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SW 312 - FBF - The Online Marketing Manual with Ric Dragon

Ric Dragon is the author of Social Marketology and the DragonSearch Online Marketing Manual, both published by Mc-Graw Hill. He is the CEO and co-founder of DragonSearch, with more than 20 years of extensive experience in graphic design, information architecture, web development and digital marketing. As an artist, Ric has been shown in countless group and solo shows. He is a regular guest columnist for Marketing Land, and Social Media Monthly, and a speaker at many marketing and business...

Duration: 00:29:26

SW 311 - Ego Free Leadership with Shayne Hughes

Nice guys finish last, right? Or maybe our long held maxims don't hold up under scrutiny. Jason Hartman talks with Shayne Hughes, President at Learning As Leadership and author of Ego Free Leadership, about whether ego is good or bad, how we can identify our negative tendencies, ways we can counter our natural instincts, and how we're not alone in our feelings of inadequacies. Key Takeaways: [1:18] Is ego always bad? [4:40] Our desire to prove ourselves hijacks our purpose [8:53] Some...

Duration: 00:22:04

SW 310 - FBF - Chicken Soup for the Successful Soul with Jack Canfield

Today's 10th Episode Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 100, from February 2012. On this episode, Jason Hartman is joined by Jack Canfield, America’s #1 Success Coach, to talk about Jack’s journey to success as founder and CEO of Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises, founder and chairman of The Canfield Training Group, and his latest project, Bestseller Blueprint Training Program. As the beloved originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series, Jack Canfield fostered the emergence...

Duration: 00:31:42

SW 309 - How to Build Extraordinary Relationships by Changing the Way We Live with Jason Treu

Jason Hartman talks with Jason Treu, author of Social Wealth: How to Build Extraordinary Relationships by Transforming the Way We Live, Love, Lead and Network. The two discuss ways that you can improve your social worth, expanding your network by focusing on others rather than on your own self. The two look into the potential power of mastermind groups or just informal get togethers, as wel as why you should never let your network become stagnant. Key Takeaways: [1:29] The basic concept...

Duration: 00:24:14

SW 308 - FBF - Content Creations from Content Divas with Shelby Larson

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 137, published in March 2014. Shelby Larson started Content Divas back in 2007, initially to offer stay-home moms a way to make legitimate income from home. Over the past three years, she has successfully expanded her business from a small team of content providers to a staff of over 300 members world-wide, providing the highest quality outsourcing and generation organic traffic services on 50% of internet content. Website:

Duration: 00:29:49

SW 307 - The Millionaire Fastlane with MJ DeMarco

Most people in today's world are selling their time for money and going through the grind of life assuming that is the way it is. But it doesn't have to be. Jason Hartman talks with MJ DeMarco, author of The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich, about the hyperrealities that are abundant in our world, and what we can do to overcome them and live the life we truly desire. Key Takeaways: [1:51] MJ's world view and how they impact his philosophies [5:52] We need to...

Duration: 00:28:31

SW 306 - FBF - "Oh So Pinteresting" with Cynthia Sanchez

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 103, from October 2013. Cynthia Sanchez launched Oh So Pinteresting in February 2012 and after a few months she was approached by a company and asked if she would not only help them with Pinterest but also manage their social media accounts. In September 2012, Cynthia left her job as full time radiation oncology nurse to focus on growing Oh So Pinteresting and her new social media business. Just like the medical world, social media is ever...

Duration: 00:22:55

SW 305 - FBF - Give Presentations Like the Pros with Speaking Results' Jean Hamilton

This week's Flash Back Friday takes us to episode 41, originally airing on September 27, 2011. Join Jason Hartman and Jean Hamilton, founder of Speaking Results, and find out how to develop and hone your speaking, presenting, and storytelling skillsets. It's crucial that when you're in front of your audience you're at home. Jean offers a variety of NLP tips to combat common public speaking fears, as well as to help you gain confidence in your own abilities. Prior to starting Speaking...

Duration: 00:29:18

SW 304 - How to Get Celebrity Clients with Kofi Nartey

Clients in the sports and entertainment world have the same issues as those in the regular world, but they also have a few extra needs and difficulties. Because of this, you have to go about acquiring their business a little different than normal. Kofi Nartey, National Director of the Compass Sports & Entertainment Division and author of Sellebrity: How to Build a Successful Sports & Entertainment Based Business, talks with Jason Hartman about ways you can break into the industry. Kofi...

Duration: 00:16:49

SW 303 - FBF - The Art of Public Speaking with Bronwyn Saglimbeni, Corporate Communications Expert

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 36, from April 2011. Jason Hartman interviews Bronwyn Saglimbeni, founder of Bronwyn Communications, on the art of public speaking and how to push yourself beyond the basics so that your presentation captivates your audience from start to finish. For nearly 15 years, Bronwyn has worked with clients to improve their public speaking and media relations skills, challenging them to bring out more of themselves in their communications. Bronwyn is...

