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74: Respect The Process

RESPECT THE PROCESS “MOST PEOPLE CAN’T HANDLE BOREDOM. THAT MEANS THEY CAN’T STAY ON ONE THING UNTIL THEY GET GOOD AT IT. AND THEY WONDER WHY THEY’RE UNHAPPY." —50 Cent More often than not our position in sport or life is something that we endure. We wish the season to be over and dream of the future. We are not engaged in the daily activity of the sport. Being constantly distracted, we never harness our full mental powers. Mastering a sport, subject, skill, or trade is not as exciting...


72: How To Handle A Disappointing Situation Perfectly

The key to defusing anxiety and avoiding stress to an overresponse is the reframe the event. You can learn to avoid stress by developing the habit of consciously examining events from a different perspective. Take a look at these steps. It's easy to remember them as S.E.E.D.S. that you sow in anticipation of reaping future success. 1. S - ituation 2. E - valuation 3. E - motions 4. D - o 5. S - elf esteem As you listen & learn about how Jalen sowed his SEEDS, think about your own...


71: How To Unjam Your Mind

The arrival of a new year signals new expectations. And when you feel stuck in anything from a relationship to career decisions or even family matters, you may feel more than a little blue. It’s easy to be swept away by a whole cocktail of negative emotions. The reason for this is that most people don’t want to bring old baggage into a feeling of newness. There are many possible ways to rid yourself of feeling like you are spinning your tires in muck. One regiment that I have found works...


70: How To Free Yourself From False Beliefs

How To Free Yourself From False Beliefs 1. How To Identify Your False Beliefs a. Do you become anxious or fearful in situations that pose no actual threat? b. Do you feel that "things just happen" that prevent you from achieving success? c. In pursuing goals, do you ever find yourself blocked by such thoughts as "I can't," "I'm no good," or "This is too much..." c. Do you sometimes feel that you're moving toward some desired outcome only to find yourself stymied by procrastination,...


69: Six Ways To Turn On Your Creative Imagination

Six Ways To Turn On Your Creative Imagination Prepare to go deeper into harnessing the powers of your imagination. In this episode we review reflective relearning, explore a new imagination exercise, and offer strategies to enhance your imagination. I. Reflective Relearning - It's the process of using your creative imagination to select positive images for yourself and eliminate the false, destructive, images your subconscious mind may be acting on as if they were true. II. Release the...


68: How To CRAFT A New Self-Image

HOW TO CRAFT A NEW SELF-IMAGE How can you take control of your mind and CRAFT a new Self-Image. Change comes about through awareness of a negative self-image, by challenging the bad habits that support this image, and by creating a new, positive self-image that allows you to set and achieve worthwhile goals. It’s easy to remember these steps if you think of reprogramming your Self-Image as a CRAFT. C - ancelR - eplaceA - ffirmF - ocusT - rain Cancel old, negative data. Go about...


67: Six Steps To Success

SIX STEPS TO SUCCESS WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT TO LEARN FROM THE PODCAST Success begins with a BLUEPRINT. This is how you prepare for the day. You do prepare, don't you? A blueprint is simply a map for the day. It helps you prioritize the important tasks on your agenda. There are two options for preparing your blueprint for the day. Either do it the night before, or early in the morning before your day has started. You only need ten to fifteen minutes to do this. Recent research indicates...


66: Inner Game Secrets

INNER GAME SECRETS The answers to every human beings desires and struggles have arrived. Discover the Secrets To Inner Game Vol. 2 - 150 Inner Transformations Beauty, Power, & Wealth There’s a power inside You. If you're a student-athlete with ambition, motivation, and purpose BEWARE. People are not going to believe in You. But what's more important than that, is what You believe. Do You believe that you are meant to succeed? Do You believe that You are meant for better things in life?...


65: Duke Basketball Alum Missy West

THE BENEFITS OF HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS PARTICIPATION 2 x Ironman; Motivational Speaker; Positive Coaching Alliance Trainer; NSCA Certified Personal Trainer; Former Collegiate Bball Coach; Duke Univ. Alumna 2001 Missy West, a former Duke University Women's Basketball Athlete explains why sports and extracurricular participation is SO important for our youth. She touches on the value of the High School experience and why it's critical we give our children a positive life learning...


