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NBA All Star Game (2017)

Comedian and former Bulls fan Ryan Conner (@RCCOMEDY) joins the podcast to talk NBA. The crew breaks down the NBA All Star game and does an update on the current season including the fact that Kyrie Irving believes the earth is flat.

Duration: 01:06:29

NFL Week 17 Megapodcast (2016)

Sean and Ryan recap their week sixteen NFL plays and talk about the interesting week in the NFL. They are sticking with the megapodcast format and start the pod by giving out their week seventeen Draft Kings lineups. Then the guys get down to giving out all their week seventeen NFL picks including everyone's favorite #LOCKDOGTEASE.

Duration: 01:39:11

NFL Week 16 Megapodcast (2016)

Ryan and Sean recap their NFL week fifteen picks including cashing both their dogs and locks. The guys start off the podcast with their week sixteen Draft Kings lineups with the help of Christian Pina from The Hook Report. The guys then give out their week sixteen NFL picks and their #LOCKDOGTEASE. Lastly Billi Bhatti (@BilliBhatti) calls in from London to help analyze the NFL Divisional Prop Bets.

Duration: 01:59:33

NFL Week 15 Megapodcast (2016)

The guys double up the DFS and picks podcast starting off with some DFS talk and Sean complimenting himself for cashing $500 in the Millionaire Maker. Christian Pina from The Hook Report helps the guys give out the Draft Kings lineups for Week 15. Then Sean and Ryan give out all their Week 15 NFL picks while recapping an interesting Week 14.

Duration: 01:43:19

College Bowl Preview (2016)

The guys are joined by college football expert Colby Dant (@TheColbyD) to give out their gambling picks for every College Bowl game. The guys also still make time to touch on the NFL and make fun of Colby's Jets.

Duration: 01:25:39

NFL Week 14 Megapodcast (2016)

Sean and Ryan recap all the action from week thirteen and give out their week fourteen NFL picks. Plus since this is a mega-podcast they combine the DFS podcast with the help of Christian Pina from The Hook Report.

Duration: 02:01:54

NFL Week 13 (2016)

Sean and Ryan recap the extra long Thanksgiving weekend and give out their Week Thirteen NFL picks. The guys also enjoy an awesome original song from listener @MillerTwice.

Duration: 01:34:43

NFL Week 13 Fantasy #DFS (2016)

The guys give out their Week 13 Draft Kings lineup hit on some fantasy pickups and of course talk VAPING! Joining the crew as always is Christian Pina (@ChristianPina) from The Hook Report.

Duration: 00:33:18

Thanksgiving Megapod Week 12 DFS + Picks

The guys celebrate Thanksgiving with a mega-podcast combining their DFS and picks podcast into one! The guys give out their Draft Kings lineups with the help of Christian Pina (@ChristianPina) from The Hook Report. Then a week 11 ATS recap before giving out their #LOCKDOGTEASE for week 12.

Duration: 01:39:14

NFL Week 11

The guys break down their week ten predictions and give out their week eleven picks. Sean continues to tout his impressive record and even calls out Ryan for having a worse record than Buddy the dog. Sean is going to the Seahawks vs Eagles game in Seattle and guess who he thinks will cover? The guys debate Jared Goff's impact and whether the Giants will win the Super Bowl. What's happened to the Cardinals and the Panthers?

Duration: 01:25:46

NFL Week 11 Fantasy #DFS

The guys give out their Week 11 Draft King lineups and talk about who they like from the waiver wire. Joining the gang as always is Christian Pina (@ChristianPina) from The Hook Report.

Duration: 00:31:13

UFC 205, Trump Gambling And NFL Futures

Rich Slaton (@MMAComic) from The University Of MMA calls into the podcast to give out picks for UFC 205 and of course mock Sean for the way he pronounces fighter's name. This is set to be a historic night for the UFC as it's their first fight in New York and the card is epic. Dirty Jesus from Dirty Jesus.net then calls into the show to give a British perspective on the Trump election and how it played out in the gambling world. Plus a quick update on what's going on in the Champions League...

Duration: 01:33:11

NFL Week 10

Ryan and Sean recap week nine in NFL action and pat themselves on the back for nailing both their locks. The guys hit on the Giants win against the Eagles including Eli Manning's bizarre call at the line of scrimmage. Everyone's favorite the lock dog tease and unfortunately the stadium initiative did not pass for the Chargers.

Duration: 01:15:33

Trump and NFL Week 10 Fantasy #DFS

The guys talk about Trump's impressive upset win and of course Week Ten of fantasy football. Christian Pina (@ChristianPina) from The Hook Report calls in to help bring some sanity in this world by talking fantasy football. Plus the guys favorite pickups of the week from the waiver wire.

Duration: 00:32:42

NFL Week 9

The guys give out their free NFL picks for Week Nine after they break down all the Week 8 NFL action. The guys break down the big Eagles vs Giants game coming up in Week 9. Also the epic game seven World Series game is unfolding live while the guys record the weekly NFL podcast.

Duration: 01:11:53

NFL Week 9 Fantasy #DFS

Christian Pina (@ChristianPina) from The Hook Report calls into the program to help break down their week nine Draft Kings lineup. Sean self touts his Theo Riddick play and almost has an aneurism on air. You'll never believe who Ryan wants to start at WR this week.

Duration: 00:46:09

NFL Week 8

Sean and Ryan give out their free NFL picks for Week 8 including everyone's favorite the #LOCKDOGTEASE with help from Dirty Jesus. The guys break down the Josh Brown situation and Sean's cousin Dave calls in to talk cashing in big on DFS.

Duration: 01:31:24

NFL Week 8 Fantasy #DFS

Week eight fantasy football is upon us so who better to talk to than Christian Pina from The Hook Report to help give us our Week 8 Draft King Lineups. The guys look to exploit some matchups including the TB / OAK game this week and Pina laments not starting Julius Thomas last week.

Duration: 00:21:54

NBA Win Totals

Sean and Ryan welcome on depressed Bulls fan and stand up comedian Ryan Conner(@rccomedy) to preview the 2016 NBA Season and breakdown each teams win total.

Duration: 01:16:22

NFL Week 7

The guys give out their free NFL picks for Week six including their famous #LOCKDOGTEASE. Sean and Ryan are on opposite ends of a lot of picks this week which is setting up for an epic week seven podcast. The guys go extra long this week commenting on everything going on in the NFL and even briefly hitting on playoff baseball and the bizarre Derrick Rose story.

Duration: 01:51:10

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