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We offer a spectrum of all kinds of podcasts that covers news, sports, entertainment, and more.

We offer a spectrum of all kinds of podcasts that covers news, sports, entertainment, and more.
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We offer a spectrum of all kinds of podcasts that covers news, sports, entertainment, and more.




We Love to Interrupt #113

(Recorded on September 13, 2017) It’s a classic case of closing one book and opening the next as the guys play Should & Will with Big Brother & America’s Got Talent…then talk about the big premieres on Big Monday including Jeopardy!, Wheel, and Millionaire. MP3 Download Link: HERE (NOTE: Season 5 of WLTI is finally […]

Duration: 01:29:12

We Love to Interrupt #112

(Recorded on September 6, 2017) The World’s Strongest Game Show Podcast kills the toilet as they round out Push or Flush, talks double eliminations on Big Brother, has the first semifinal of America’s Got Talent, and reviews Funny You Should Ask. Throw in 5 Good Questions on Let’s Make a Deal, and you have a […]

Duration: 01:31:41

We Love to Interrupt #111

(Recorded on August 30, 2017) Jay Thomas, aside from being a versatile actor, had one of the most controversial game show hosting jobs in history. The World’s Strongest Game Show Podcast remembers the departed actor by remembering “Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?” Plus, reviewing the week in Big Brother, America’s Got Talent & Pyramid, […]

Duration: 01:27:48

We Love to Interrupt #110

(Recorded on August 23, 2017) It’s nice to hear you, to hear you… NICE! The guys pay their respects to game show royalty in Bruce Forsyth, remember the comic genius of Jerry Lewis, go over the week’s action on AGT and Big Brother including technical difficulties on both, ask 5 Good Questions on Jeopardy…. and […]

Duration: 01:46:00

We Love to Interrupt #109

(Recorded on August 17, 2017) The guys are without Gordon again, but the show must go on, even if it does include a glut of singers, the return of a popular poker show. Paul Abrahamian playing the entire Big Brother house, 5 Good Questions on Wheel of Fortune, a round of Actual Game Show News, […]

Duration: 01:47:21

We Love to Interrupt #108 – Season 6 Premiere!

(Recorded on August 11, 2017) Season 6 of the World’s Strongest Game Show Podcast returns with Jason & Chico decompressing over Big Brother, Jeopardy!, America’s Got Talent, a huge loss for Match Game fans, 5 good questions about TPIR, and statements that may be accurate or idiotic. MP3 Download Link: HERE (NOTE: Season 5 of […]

Duration: 01:44:27

WLTI Interview – Aaron Solomon

(Recorded on July 28, 2017) Aaron Solomon – co executive producer of $100,000 Pyramid comes on with Jason Block for a special interview discussing his career in game shows, his experience as a producer on Pyramid, and more in this special interview for We Love to Interrupt. Please check out The Remotes at RemotesBand.com and […]

Duration: 01:17:04

SpecRiffs #13

(Posted on May 22, 2017) We feature netgame playings of “Let’s Make a Deal” with Jim Williams hosting along with “Remote Control” from 2006 with D.C. Lundberg and Jim hosting on this month’s podcast. (Note: It’s a bare bones edition of SpecRiffs as there is no commentary from Carl at any point due to lack […]

PIXELnation #174

(Recorded on May 7, 2017) Brian Henegar and Jason Block cover more Nintendo news this week as long-time company director Genyo Takeda retires after 46 years of service with the company. They’ll also talk about a story about a fella who performed a good deed and returned top secret information to Blizzard concerning StarCraft along […]

Duration: 01:04:04

PIXELnation #173

(Recorded on April 30, 2017) Nintendo’s at it again with another replacement handheld in the form of a new 2DS XL model along with news on the potential next verson of PlayStation, the 25th anniversary edition of “Night Trap”, and a lengthy discussion by both Brian Henegar and Jason Block on an eSports player saying […]

Duration: 00:54:47

PIXELnation #172

(Recorded on April 23, 2017) On the heels of Nintendo stopping production on the NES Classic, Brian Henegar and Jason Block talk about the announcement of the SUPER NES Classic to come out this holiday season. They’ll also talk about an interesting report on how most game sales have become digital, the next planned Call […]

Duration: 00:55:40

SpecRiffs #12

(Posted on April 22, 2017) More ICGSN material from November 2004 will get aired on this month’s edition of SpecRiffs as we continue paying tribute to the late Jim Williams and his best work. MP3 Download Link: HERE

Duration: 01:00:42

NAWC #470

(Recorded on April 21, 2017) Nikki Heyman remembers the life and career of Matt “Rosey” Anoa’i on this week’s episode along with news on Mick Foley, Dash Wilder, Impact Wrestling’s new working agreement with AAA, and thoughts on why the heck did WWE decide to go with Jinder Mahal to challenge for the WWE Championship. […]

Duration: 01:30:19

PIXELnation #171

(Recorded on April 15, 2017) A lot of talk on Nintendo is featured this Easter weekend on SpectrumOne’s video game news podcast of record with Brian Henegar and Jason Block. They’ll also talk about a bizarre article from Men’s Health magazine that supposedly links gaming to unemployed males. MP3 Download Link: HERE

Duration: 01:01:35

NAWC #469

(Recorded on April 13, 2017) Nikki Heyman and crew will talk about the Superstar Shakeup week in WWE, plus they will get into a serious discussion on the JBL/Mauro incident, plus make fun of Impact Wrestling along with the other usual silliness that is the NAWC. MP3 Download Link: HERE

Duration: 01:30:16

PIXELnation #170

(Recorded on April 9, 2017) Brian Henegar and Jason Block run down the nuts and bolts of Project Scorpio this week on SpectrumOne’s video game news podcast. They’ll also talk about Mad Catz shutting down as a company, Wreck It Ralph’s sequel, even more bad news on GameStop, plus the rest of the news. MP3 […]

Duration: 00:49:12

NAWC #468

(Recorded on April 6, 2017) Nikki Heyman and crew take a look back at WrestleMania weekend, plus what’s next for the company in a “Superstar Shakeup” announced for next week. They’ll cover all that plus the rest of the crazy news in the wacky world of pro wrestling. MP3 Download Link: HERE

Duration: 02:16:59

NAWC Special #37 – WrestleMania 33 Livecap

(Recorded on April 2, 2017) Carl Chenier, Jason Block, and other NAWC panelists look at and comment live at WWE’s grand event of the year, WrestleMania from Camping World Stadium in Orlando, FL. It’s nearly 7 hours of NAWC’s best work of the season. MP3 Download Link: HERE

Duration: 06:51:07

NAWC #467

(Recorded on March 31, 2017) It’s our annual WrestleMania preview and pick ’ems edition of the NAWC with Nikki Heyman and crew. Listen to all the nonsense, plus a first for our pick ’ems in our shows history. MP3 Download Link: HERE

Duration: 02:34:43

NAWC #466

(Recorded on March 23, 2017) Nikki Heyman and crew pay tribute to Jan Ross on this week’s show, along with the Road to WrestleMania getting even hotter with news on the Hardys potentially signing, Jericho/Owens buildup, this new SouthPaw Regional Wrestling spoof, plus one of NAWC’s original panelists makes a return after a couple years […]

Duration: 01:45:33

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