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Twentieth Episode - Silent Protests, Gun Control, Schezwan Sauce, and Boneless Debating

In this episode, we speak on our genetics, how to safely gratata, how Rick and Morty fans are tweaking, and we almost come to blows over the bone-in or boneless chicken debate (again). Intro/Outro: Aruarian Dance - Nujabes Divine Intervention - Taylor Gray: https://goo.gl/c2kvUF

Duration: 01:06:46

Nineteenth Episode - iPhones, Public Urination, Gamers, and Equifax

In this episode, we bring up Mother Nature, bogus ass tickets, how we're both members of the #UncutCrew, and the goofy aspects of gaming culture. Intro/Outro: Stay Woke - DXTR Spits featuring Aya https://soundcloud.com/dxtrspits 23:39 - Black Man Yelling At Cop video https://goo.gl/ULpPfS 40:11 - PewDiePie Wildin' video https://goo.gl/pY9v3s

Duration: 01:01:09

Eighteenth Episode - Boxing, Looting, Taylor Swift, and Dragons

In this episode, we speak on the match, some of the recent natural disasters, and we talk Game Of Thrones for a bit. If you aren't caught up, you might want to pause this shit at the 54:36 mark. Nobody can ever say we're inconsiderate. Intro/Outro: 16 Candles - Pritty https://soundcloud.com/prittyprittyy Donations: www.charitynavigator.org Find a way to donate that works for you. Also, if you're in Chicago, feel free to donate things in person at: Rockstar Barbershop 1834 S. Ashland Ave...

Duration: 01:09:25

Seventeenth Episode - Nazis, Trolling, Dad Sneakers, and Thigh Jobs

We're back, and in this episode we cover the dangers of moving, how trolling can get you fucked up, and why people purchase dumb shit. This episode comes with an announcement, however. We finally have a site. Check out kingkongdon-, uh, spitsessions.com. If you have suggestions, we're all ears, or fingers seeing as how typing plays a huge part in this. Intro/Outro: Spirit Guide - DOM CHRONICLES https://soundcloud.com/domchronicles 14:56 - Scared White Supremacist video https://goo.gl/YhDRGi

Duration: 00:59:25

Sixteenth Episode - Herpes, Police, Amusement Parks, and Tipping

We're back on our bullshit. In this episode, we speak on sexually transmitted infections, personal run ins with law enforcement, and how you need your ass beat if you're wildin' in restaurants. Intro/Outro: Take The Nite Off - Myke Bogan ft. Blossom https://soundcloud.com/mykebogan

Duration: 01:10:08

Fifteenth Episode - Jay Z, Seasoning, Consent, and Shooting The Club Up

We aren't talking about shooting up an actual venue. Please don't call the proper authorities. Intro/Outro: Some Cut - Trillville (Instrumental)

Duration: 01:02:00

Thirteenth Episode - Rompers, LaVar Ball, Miley Cyrus, and Footjobs

In this episode, we discuss the dangers of childhood stardom, working retail, and fighting kangaroos. Intro/Outro: Divine Intervention - Taylor Gray https://soundcloud.com/officialtaylorgray

Duration: 01:11:08

Twelfth Episode - Fyre Festival, Shea Moisture, Chicken Spines, and Mario Tubes

We're rarely at a loss for words, but you guys asked us some wild ass questions this time around. Intro/Outro: Sirius - Jaime "Jayem" Moreno ft. Deja Vois https://soundcloud.com/cvojayem

Duration: 01:06:34

Eleventh Episode - Xylophones, Dave Chappelle, Video Game Head, and Mental Illness

In this episode we discuss the etiquette involved when hosting while owning a xylophone, along with many other super important things. We also get serious for a moment and speak on mental illness and the struggles involved. We're all on this rock together, so the least we can do is be good to one another while we're here. The National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 Intro/Outro: Kolors - Monte Booker feat. Smino

Duration: 01:06:59

Tenth Episode - More Rachel Dolezal, Mumble Rap, Boning Bad People, and Getting Catfished

Never posted back to back before, but we couldn't wait for this one. We take a step back from the ass references and answer a few questions. Intro/Outro: Melanin Man - Brasstracks (feat. Masego)

Duration: 01:05:24

Ninth Episode - The Johnsons, Moonlight, Ultimate Handjobs, and Get Out (Spoilers Up In This Bitch)

We gave you ample time to watch these, we ain't trying to hear that shit. Intro/Outro: Crew - Goldlink

Duration: 01:09:37

Eighth and a Half Episode (Bonus) - Delancey Does Toronto (feat. @MR_STiXX and @asiafiasco_)

Taking things out of Chicago for the first time, Delancey recounts his adventures in our sister city of Toronto. This episode features Jordan Hayles (@MR_STiXX) and a little of Charlene (@asiafiasco_), both natives of the city. "Poutine" still sounds like a nickname for vagina. Learning Toronto Slang/Phrases video: https://youtu.be/Kn40Cf4MA9Q Gentrified soca: https://twitter.com/asiafiasco_/status/840998644589436930 Intro/Outro: Ultimate Rejects - Full Extreme

Duration: 00:55:22

Eighth Episode - Cheating, Closure, Masculinity, and Smoking Crack

In this episode, we have a lengthy discussion about why Delancey should or should not smoke crack as we record. Intro/Outro: Kari Faux - "No Small Talk"

Duration: 01:10:10

Seventh Episode - Beyonce, Nudes, @GunOil, and Pineapple Pizza

In this episode, we discuss many things, including dangers of chafing and too much friction. There's a reason for this. We've been talking to some of the good folk at GunOil, and they've volunteered some of their products as tribute to our lucky listeners, so here's what all 5 of you can do to get your hands on them. Like the "Spit Sessions" Facebook page and follow the Twitter account, then share or tweet an episode. It's as simple as that. It's your duty to please that booty, and it...

Duration: 01:10:57

Fifth Episode - Childish Gambino, Kinks, Creampies, and Chance The Rapper

This episode is late due to a combination of a busy holiday season and CPT.

Duration: 00:52:48

Fourth Episode - Nick Cannon Fan Intervention, Gentrification, Gay For Pay, and Popeyes Biscuits

We're using the description of this episode to issue a fisticuffs challenge to anyone willing to defend Silkk The Shocker. 22:08 - Mase https://goo.gl/qPQweI 22:18 - Keith Murray https://goo.gl/tKDW74 22:38 - Silkk The Shocker (not posting a link because bad) 27:26 - http://imgur.com/a/aw5nZ Candyman - https://goo.gl/aZNcyj

Duration: 01:02:29

Third Episode - Politics, Pro-Wrestling, Legalizing Cocaine, and Lane Staying

This took a while, but I mean, hey. This is our take on how everything went down, we tossed a few genital references in to keep it lighthearted. We're quite the humanitarians sometimes. Intro/Outro: Feelin' On Yo' Booty - R. Kelly (Instrumental)

Duration: 01:02:08

Second Episode - Cubs, Ethnic Identity, Stereotypes, and Public Fellatio

This episode is coming in a few days late due to... A: The results of the presidential election. (we needed a day or two to recover) And B: Technical difficulties.

Duration: 00:53:17