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Episode 074: Creating & Establishing Healthy Boundaries with Erin McDonald

In this episode, Devi chats with Erin McDonald about Creating and Establishing Healthy Boundaries in your life and business as a spiritual entrepreneur. Erin is an international life and business coach, obsessed with transformation - both her own and that of her incredible clients. She has a course called “6 Weeks to Better Boundaries” and she shares some of her expert boundary advice with us in this episode. Devi and Erin discuss: and more… Connect with Erin on her website @...

Duration: 00:45:26

Episode 073: Creating Wealth & Attracting Clients Automatically with Jeanna Gabellini

In this episode, Devi chats with Jeanna Gabellini about creating wealth and attracting clients automatically. Jeanna is a Master Business Coach who makes it effortless and exciting for spiritual entrepreneurs to attract all the clients they want without doing more, working more, or marketing more. Devi and Jeanna discuss: and more… More about Jeanna: Leveraging attraction-based principles, revolutionary mindset strategies, and over 20 years of business success, Jeanna has helped...

Duration: 00:36:54

Episode 072: Lifestyle Solopreneurship for the Spiritual Entrepreneur with Flavia Berys

In this episode, Devi chats with Flavia Berys about Lifestyle Solopreneurship for the Spiritual Entrepreneur. Flavia is the host of the Lifestyle Solopreneur Podcast, an attorney, law professor, author, real estate investor, and founder of several online academies. During this conversation, Flavia shares powerful tools, mindset shifts, and tactical insights that will help you to be highly successful in creating your lifestyle business, as a Spiritual Entrepreneur. Devi and Flavia...

Duration: 00:44:08

Secrets to How the Law of Attraction REALLY Works with Eva Gregory

In this episode, Devi chats with Eva Gregory about How the Law of Attraction Really Works. Eva shares her story of how she completely turned her company around and generated a highly profitable corporate buyout, using these very same principles that you will learn in this episode. This episode is chock-full of great practices, tips, and mastery level information on how to use the law of attraction in your life & business, how to master your mindset, and how to access your inner guidance to...

Duration: 01:00:46

Episode 070: How to Effect Change in Our World

(Devi Download) How to Effect Change in Our World: If you are dealing with something in your life that is challenging you or you are looking at recent events in our world and feeling like you want to do something to help out spiritually (not talking politics here) then this episode is for you! We talk about what you can do to effect change in your own life and for our world through your own spiritual practice. Remember, whatever the circumstance, whatever the situation, you DO have the...

Duration: 00:09:57

Episode 069: Fit To Lead - The New Model of Fitness with Holley Mignosi

In this episode, Devi chats with Holley Mignosi about being “fit to lead” - the New Model of Fitness. Holley is on a mission to guide female Speakers, Entrepreneurs, and Thought Leaders to Lose Weight and Fall in Love with their Dream Body, by mastering proven Transformational Techniques and Releasing Hidden Habits that hold them back so that they feel Fit To Lead with Passion, Purpose, and Charisma on Command for all of life's stages. In this episode, Devi and Holley chat about: and...

Duration: 01:01:23

Episode 068: Jumpstarting Your Life & Business with Michael Gebben

In this episode, Devi chats with Michael Gebben. Michael is a JUMPstarter for LIFE! Michael LOVES to use the analogy of a car with a dead battery - all it needs is a little Jumpstart & off it goes. He does that for people! It’s his passion to help people LIVE LIFE to the FULLEST and get up every day full of energy getting to do what they LOVE! Devi and Michael discuss: More about Michael Gebben: Michael’s goal is to get YOU RESULTS much faster from all the Experience he’s gained, like...

Duration: 01:04:17

Episode 067: Evaluating Your Values

(Devi Download) Evaluating Your Values. In this episode, Devi presences the importance evaluating your values in your life & business as a Spiritual Entrepreneur. You'll often hear of evaluating the value of a company or enterprise, but when was the last time that you evaluated your values? Your values and how you speak to and align with your clients values will greatly effect the market value of your company. Resources Mentioned in this episode: Dr Demartini’s Episode: ...

Duration: 00:11:04

Episode 066: Early Female Spiritual Entrepreneurship & Raising Sensitive Children with Charlie Adams

In this episode, Devi chats with Charlie Adams about her experience creating a business during the early days of female spiritual entrepreneurship and raising sensitive children. Charlie was one of the very early female spiritual entrepreneur trailblazers. She created a Virtual Assistant business in the 1980s before VAs were a thing. Charlie ran her own business for over 25 years and helped other aspiring entrepreneurs to set up their own home based businesses. During her...

Duration: 01:01:04

Episode 065: Evolve Your Consciousness with Dr John Demartini

In this episode, Devi and Dr John Demartini share a conversation that will evolve your consciousness. Dr Demartini is a world renowned specialist in human behavior, a researcher, author and global educator. He provides so many profound insights in this interview, including discussion around: And so much more… Resources Mentioned: The Time Trap by Alec Mackenzie (https://www.amazon.ca/Time-Trap-Classic-Book-Management/dp/toc/0814413382) The Values Factor by Dr John Demartini...

Duration: 00:49:58

Episode 064: Billionaire Parenting with Stéphane Provencher & Jennifer Luc

In this episode, Devi chats with Dr. Stéphane Provencher & Jennifer Luc about Billionaire Parenting. According to Dr. S and Jenn, “Every child is born a billionaire. They are born with 100 billion brain cells. It is the goal of every parent to raise their child the best they can. Part of the upbringing should include finding strategies that will fully develop all of those brain cells. When done correctly their child will be able to meet their full physical, emotional, mental and soul’s...

Duration: 00:58:30

Episode 063: Humanitarian Photojournalism with Jacob Foko

In this episode, Devi chats with Jacob Foko about the path of Humanitarian Photojournalism. Jacob Foko, Prince of the Baleng in West regional part of Cameroon, Africa, is an award-winning photojournalist, experienced multimedia producer, and passionate humanitarian. Devi & Jacob discuss: Humanitarian Photojournalism definedThe “University of Life”What Jacob learned when doing the project of “Hundred Faces of Poverty”Giving a voice to the story of those who do not have a voice in...

Duration: 00:54:07

Episode 062: The Cycle of Triumph and Tragedy & One Timing Your Business with Tina Mitchell


Duration: 00:45:26

Episode 061: Leaving a Legacy

(Devi Download) Leaving a Legacy. In this episode, Devi presences the importance of consciously choosing the legacy that we plan to leave through our work as spiritual entrepreneurs. We'd love to hear about your egacy! Please hop over to Facebook and tell us about the legacy that you plan to leave in the comments section of our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/spiritualentrepreneurpodcast You are invited to join us for the Uplevel Challenge! Go to: UpLevelChallenge.com and...

Duration: 00:07:05