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Podcast Splitting Hairz reveals the unique bond between hairstylist and client. While doing hair serves as the stage for Chicago's fearless innovators, we set out to "create noise" about all the formidable projects going down here in Chicago. More importantly the creative people behind them. Folks from all walks of life come to Chicago Uptown Stylist Maureen Mae for great hair and transformation. She sets the tone allowing people to feel comfortable sharing there stories and life experiences, and in this process we learn about what Chicago folks are up to. Why not hear these stories from "behind the chair."






Ep 7: Where Art Thou Romeo

Bayley Pokorny is Director of photography and film maker from Behind the Scenes: Chicago Fire, travels the world with his camera when he's not working in production. He captivates us with his transfixing smile, charming demeanor, and wild stories about barracudas and freshwater dolphins in the Amazon. Did he just say Amazon?

Duration: 01:04:01

Ep 4: Nail It Before You Scale It

Anthony is a journalist who drives for Lyft, bringing you his passengers' stories and opinions. He left his gig at NBC to do podcast Back Seat Rider. Much like Splitting Hairz, it is a snapshot of cultural anthropology.

Duration: 00:21:08

Ep 5 Seeso Lets It All Hang Out

Seeso has been performing on stage and playing music for over two decades. He captivates youtubers playing his Ukulele and brings his charm to the stage with theatrical performance, and rocking out with numerous music projects. When times of trouble visit, Seeso shares with wit and a sense of humor, his experiences with fighting colon cancer, and how he still has a positive outlook. That would be hard for many and this is a story to inspire anyone struggling with life troubles. Check out...

Duration: 00:19:27

EP 4: I'm Just Saying

Once in a great while you meet a person who tramples definition and obliterates cultural boundaries. Janis Joplin, Cyndi Lauper and Tom Waits are examples of iconic characters who have enthralled people with their raw authenticity. In this episode, Splitting Hairz welcomes firestorm of wit, humor and socio-political perspective...Gypsy. Her no holds barred, unapologetic persona will command your attention and have you laughing and crying at the same time.

Duration: 00:30:33

Ep 3: The Metal Chef

Private Chef and Culinary coach brings a yummy perspective to Splitting Hairz. Frank gets a snazzy look for his Grand Opening of restaurant Baderbrau April 25th and MAC & Cheese Waffle segment on WGN April 28, in exchange for some good eats and pop up cooking demo. He even brings the perfect brew to wash it down. You won't want to miss the video version of this episode! Prepare your pallet...Cheers Chicago.

Duration: 00:41:36

Ep 2: The Dapper Social Vigilante

Nicolas Sarantos enters a room like a juggernaut of reason and socio-political perspective. Nicolas is a man of his time pushing for justice and a laugh through his comedic approach to loaded topics and motivated by his ache to seek and share the truth. Host Maureen Mae uses her revered haircutting chops, and keen eye for style to transforms this Modern day Carnival Barker into a dapper Man.

Duration: 01:11:43

Ep 1: The Mod New Moon

Chicago entertainer Katherine Ciecko shares some of her unusual performance art specialties as well as interesting facts about celestial activity. She asks for a "Mod" haircut, so Host Maureen Mae gives her just that.

Duration: 00:47:54