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Speaking Of Math Podcast 14 - 20 Seconds Of Bravery

A production. When working with their kids on math homework, parents and kids can get impatient and lose their temper. In this podcast we talk about how being brave for 20 seconds in these situations can lead to a positive outcome and under what circumstances it’s better for parents to have someone else help their kids with math.

Duration: 00:11:19

Speaking Of Math Podcast 13 - What We Could Do Better

A production. In this episode we talk about what we could have done better with our two kids as it comes to their academics. If given a choice to do it over again, we would have help back our son a grade, would have gone to more of their school activities and had more fun with them.

Duration: 00:08:36

Speaking Of Math Podcast 12 - Changing Schools and Looking for Life Lessons

A production. In this episode we reverse roles and Feenix asks the questions. We discuss why Feenix decided to switch schools for our kids several times and what kinds of events trigger growth opportunities for students. Also, as always, don’t go after the teacher!

Duration: 00:12:52

Speaking Of Math Podcast 11 - Math And the Refrigerator

A production In this podcast we compare buying groceries putting them in the refrigerator and cooking them to the math learning cycle. If the groceries aren’t put away, they’ll rot. Likewise, if the math learning in school is not remembered, brought home and stored in the fridge, and cooked (learned through homework), the learning will be spoiled. The parents can help their kids establish this learning cycle in the lower grades.

Duration: 00:13:11

Speaking Of Math Podcast 10 - Math And Your Backpack

A production. In this episode we talk about how you can tell if a student will do well in math by the condition of their back pack. A messy back pack signals disorganized thinking and lack of attention to detail. These are the same two qualities that are essential to math success. By showing a student how to keep a clean backpack a parent can also instill habits that will give their child a boost in math.

Duration: 00:10:12

Speaking Of Math Podcast 9 - Move Accross Country For A Better School

A production. In this episode, we talk about the case of a mom who moved from Florida to Arizona just so her son can attend second grade in a highly rated school. While this may not be for everyone we discuss the role of a tiger mom in her child’s math education and the best places she can put her energy into for the best outcome.

Duration: 00:17:07

Speaking Of Math Podcast 8 - Reward A Bad Grade?

When a child comes home with a bad grade on a math test, the typical reaction ranges from disappointment and punishment to “you’ll do better next time”. In this episode we discuss the concept of rewarding a bad grade to teach the lesson that failure is a part of life and an opportunity to learn valuable lessons. A parent’s reaction to a bad grade can determine a child’s relationship to math for the rest of their academic career.

Duration: 00:14:42

Speaking Of Math Podcast 7 - Is Homework Necessary?

Recent articles point to research that homework in the early grades may be counter-productive and some school districts are dropping homework requirements for early grades. We discuss how this development relates to math. Doing homework in the early grades sets up the strong work habits in later grades when math homework is truly helpful in learning. What parents can do in the early grades is to talk it over with the child why the teacher is asking them for this homework each night and...

Duration: 00:19:48

Speaking Of Math Podcast 6 - Stick It Out Or Quit

In this episode we delve into a excruciating question whether a parent does the hard work and helps to rebuilt a child’s math foundation when they struggle in math or helps the child do the best they can in life without succeeding in math.

Duration: 00:17:58

Speaking Of Math Podcast 5 - Combination Lock To Effective Math Learning

A production. In this podcast we discuss the three elements of effective math learning: - knowing what type of learner your child is (visual, kinesthetic, auditory) - have a complete math foundation - good test taking skills In addition we discuss what to do when your child starts to believe that she can’t learn math. Immediate action needs to be taken.

Duration: 00:14:55

Speaking Of Math Podcast Episode 4 - Guilt Shame and Math Struggle

On this episode we talk about a very heavy topic when it comes to math struggle. Specifically the shame and guilt that moms (and parents in general) feel when their kids struggle in math. We address the situations where these feelings arise and how to cope with them in a way that empowers the parent and the child.

Duration: 00:19:58

Speaking Of Math - Podcast Episode 3 Math And Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for celebration, travel, food and family. However, what follows thanksgiving for most students is exams and specifically math exams. In this podcast, we discuss what moms (and parents in general) can do to support the students to do their best in their math classes as thanksgiving rolls around.

Duration: 00:16:20

The Speaking Of Math Podcast Episode 1 - Issues With Common Core

A production. In this podcast we discuss the common core math instruction standards used in many schools and why it often hinders math learning. We talk about the problems with common core, actions parents can take and the instances where common core is beneficial.

Duration: 00:11:42

Speaking Of Math Podcast Episode 2 - Helping Your Kids With Math At Home

A production. When engineer dads (and moms) try to help their kids with math at home, a special set of challenges arises since the dad knows math very well but doesn’t necessarily know how to teach it. In this episode we talk about what moms and dads could do in this case and pitfalls to avoid.

Duration: 00:16:37