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Welcome to Spiritual Energy Dynamics, a new paradigm on human consciousness! In this series of podcasts and live radio programs, Robert Tumm, Founder of Spiritual Energy Dynamics, will be introducing you to some new and exciting perspectives on metaphysics, the human energy field, spiritual energies, and the world of entities, channeling, Angels and Ascended Masters, and much more. His programs will include in-depth discussions on expanded consciousness and interesting facts on what ascension is all about. If you are interested in learning more about how to take the "guesswork" out of intuitive information, tune-in and discover an empowering world of a measurable road-map to higher consciousness and the associated planes of vibration. You will find Robert's programs very informative, stimulating, and though-provoking. Included in these podcasts will be an introduction to Spiritual Energy Dynamics - "Managing Your Spiritual Energies", where Robert and select guest speakers, will share with you step-by-step protocols that will empower you with the basic skills to help you protect, clear, and optimize your chakras, and entire energy field. This aspect of the Spiritual Energy Dynamics program is known as "spiritual hygiene", which includes important steps you can take to maintain and sustain your own energy field configuration and alignments. Are you ready for some enlightening discussions, stories, and interaction with guests and callers on the subject of channeling, mediumship, ghosts, discordant energies, and unwanted interference like spells and curses? Robert will help clarify fact from fiction, myths from quantifiable, measurable, verifiable information. In this subjective world of metaphysics today there is much misinformation, deception, and unverifiable perspectives, as well as many ineffective and even harmful practices by methods and individuals not qualified to work on anyone else. Robert will help you sort through this, answer your questions as it pertains to spiritual energies, and help introduce you to a road-map for a clear and healthy energy field and measurable "yardstick" to expanded consciousness.