:08) Fyre Festival fail (13:21) Engineer fined $500 for calling himself 'engineer' (19:13) Zuck discovers the US...

Duration: 00:49:14

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