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Talk radio host Spencer Hughes loves chatting about politics, pop culture, human interest topics, and the paranormal. An eclectic radio adventure!




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Paul Bradford of GHOST HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL - Apr 07,2013

Help me welcome Paul Bradford of SyFys GHOST HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL to our Paranormal Edition of The Spencer Hughes Show! From tech guy on the hit television series to avid world traveler and photographer. Hes a huge Sci-Fi and Doctor Who fan, too!! http://myuntemperedschism.blogspot.com Check out his paranormal gear at www.ghoststop.com! A man of MANY talents. Check out his awesome t-shirt designs including some awesome DOCTOR WHO ones: http://www.redbubble.com/people/b4dw0lf/portfolio...

Duration: 01:00:05

AP Nixes "Illegal Immigrant" & Why Are So Many In Poverty?? - Apr 04,2013

Did the Associated Press do the right thing by removing the use of "illegal immigrant? NO. This is the kind of political correctness that gets me REALLY P.O.d!! But we live in the era of "It depends on what the definition of the word "is" IS" and not calling the War onTerror exactly what it is... THE WAR ON TERROR!! Also...after tens of TRILLIONS of dollars dumped in the War on Poverty...we have 1960s levels of poverty today. How can this be?? Its because the government CANT SOLVE poverty....

Duration: 01:59:49

Ghost Hunter Dave Mace, The Hotel Leger, & Surprise Caller!! - Mar 31,2013

My Partner In the Paranormal, Dave Mace, returns for an hour Paranormal Edition of The Spencer Hughes Show. We talk about the Hotel Leger in the Gold Country of California and an upcoming event we are planning. www.hotelleger.com is the official website of the hotel! Follow Dave on Twitter @hauntmd. Dave Mace | ghost hunting | paranormal | Hotel Leger | haunted

Duration: 01:00:04

The Friday B-List - Mar 29,2013

The B-List includes four topics for you to choose from--from political and pop culture to human interest and Battle of the Sexes. The serious and the entertaining. A little something for everyone! The hard part is deciding which of the B-List topics you want to focus on... Call me at (424) 675-8269.Spencer Hughes | Friday | B-List | TGIF | current events

Duration: 01:59:46

Family Home Raided Over FB Photo of Child Holding Rifle - Mar 20,2013

I have a lot of opinions about this story, and I am SURE you will, too. A New Jersey family had their home raided after someone reported a Facebook photo of the 11-year-old son holding what appears to be a military style assault weapon. The father claims its a .22 made to look like one. Whos right here?? CPS has the right to try to protect kids. We have the right to be safe from unreasonable searches and seizures. Where is Up and where is DOWN on this controversial story?? Shawn Moore |...

Duration: 01:59:51

Nanny Bloomberg Wants to HIDE Cigarettes & Law of Attraction - Mar 19,2013

Is THAT the answer from a fascist like Bloomberg?? HIDE things we dont want people to buy?? So...do we hide donuts, cookies, and bacon?? Do we hide copies of the Constitution?? Or how about OBAMAS books?? The latest stupidity from the Nanny State... I also went on about the Law of Attraction and our spiritual side, which I argue is our most important side.Mayor Bloomberg | cigarettes | Jim Rohn | Law of Attraction | Nanny State

Duration: 01:59:57

Michael Moore Stoops LOWER Yet & the Friday B-List! - Mar 15,2013

Leftist Bozo Michael Moore wants to parade around photos of the poor innocents who died at Sandy Hook to further the fascist agenda agenda against the 2nd Amendment. UNREAL. SHAMEFUL!! And the Friday B-List as well!!Michael Moore | B-List | news stories | Sandy Hook | NRA

Duration: 01:59:13