Duration: 00:36:23

SW 302 - The 4 Areas We Can All Improve In with Mark Sanborn

No matter how your life has been going, there's always room for improvement. Jason Hartman talks with Mark Sanborn, author of the new book The Potential Principle: A Proven System for Closing the Gap Between How Good You Are and How Good You Could Be, about how to traverse The Potential Matrix and create a better self. Mark offers some tips on activities you can do to better yourself, as well as some talk about The Fred Factor, and why it became (and remains) such a success. Key...

Duration: 00:25:10

SW 301 - FBF - The Step-by-Step Guide to Marketing Your Book with Tim Grahl

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 117, from November 2013. Tim Grahl is the Chief Thinker of the Out:think Group and author of, Your First 1000 Copies: The Step-by-Step Guide to Marketing Your Book. He joins the show to discuss how any book can sell at least 1,000 copies on Amazon. Website: Out:Think Group

Duration: 00:32:45

SW 300 - Return of the Peaceful Warrior with Dan Millman

For this 10th Episode, Jason Hartman talks with author Dan Millman about his new book The Hidden School and his best-seller The Peaceful Warrior. The two discuss Dan's spiritual search, the difference in Eastern and Western cultures, the difference between selfish and Selfish, and other philosophical questions. Key Takeaways: [2:42] How Dan's new book fits in with his original book The Peaceful Warrior [6:46] The importance of travel [11:35] The power of media [15:50] It's important...

Duration: 00:26:43

SW 299 - FBF - Protecting Your WordPress Website with WP Curve's Dan Norris

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 121, from November 2013. In this episode, Jason talks with Dan Norris, owner of WP Curve, about tips on protecting your WordPress site, as well as some common mistakes content providers make. WP Curve provides technical support for Wordpress users and owners. Key Takeaways: [2:01] The business model of WP Curve [6:32] Why websites break, when it seems like they should just work forever after they're created [10:43] Some good products (and...

Duration: 00:34:20

SW 298 - FBF - Contact Management and Customer Relationship Software with Mike Muhney

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 111, from November 2013. Mike Muhney is the CEO & Co-Founder VIPorbit Software Int'l, Inc and co-founder & co-inventor of ACT!. VIPorbit improves marketing to customers and leads through iPhone contacts. Muhney is dubbed as the father of CRM. Muhney explains NRM and why he thinks it is the future of info marketing. He also discusses why social media can be bad for a company's brand. Website:

Duration: 00:18:28

SW 297 - FBF - The Future of Business with Brian Solis

This Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 82, from July 2013. Brian Solis is the Principal at Altimeter Group and author of, "What's the Future of Business: Changing the Way Businesses Create Experiences." He is viewed as a stellar keynote speaker. In this interview, Solis explains a new generation of consumerism and how he is reaching Generation Connected, or Gen C. He is working on ways to improve business performance engagement and relationships for a new generation of consumerism....

Duration: 00:28:24

SW 296 - FBF - The Authority Mindset and SEO for Podcasters with Brian Horn

Today's Flash Back Friday takes us to Episode 171 from October 2014. Jason Hartman welcomes Brian Horn of The Authority Alchemy podcast to the show. Brian has helped top celebrity entrepreneurs with their branding, search engine results, and internet marketing. In 2010, he was named 'Google Guru' by Inc Magazine and he has recently released a new book titled The Authority Mindset. He talks to Jason today about SEO and shares some important insider SEO tricks with him. Key...

Duration: 00:37:55

SW 295 - FBF – How to Be Truly Unique with Vickie Sullivan

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 68, from January 2013. As speaking expert Vickie Sullivan says, “Buyers do not want content that they’ve heard before.” So how do you offer unique content? Jason Hartman and Vickie, President of Sullivan Speaker Services, Inc., talk about what this means from a market intelligence standpoint. There are three standards that define uniqueness in thought leaders: 1. What haven’t I heard before that I can agree with? 2. What helps me right now in...

Duration: 00:39:10

SW 294 - FBF - Inside the Secret Life of a Super Affiliate with Zac Johnson

Today's Flash Back Friday takes us back to Episode 77 from April 2013. Jason Hartman welcomes Zac Johnson, a widely respected leader in the blogging and online marketing community. Through Zac’s popular blogs, and, he has helped thousands of readers grow their brands and make money online. Zac shares his success story, including tips for gathering leads, the step-by-step affiliate marketing process, becoming a merchant, finding offers to promote and much...

Duration: 00:27:15

SW 293 - FBF - Finding the Right Niche to Make Kindle Profits with James Jones

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 63, from July 2012. Jason Hartman is joined by head of The Net Results, James Jones, to talk exclusively in this interview about Kindle and how to create direct profits. James defines Kindle Triangulation, which starts with picking the right niche by doing market research. Most books that don’t perform well in the Kindle marketplace are the result of a topic in which buyers are not interested. Seller rank of 25,000 or less and a topic or...

Duration: 00:29:44

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