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Prasann demystifies and explains new Scientific and Spiritual topics in a simple, easy to understand way that is unique and surprisingly fun. You’ll discover how the practical principles related to these complex subjects are actually easy to apply in daily life, making the overall goal of life- transformation easy to accomplish. With Prasann’s step-by-step approach, you’ll find how a supposedly “heavy” topic becomes “light” without losing any of its essence. Join the newest, most exciting and dynamic expert in the field of bridging Science and Spirituality and in the “new” genre of Self-Empowerment. A Spiritual Renaissance is truly on its way!




Spiritual Renaissance – “Have, do, or be anything”……with the help of Ghosts

Can you really tap the power of the “unseen world” of the Supernatural, Paranormal or the Metaphysical? And use that power to create the life of your dreams? This Halloween Special show clearly explains how and why ghosts (or Earth-bound spirits) are real, and NDEs (and other such “spooky” or “mysterious” phenomena) prove the existence of an infinitely powerful soul.… Read more about this episode...

Spiritual Renaissance – The “Can’t Miss” Last Two of the Nine Simple Steps

So far, we have covered seven of the nine simple steps to success in all areas of life; namely, financial, physical, relational, mental, emotional and spiritual. For the remaining two steps, tune in to this show. You will learn things that you will not have heard anywhere else; and some things may have seemed obvious to you, but you may… Read more about this episode...

Spiritual Renaissance – Can you “see” yourself as already “there?”

One of the “magical” elements of being able to manifest true success is the ability to Visualize the end-result before it has happened. Perceive with ALL your senses how, exactly, it would be to be in the time, place and situation that you would like to create. And, then, actually “feel” the feelings that you would feel, if you were… Read more about this episode...

Spiritual Renaissance – Do you truly deserve what you want?

(Hint: Yes, yes, yes, raised to the nth degree!!!) Okay, so there must be no doubt in your mind that you do, in fact, deserve whatever it is that your heart desires after what I just said. But the question is, do your really BELIEVE that to be true? Meaning, do you truly believe that you do deserve, and are… Read more about this episode...

Spiritual Renaissance – Are you “obsessed” with success?

If not, maybe you may want to be!! I know that this may not be something you have heard before, but it is one of the Nine Simple Steps to real success. The word does have a negative connotation, normally, but here, in the context of creating a life of your dreams, it means “dedication,” or a “burning desire” to… Read more about this episode...

Spiritual Renaissance – Nine Simple Steps to Success in All Areas of Life

Learn the EASY and SIMPLE steps that you can start taking NOW to create the life of your dreams in all areas of life. These are very easy to understand and also very easy to implement ideas that will start to change your life instantly! You will hear things that you don’t normally hear from other “experts” and “gurus.” And… Read more about this episode...

Spiritual Renaissance – Want ALL your wishes fulfilled?

We all would want to create and lead the life of our dreams. And I KNOW that you want to do it very easily. Well, listen to this show to find out exactly what to do so that you can create health, wealth and happiness. You will learn how to manifest ANYTHING that you want! Members of Spiritual Renaissance are… Read more about this episode...

Spiritual Renaissance – You might see her on Oprah’s Network (OWN) soon!!!

Who is my amazing guest on this show? The wonderful creator and publisher of an empowering national magazine entitled Equanimity — Ms. Lumbie Mlambo! AND she is also the creator of an upcoming new TV show, Your Life Balance, which, quite possibly, may find its way onto the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network)! The Magazine and the Show are unlike… Read more about this episode...

Spiritual Renaissance – Scientific Proof of God’s Existence?

What would the scientific proof or evidence of God’s existence mean for us? Why would we care if God really does exist? Well, the implications are mind-blowing, aren’t they? They open the doors to the creation of a life of our dreams in ALL areas of life, whether it may be financial abundance or prosperity, harmonious relationships, great health and… Read more about this episode...

Spiritual Renaissance – Meditate, don’t medicate!

Well, medicate to heal your body, but meditate to not only heal your soul, but to rejuvenate it, and then create the life of your dreams! But you do have to know, first, what meditation is, right? So, this amazing show will share with you WHAT meditation is, HOW to do it, and WHY to do it!! Also, we will… Read more about this episode...

