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EP17: Activating Your Inner Goddess

In this episode of Spirit Talks For The 5th Dimension, Nixie Marie {Creator Of The I AM Goddess Collective Podcast, Goddess Activator & Oracle} and I talk about the activation of our inner GODDESS, The rising of the divine feminine, Embodying our Goddess essence & expression, Releasing past persecution, Goddess Magic, Working with the moon cycles, Learning to allow ourselves pleasure in all areas of our lives, Feminine sexuality & So much much more! This is a truly magical episode, Listen...

Duration: 00:56:40

EP16: Sonia & Sabrina Choquette-Tully

Ever wondered what it would be like to have Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer & Other Hay House Family Members joining you at your dinner table on a regular occasion? Or what it would be like to have a Spiritual Pioneer (Like Sonia Choquette) as your mother? Well Sonia and Sabrina have grown up with their 6th sense being encouraged as their FIRST sense.. The girls and I have a chat about how we each utilise and experience our intuitive insights, How we all have different gifts and why it's NOT all so...

Duration: 01:05:03

EP15: Generosity Generates Wealth

This week I connected with my Soul Sister Holly and Soul Brother Bart who are the co-creators of Spirit Ninjas to share with you our passion upon how Generosity Generates Wealth in so many ways, We talk about the Intention Groups that are being held by Holly and Bart through, The power of holding a vision for the highest good of all, How generosity heightens your abundance vibration, Consciously circulating money and being a divine INVESTMENT for the universe to channel...

Duration: 01:11:35

EP14: From Comparison to Freedom with Lucy Sheridan

On this episode of Spirit Talks For The 5th Dimension I speak with Lucy Sheridan who is a comparison coach and Hay House Author of #Higherselfie upon how we can all release the pressures of comparison in society and on social media to actually transform it into inspiration, empowerment and vibrational alignment with success rather than jealousy so that we can all move into the 5th Dimension as a collective consciousness. Listen now and remember to subscribe!

Duration: 00:32:30

EP13: Hustle vs Alignment In Your Purpose with Asha Burnley

In this episode of Spirit Talks For The 5th Dimension, My Soul Sister Asha and I talk about how Alignement is the new 'Hustle' and how we each make decisions within our purposes from a place of soul intuition and only what feels good and easy as opposed to 'forced hard work' to achieve a goal as well as how we tell the difference between resistance and 'growing pains' as we expand along our paths, Listen now to hear our conversation and remember to subscribe on iTunes!

Duration: 01:05:11

EP12: Conscious Business with Emily Gallagher

On this episode of spirit talks for the 5th dimension I talk with soul sister Emily Gallagher who is the creator of Conscious Boss, We share our views in conscious business and how we can all co-create and consciously collaborate within our purposes to create a greater effect in this world as we ascend into the 5th dimension & beyond... If you're a soul embodied, purpose aligned business babe you'll love all of the experiences and guidance we have to share! Listen now and remember to...

Duration: 01:03:04

EP10: 'Quantum Leaping Your Life'

Is your soul's purpose important to you? Are you aware of your potentials? Do you have a vision for what you would like to create / experience in this lifetime? Is your soul ready to QUANTUM LEAP beyond your human limitations & into your highest path? In this episode, Sydney Campos and I share with you our experiences of Quantum Leaping and how we each create these shifts in our lives.. "Everyone needs this. It will literally, change your life, expand your journey and clarify your purpose...

Duration: 00:59:35

EP9: Light Is The New Black With Rebecca Campbell

On this episode of Spirit Talks For The 5th Dimension, I interview Rebecca Campbell, Hay House Author or Light Is The New Black and Rise Sister Rise about her journey and the messages she has to share with the collective of light workers who have come forward at this very powerful point in time! We talk about finding purpose, Why it's so important to share your light NOW, How to move past persecution/judgement and so much more!

Duration: 01:00:57

EP8: Following Your Soul's Purpose With Niamh Cronin

Niamh and I share our experiences and journeys of hitting our personal rock bottoms in order to find our true purposes and highest paths of service and what we each share with our soul clients to help them live a life of sharing their purposes with the world

Duration: 00:59:50

EP7: Mother Earth Magic

Natalie Ross, Creator of Dream, Freedom, Beauty Description: In this episode Natalie and I talk about the magic of Mother Earth and how we can tune into her nurturing abundance while intergrating with the 5th Dimension & beyond, We also talk about conscious consumption / nutrition, Sacred Geometry and so much more!

Duration: 00:45:56

EP6: Communicating With The Universe

Mary Shores and I talk about how we can all utilise Conscious Communication with the universe to consistently manifest our reality... Realising that our words are like spells and we can either create MAGIC or 'curses' for ourselves, As well as how Conscious Communication is a huge part of the Quantum Leaping process. Listen now to hear many ways of which you can incorporate these techniques in your everyday life without having to spend hours meditating! Also some free gifts: Soul...

Duration: 01:04:06

EP5: Soul Mates and Love Consciousness' With Author, Speaker and Love Coach Persia Lawson

'In this show Persia and I talk about how we can experience multiple Soul Mate connections through each stage of our journey and how every relationship holds a purpose to see through love consciousness - As well as our story of each 'playing cupid' in the relationship between Mel Wells and Rick Williams .. A perfect example of how shifting patterns and embracing love consciousness connects us with our ultimate soul mates along our highest paths!'

Duration: 01:02:42

EP4: Working With Spirit

Tarry Slade and I are both Clairvoyant's, Guiding Soul's into their highest purpose by working with Spirit, In this show we share how we work with our Spirit Guides, Angels and Cosmic Beings as well as different experiences and mastering empathy!

Duration: 00:55:54

EP3: Unblocking The Subconscious Mind With Dr. Of Divinity, Erin Fall Haskell

Erin and I share the 4 steps to unblocking the Subconscious mind so we can align with our true divinity

Duration: 00:46:48

EP2: Soul Alignment & Embodiment with Guest Niyc Pidgeon,

Hay House Author & Global Success Coach - In this show Niyc and I talk about how essential Soul Alignment & Embodiment is to manifest success. As well as realising that our Soul's hold all of the wisdom required to achieve our highest vision!

Duration: 00:40:23

EP1::Growing up as a Clairvoyant

In this first show of Spirit Talks For The 5th Dimension, I share my journey of growing up with intuitive gifts, seeing beyond this physical dimension and how I developed my gifts to become a Global Clairvoyant!

Duration: 00:45:02