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Slasher Stories | No Homophones

Original Story: No Homphones by Umbrello Music by Myuu EXCERPT My ears caught fire. The way she said "kernel", it just had to be her. She kept saying it over and over as if she were mocking me—laughing and joking with the cashier about "a kernel here" and "a kernel there". Apparently, she thought she was funny. Something inside me snapped and all I could think about was how to wipe that stupid grin off her face.

Duration: 00:19:12

Scary Children Stories | Dog Children by Umbrello

Original Story Music by Myuu EXCERPT Finally, I got a little testy. All that walking in the heat had already worn me down, and now these kids were poking at a beehive. "You listen here. What would your parents say if they saw you being so rude? Why don't you take off those masks and act like children, not dogs." The kids started to yip louder, then transitioned to woofs, followed by short barks. "Stop that. Where are your parents? I have car trouble and I need an adult right away!" The...

Duration: 00:24:00

Scary StoriesThere's Something Wrong with the Basement

Original Story Music/sound by Dr. Creepen Intro and ending music by Myuu Be careful when buying a home for something might be lurking in the basement, ready to take over your home or worse, your mind! A woman buys a house and ignores the warning by the previous owner that there is something in the basement. It isn't until people go missing when she realizes that the basement really is a place where dark things hide. EXCERPT: Her eyes were sunken, her hair was thin, and it seemed her skin had...

Duration: 00:09:27

Scary Cryptid Stories | Dark Woods Demon

Original Story Dark Woods Demon Story Music by Dr. Creepen Intro and Ending music by Myuu Excerpt Slowly, and cautiously he made his way toward the perceived salvation of his vehicle, silently praying every step of the way. With three hundred yards separating him from his only avenue of escape, Jacob began to hear heavy foot falls off to his left. He could hear the crunching of withered leaves, sticks and debris that littered the forest floor. Summoning every ounce of courage that remained...

Duration: 00:26:00

Skinwalker by Max Minton

For more details on this story visit Original Story Music by: Dr. Creepen Excerpt: "It banged around some more, but then it got quiet. Not silent, like it was before. We could hear it move around some, and the guys were talking, making sure the guns were ready. Someone hands me a pistol. No sooner did I cock the hammer back did we hear something shatter upstairs. Then we heard it screech again. 'cept now it was louder, and it didn't echo and fade out. Because it was...

Duration: 00:16:16

Scary Story Time | A Dog Named Grim

A Dog Named Grim A Creepypasta A kid meets an old man who lives near his new home. Puzzeled by the strange dog that was always unhappy unless someone was getting hurt, he asked about where the dog came from. Afterward, he was sorry he ever asked. Original Story: Music: Evil Surrounds Us by Dr. Creepen

Duration: 00:07:51

Scary Christmas Stories | The Ringer

More Original Story Music by Myuu A person accepts a gift from a stranger on Christmas only to find out that icould possibly make him insane. EXCERPT "Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring." I screamed as loud as I could, until I couldn't utter a sound with my voice. I began to inflict self-harm, trying to injure myself in any which way I possibly could, trying to will myself awake, so I could get away from this nightmare of bells, and the ringing.

Duration: 00:15:57

Scary Christmas Stories | A Christmas Feast

He didn't realize the he was not just the special guest, but he was the main course for Christmas dinner! Submit your own scary story at Original Story by Michael Whitehouse Music and horror ambience by I love telling scary stories on YouTube. Many are adlib, some are prewritten. Many are my own creation while some are in the public domain or I have written...

Duration: 00:21:15

Scary Christmas Stories | Santa Claws

Visit Scary Story Time. Original Story Music by Myuu "Evan still remembered his seventh Christmas Eve clearly, an evening that he, like most children, had been looking forward to for a long time. The next morning he would get up early and open all his presents, eager to see what surprises Santa had left him. Evan imagined the restless night ahead and thought, if he listened hard, he might be able to hear Santa come down the chimney. But this Christmas Eve didn't all go to plan. It wasn't...

Duration: 00:22:00

The Perfectly Behaved Boy | A Dark Christmas Tale by Creepy Thomas O.

Original Story Music by Myuu A little boy is visted by a special kind of being--one that looks like a man and grants all kinds of wishes for boys and girls who are both good and bad. This good little boy wished he hadn't wished at all because what happened that Christmas Eve is the worst of all nightmares! Excerpt I screamed aloud for my mother and father. To this day I still have no idea if they heard me. I wish I could tell you that I bravely ran out of my bedroom to warn them, but I...

Duration: 00:31:38

Santa's Other Workshop | A Creepypasta by KillaHawke1

Merry Christmas! Not all elves are good little present making creatures. Some can be very evil! Why even at Christmas time these elves can be very devious, even murderous! Music by Myuu

Duration: 00:18:16

Scary Christmas Stories | Occupied Chimney by Doom Vroom

For more scary stories, or to submit your own to be read, visit Original Story Music by Myuu Audrey's bedroom was only accessible from the living room, which was likewise the case for Johnnie's. The sound of footfalls on the roof came to an abrupt end, and upon her entering the living room, loud, repetitive thuds against the bricks in the chimney took their place. Nearly all sense of urgency left the woman as she realized that someone was stuck in her chimney. Were...

Duration: 00:11:50

Scary Christmas Stories | The Christmas Tree by Michael Whitehouse

Original Story Visit for more stories! What happens when a man's wife goes to cut down the annual Christmas tree with frighten you! "Then he saw it. Several metres away lying in the snow, was Janet's axe. He rushed over to the object, falling once as the snow deepened. Rising to his feet it was now unmistakeable. Yes, it was partially covered in snow, but it was Janet's axe all right. It lay there much like the footprints, isolated but with the absence of any human...

Duration: 00:28:21

Eyes in the Dark

The deep, black ocean. I’ve always been both fascinated and afraid of it. Fascinated in the way that I sometimes look things up about it and its creatures on Google or YouTube, afraid in the way that I never ever hope to be down there myself. I’m talking about the real depths here. I’ve snorkeled on vacation before, and I’ve dove before. That was no big deal. But those pitch black depths just scare me. Heck, swimming while I can’t see the bottom already unnerves me. And can you really...

Duration: 00:03:34

Scary Story Time | The Redwood Cabin

More Original Story Music by Myuu

Duration: 00:06:43

The Shadow in the Mirror

Original story Music by Myuu

Duration: 00:09:59

How to Get 10,000 Subscribers On YouTube by Spooky Boo

How do you get 10,000 subscribers on YouTube? You can do it the hard, long way and wait by releasing lots of content daily and using your SEO keyword tatics, or you can make a deal with the devil, or in this case Lou Zypher. Be careful who you make deals with online, it might be your last. She didn't know who was helping her, but the deal was too good to be true until people started dying all around in the news in places where this tech guru had been.

Duration: 00:12:54

The Thing in the Window | A Creepypasta

Original Story Music by Myuu At first I thought it was a prank, a doll or mannequin that some jerks put there to scare me. But I realized as I walked out of my house to pull it away... it wasn't there. I shrugged it off, thinking that someone had hidden it while I was walking through my door. But I went back in and looked out that same window, and it was looking in, staring at me... Visit for more stories told by Spooky Boo.

Duration: 00:04:19

The Old Elementary School | A Creepypasta

Original Story Music by Myuu An adult goes home to find an old school he used to visit with his friends only to realize that it was never really there.

Duration: 00:07:48

Our Haunted Thanksgiving

A beloved member of the family dies on Thanksgiving Day. The next year the family is haunted, but not by the aunt. No, by something much more sinister.

Duration: 00:10:18

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