Spiritual Renaissance – ETs: Our Ancestors? Ancient Aliens star, Giorgio Ts

Is there hard, physical evidence that proves that we have, in fact, been visited by extra-terrestrials, throughout the history of humanity? And is it a real possibility that we (i.e., the human life on planet Earth) may have been “seeded” by aliens? What if our TRUE origin was Extra-Terrestrial? Is there scientific and objective evidence, and even proof of these… Read more about this episode...

Spiritual Renaissance – Discussing the practical implications of the “Consc

There IS a shift in human consciousness currently underway! This, of course, is THE Spiritual Renaissance, as I call it, and even have entitled my show after this very phenomenon! Listen to an amazing interview of Michael Vara, host of the hit radio talk show, Late Night in the Midlands. His story about his three OBEs (Out-of-body experiences) will give… Read more about this episode...

Spiritual Renaissance – Putting the “practical” back into “Practical Spirit

What is spirituality if not practical? Exactly like science, spirituality is also beneficial, useful and totally practical! Find out how to become an UNLIMITED being, manifest positive change EASILY, create WEALTH & POWER, and learn what a scientist is saying about GOD’s existence! Also, get an EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of future guests and the topics that they will cover, and the… Read more about this episode...

Spiritual Renaissance – God=…………mc2? (What does THAT even mean?)

Why would ANYONE care about what God is equal to? That is, IF “God” IS, at all? In other words, if God even exists! And how would God be equal to one side of Einstein’s world-famous equation? And ultimately, what does that mean to YOU? Well, if you want to have ALL your “wishes” fulfilled, “requests” granted, or “prayers” answered,… Read more about this episode...

Spiritual Renaissance – “Electrify” your life to attract power and financia

Do you want to “electrify” your life, and attract personal power and wealth into it? Then you have to hear what the author of Electric Living, and the publisher of the aptly named Get Money magazine, Kolie Crutcher, has to say on the show. He shares how the science and the formula of regular electric current, the kind that powers… Read more about this episode...

Spiritual Renaissance – Are you TRULY limitless? Dr. Lynn Sereda says “Abso

Like the upcoming movie, Limitless, what if you could use 100% of your brain, 100% of the time? (Oh, and you wouldn’t need to “pop any pills” to keep doing that!) How would that be? Would you truly become limitless? Find out how and why you (your spirit, that is), AND your brain have unlimited power! Want to learn how… Read more about this episode...

Spiritual Renaissance – Is your “ship” of relations “sinking?”

Holes in the hull? Rudder busted? Sails torn? No worries; shipmate! Keep your RelationShip on the right course and sailing rapidly and with ease in the direction of its destination! This Valentine’s Day and going forward, learn how to manifest or improve that juicy romantic relationship! Also, do you want more money? You want to be more attractive? Then, you… Read more about this episode...

Spiritual Renaissance – Make the permanent POSITIVE changes in the New Year

Do you want THIS year to be the happiest, most prosperous and the healthiest year……EVER? Do you want to actually KEEP all of your New Years’ Resolutions? Do you want to make those permanent POSITIVE changes, once and for all? Then you cannot afford to miss out on the first show 2011!!! Plus, you will hear about a very special… Read more about this episode...

Spiritual Renaissance – An AMAZING interview with Mr. Universe! (Mike Doole

Mike Dooley! Of The Secret fame! On this edition of Spiritual Renaissance! Need I say more? Maybe I don’t NEED to say more, but I will say it anyway. The Universe “commands” you to join us to listen to this show because it will help you manifest change….very, very easily! Well, it is more of a “request” than a “command,”… Read more about this episode...

Spiritual Renaissance – Interview with a thorough Scientist AND Spiritualis

This show is very special! It features my FIRST guest! A thorough and total Scientist (an M.D. and PhD), and also a thorough and total Spiritualist, Dr. Vipul Chitalia, joins us on this show! You won’t want to miss what a scientist is saying about spirituality, God, religion, and of course, science! Dr. Chitalia also shares with us something unique… Read more about this episode...
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