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ESPN makes the right call on UVA football announcer

ESPN is taking quite a beating from partisan hack websites and commentators over their decision to move PBP announcer Robert Lee from a game in Charlottesville in light of recent violent protests there. But as Ed Berliner opines, their call was the right one for the announcers safety, and for not feeding into what would have been an excuse for social media and on-scene derision.

Duration: 00:11:12

The overreaction comparing ESPN's "Fantasy Auction" to slavery

Fantasy sports auctions have been held for decades, and ESPN taking heat for it's most recent auction comparing it to slavery is a misguided and questionable knee jerk reaction. Ed Berliner believes the uproar is misplaced, seeking to create an evil instance where absolutely none exists, but the issue itself should become part of every discussion in a process of finding solutions.

Duration: 00:06:46

The Roger Goodell "tiptoe" over player protests

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell likely didn't want to, but he was forced to address the continued player kneeling and sitting during the National Anthem. Ed Berliner focuses on a group of people who SHOULD have a problem with it, but seem to be more in favor of players actions than derision or punishment.

Duration: 00:07:17

Charlottesville Events Reverberate to the NFL

The violent protests in Virginia this weekend wasted no time being felt on an NFL playing field. Marshawn Lynch's actions won't be the last, and Ed Berliner is interested to see how the NFL reacts to social unrest.

Duration: 00:07:50

Urschel retirement should be about more than CTE

John Urschel's sudden retirement from the NFL can certainly be connected to recent CTE findings. But as Ed Berliner notes, there is a second even more important lesson here for athletes from grade school to college.

Duration: 00:05:47

Football, CTE, and 1 Critical Question

The most recent study on the connection between American football and potentially fatal brain injuries is once again being largely ignored by those who don't wish to hear the truth for mostly financial reasons. Ed Berliner, however, demands we answer the one question no one seems willing to pose.

Duration: 00:07:59

Spieth's "Open" response to critical golf fans

Jordan Spieth's wire to wire win at The Open not only elevated him to truly legendary tournament status, but as Ed Berliner notes, needs to be the silencer for those who exhibit ignorance and jealousy at such notable mental discipline.

Duration: 00:04:47

The American Cancer that is OJ Simpson

As OJ Simpson faces the possibility of freedom from a Nevada jail, Ed Berliner wonders if we have learned anything from the now decades this killer has captivated our attention.

Duration: 00:06:19

Image advice from dog killer Michael Vick rings hollow

Former NFL QB Michael Vick recently surfaced with some advice about image for unemployed QB Colin Kaepernick. Ed Berliner finds the admitted dog killer to be the last person anyone should take any advice from.

Duration: 00:05:40

POTUS needs to stay away from USGA Women's Open

President Donald Trump is scheduled to appear at the USGA Women's Open this weekend, certainly his right at the golf course he owns. But Ed Berliner agrees with colleague Christine Brennan of "USA Today" that the classy and presidential thing for him to do is stay away and leave the spotlight to the golfers.

Duration: 00:05:31

Jeffrey Loria has earned title of "Most Despicable Owner" in MLB

The MLB All Star Game Home Run Derby, and two of it's young stars, speaks to the contrasting manner in which most owners understand what owning a baseball team means to the fans. Miami Marlins Owner Jeffrey Loria has almost gleefully ripped the fans blind with his greed and avarice, and Ed Berliner believes every league should do everything in it's power to ensure such greed and mismanagement is ever again allowed to spit on loyal fans.

Duration: 00:06:05

NBA must raise the Draft age limit

The NBA remains the world leader in basketball, yet their game is slipping ever so slightly with too many younger and inexperienced players. Ed Berliner sides with Commissioner Adam Silver in wanting to raise the draft limit to 20, a move that will positively impact everyone in the game.

Duration: 00:06:07

Time for MLB to embrace the pitchers clock

Traditionalists will shudder, but Ed Berliner believes there is no compelling reason for Major League Baseball to not add a time limit between pitches. It will make the game faster, better, and end the unnecessary time wasting debate.

Duration: 00:04:03

The power of a soccer ball in outer space

While we debate the Boston Celtics signing of Gordon Hayward and a slap in the face from one baseball All Star to another, Ed Berliner reminds us of a recent story that speaks to what, in the end, should be at the core of our passion for sports.

Duration: 00:07:23

The Sporting Declaration of Independence

In the spirit of wishing America a Happy 241st Birthday, Ed Berliner would like to offer a special version of the Declaration of Independence designed for owner, player and fan. Of course, he does have a few personal requests for rewriting the historic document.

Duration: 00:05:59

A Legendary Lesson from Mays & Jagr

You may never think that Willie Mays and Jaromir Jagr could be mentioned in the same discussion, but Ed Berliner finds a correlation between the two that every fan of any sport should hold tight and appreciate.

Duration: 00:06:26

Curt Schilling still embraces a "Band of Idiots"

Curt Schilling was once a proud member of a very specific "band of idiots" while leading the Boston Red Sox to the World Series win in 2004. But as Ed Berliner opines, Schilling's failure to take responsibility for his actions may grant him entry into a new and less desirable group of the same name.

Duration: 00:07:32

Why Phil Jackson Failed with the NY Knicks

Phil Jackson didn't simply overnight forget what it takes to be a winner in the NBA. But as Ed Berliner points out, ego certainly hampered his vision of seeing the two elements in this job that easily foretold a disaster.

Duration: 00:08:07

The real "fault" in John McEnroe's "700" comment

John McEnroe knows how to start a debate, and in promoting his new book he inadvertently steps into one that has fans of Serena Williams indignant and insulted. Ed Berliner finds it all somewhat amusing as the reaction points out a very specific need we all have as best described in the movie "Stripes".

Duration: 00:04:02

Describing Tim Tebow Haters with One Word

There is no other athlete in the world today that captures the essence of "lightning rod" than former UF QB Tim Tebow. The latest news about his struggling baseball career and the reaction it elicited has Ed Berliner hoping it can hopefully make some critics see the error of their ways.

Duration: 00:04:53

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