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The new world is emerging and people are beginning to wake up to the higher frequency of their existence. Carlie and Maria talk through many strange and wonderful aspects of life and beyond that may have been forgotten in the everyday. If you have an interest in energy, past life regressions, improving mental and physical well being and connecting with the subconscious, this is the podcast for you. There is so much information available to you and we want to narrow some of the big questions down in a very encouraging way. No question is too ridiculous, so please join this very important conversation as we connect on a spiritual level.




Interpreting your dreams, Podcast episode 26

We all dream, but a lot of us have trouble remembering the amazing lands we travel to. Today we are talking about interpreting your dreams and what you can learn from them. There are a lot of explanations for the things that you see in your dreams and these have been written down in countless […]

Tantric Love, podcast episode 24

Tantric Love has roots in ancient Hinduism and relates to connecting deeply with a partner on an energetic level. Before you think that this is all about sex, have a listen and learn how Maria explains the intimacies related to tantric love. How do you begin tantric love? There is a feeling that begins the […]

Capturing energy and keeping it! Podcast episode 23

This is a topic that may be relevant to many of you because it centres around capturing energy and keeping it for good! Like most things that you discover, you may be excited in the beginning but you need to keep a regular practice going. There are lots of energies floating around us at any given […]

Sensing History with Energy: Hever Castle, Podcast episode 22

Today we are sensing history using our psychic powers! Maria and I visited Hever Castle just outside of London and used energy to read the rooms. It is an interesting concept to feel the energy of a historical place and it adds a different dimension to the placards of information lining the rooms. You are more likely […]

Why should you Yoga? Podcast Episode 21

Why Yoga? This is something that I have grappled with for the past couple of years now. On the one hand, walking into a studio filled with toned and flexible women is super intimidating and on the other, without it, my stress is unmanageable. I don’t know about you but I defintely found yoga (reluctantly) when […]

Live Tree Talk in London: Episode 20 Podcast

A few weeks ago, Maria and I had the pleasure of speaking at a live tree talk in London. It was part of our friends’ initiative, The Tree Project. It was an amazing experience and one that I am excited to share with you here on the podcast. The Pre-text It was a drizzly and […]

Find your Psychic Powers: Podcast Episode 19

This is a special episode indeed; we are learning how to unlock psychic powers and you are invited! Maria and I believe wholeheartedly that you have psychic abilities and it is absolutely time for you to find out what they are. You may already have abilities from childhood; perhaps you have seen spirits or had […]

Tree Healing: Podcast Episode 18

I am excited to discuss our branched brothers with you in this Tree Healing podcast. Most of us are surrounded by trees yet we forget that they are a great source of wisdom, healing and comfort. This old knowledge is infinite in source and is just waiting to be shared with you. We will talk […]

Self-Love: Podcast Episode 17

Today we are practicing self-love and we want to share it with you! This episode is just in time for Valentine’s Day and is all about loving yourself. We know that it can be really difficult to find strength when you are going through tough times. We are all entitled to experience in our own […]

Podcast Episode 16: Aliens and other life forms

Today Maria is speaking with us about past life regressions and the many different forms she has met in her clients' regressions. I ask a few questions about alien life forms to see what they are trying to teach us humans...Exciting stuff! To book a past life regression with Maria, click here

Podcast Episode 15: Reiki and other healing (special guest)

Today we have the pleasure of speaking again to the magical, Alexandra Swan; Reflexologist, Reiki Master and all round magical healer. Alexandra is sharing with us her other healing modalities of Reiki including; Holy Fire and Karuna. We also get to hear about some more unusual experiences that Alexandra offers such as Reconnective Healing, Life Activation and Ensofic Ray Healing. Tune in and learn more about the path to higher consciousness today. To book in with Alexandra, please visit...

Podcast Episode 14: Reflexology (special guest)

Today we speak with the extremely talented and gorgeous being, Alexandra Swan; Reflexologist, Reiki Master and all round magical healer. Alexandra sheds light on a somewhat underrated therapy, reflexology and it's profound properties for healing. Reflexology is an ancient technique involving 10 channels that run vertically through the body. These channels can be accessed through different points in the feet and massaged to release tension in other areas. Alexandra speaks about using the...

Podcast Episode 13: Pandora Star Experience

Today is all about a profound light healing experience that Maria and I had a couple of weeks ago. Pandora Star is a Deep trance Meditation machine that was developed by Jimi Simpson and Todd Acamesis. Todd is also the owner of PandoraSpa in London where we shared the expereince. Without getting all technical on you, the machine has a round face with 12 LEDs arranged in a star-shape. These LEDs produce ‘stoboscopic sequenced light patterns that produce deep frequency entrainment for the...

Podcast Episode 12: Rainbow Meditation

It is our 12th episode today at that means we have been making the podcast for 3 months now! Thank you so much if you have found us on your spiritual journey and we hope we have been answering some of the questions you may have. To thank you for your loyalty, we would like to give you a FREE rainbow meditation. This will help you connect with the powerful healing qualities of colour and find peace. These Unicorn Pictures may be useful to focus on when doing the meditation:

Podcast Episode 11: Sensing Food For A Healthier You

Today's podcast is all about using intuition to choose food that will work harmoniously with your body in order to heal and nourish your physical and spiritual self. Maria and I visit a local fruit shop to sense the produce and bring home a few select 'friends' for a psychic challenge. We sense the fruit and vegetables live on the podcast in order to convey the messages they have for us and teach you how to do the same! Special Bonus Sense: Maria tries a blind challenge where she senses an...

Podcast Episode 10: Energy Hand Reading On Air!

To mark a very special tenth episode of Spiritual Apprentice Podcast, Maria is giving an energy hand reading live on the air! We connect with good friend of the show and spiritual newbie Ebony in order to introduce her to some magic and encourage others to discover their internal gifts and strengths. This is a very special episode and we would like to thank our listeners for giving us the opportunity to talk about the important topics of life! Disclaimer: Hand Reading was recorded live and...

Podcast Episode 9: Sound Energy with special guest, Ivelina

Hello dear listeners and welcome to another exciting episode of Spiritual Apprentice with Carlie and Maria. Today we are joined by a very special guest, in fact our first guest to appear on the show- our dear friend Ivelina! Ivelina is an interdisciplinary artist that uses mediums of theatre, performance art and sound in her work. Join us as we chat about sound performance for healing, the art of catharsis and some other excellent chat topics. See a snip from Ivelina's collaborative...

Podcast Episode 8: Crystal Healing

Welcome to another weekly episode beautiful beings where we are exploring all things weird, wonderful and powerfully healing! This week we are talking about crystals and all things they are and can give us. Come on a journey as Maria tells you how you can connect with crystals from the point of choosing to mediating and healing. We will then do a blind crystal reading with Maria to see if she can accurately sense any messages the crystals may have for us. Crystals from Maria's reading:

Podcast Episode 7: Past Life Relationships

This episode will interest a lot of people out there today I think. We are delving into the relationships of those who you have known in past lives. There are people in your life that you have potentially known for many lifetimes in different capacities and forms. Agreements are made between lifetimes as energies plan to try out new scenarios and adventures together in the next life. It sounds all very abstract but at the same time, is it not something that makes sense for those people...

Podcast Episode 6: The Energy of Colour

Colour! It’s something that we all have an opinion on, whether it’s in relation to the clothes we wear, the car we drive or the walls we paint, colour has a profound influence on a lot of us. Colour is light of different wavelengths and each colour has it’s own particular wavelength and energy associated to it. Today we are speaking about how colour effects our energy and how we can't literally 'eat' more colour to fill our souls! It's an exciting topic and I have added some links below...
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