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Speculative Grammarian—the premier scholarly journal featuring research in the neglected field of satirical linguistics—is now available as an arbitrarily irregular audio podcast. Our podcast includes readings of articles from our journal, the occasional musical number or dramatical piece, and our talk show, Language Made Difficult. Language Made Difficult is hosted by the SpecGram LingNerds, and features our signature linguistics quiz—Lies, Damned Lies, and Linguistics—along with some discussion of recent-ish linguistic news and whatever else amuses us. Outtakes are provided.






The Effect of Coffee Consumption on Adults' Average MLU

Where No Researcher Should Tread

Nasal-Ingressive Voiceless Velar Trill (Letters to the Editor)

Reanalysis of Spanish by Naïve Linguists

A 21st Century Proposal for English Spelling Reform

The Tribesman

The Boustrophedon-Plummerfeld Hypothesis and Futurological Linguistics

The Braille Song

What is Linguistics Good For, Anyway?

Subliminal Linguistics

New speech disorder linguists contracted discovered!

How to Do Fieldwork on Proto-Indo-European

Morphemes: A New Threat to Society

Phonological Theory and Language Acquisition

The Encyclopedia of Mytholingual Creatures, Places, and Things—Part I

The Encyclopedia of Mytholingual Creatures, Places, and Things—Part II

The Linguistics Wars

French Sues English

Towards a Perfect Definition of the Term “Sign”

Language Made Difficult, Vol. I

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