64: Acres of Diamonds, pt 3

HOW TO MINE FOR YOUR DIAMONDS The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary. This episode contains an exploration into reflective thinking. It educates the student-athlete on how to mine for diamonds. Three key terms are: Some of the most come cliches are illustrated in this presentation: These are just a few cliches that illustrate the concept of POST TRAUMATIC GROWTH. Post Traumatic Growth is centered around the idea that human beings can be changed by their...


63: Acres Of Diamonds, Pt. 2

“Remember diamonds are created under pressure so hold on, it will be your time to shine soon.” “Everyone is diamond in the rough but sometimes they aren't shining.” “A muddied diamond is better than an unsullied pebble.” Inspired by Russell Conwell and Mike Hubbell Russell Herman Conwell (February 15, 1843 – December 6, 1925) was an American Baptist minister, orator, philanthropist, lawyer, and writer. He is best remembered as the founder and first president of Temple University in...


62: Acres of Diamonds Pt. 1

One of my favorite books of all time... Is a classic called “Acres of Diamonds” As the story goes, a farmer became enamored with tales of others becoming rich discovering diamond mines. He truly wanted to be wealthy. And so he sold his farm and went on his journey. Searching for diamonds. And search he did. Years went by and nothing. He lost his health. He lost his family. He no longer resembled who he once was. But still, he searched far and distant lands...


61: How to Develop Character, Leadership, & Confidence - James Leath, PHD IMG Academy

JAMES LEATH Head of Leadership Development IMG Academy shares his thoughts on: James joined IMG Academy in 2015. As Head of Leadership Development, James develops and delivers curriculum for IMG Academy student-athletes across 8 sports and presents to visiting teams, companies, and professional athletes. Leadership lessons consist of communication skills, personal and group leadership, developing identity, and building team culture. James attended Fresno State University where he...


60: How To Build A Dynamic Team - Featuring Renee Lopez

RENEE LOPEZ AUTHOR | CERTIFIED SPEAKER | TRAINER | USSF & NSCAA LICENSED COACH | CEO Team Building - Mental Training - Growth Today, we are hearing from a veteran college coach, keynote speaker, trainer, consultant, and author of an upcoming book. Coach Renee Lopez has been named Coach of the Year, had over 30 All-Conference players, multiple Team Academic and Sportsmanship Awards, and reached conference and regional championships. You can expect Renee to discuss Team...


59: How To Perform Under Pressure ft. Hank Weisinger

More Performing Under Pressure: The Science of Doing Your Best When It Matters Most How do you perform under pressure? -Can you summon your talent at will? -Can you deliver on a test? -Can you sleep at night? In this episode, Dr. Hank Weisinger discusses: Students are under more pressure than ever before. Here are 7 students who need to listen to this episode. Which one are you? • The High School Student under pressure to meet parental expectations, ace...


58: Don't Let Your Injury Define You - Dr. Carl Baird DC, MS, CCSP

DON'T LET YOUR INJURY DEFINE YOU... And yet so many people from the general public and athletes allow this to happen. What causes an individual to continue to be hampered and slowed down by injuries that are long gone? Dr. Carl Baird enlightens us during the episode. What stops most people from recovering after an initial injury are fear and self-doubt. Dr. Baird explains that avoiding activity due to fear of re-aggravation keeps us in the pain/injury cycle. Research has shown that...


57: Concussions, Crimes & Change Ft. Jonathan Boland

You need to listen to this episode! Jonathan Boland was a star quarterback at Parkrose High School in Portland, Oregon. His success there led to a full-ride scholarship to Portland State, but a series of concussions forced him to leave football. This began a downward spiral into depression, substance abuse and eventually a series of robberies. Those are the facts of what happened, but today is about the why. As he accepts responsibility and holds himself accountable this interview...


56: The True Measure of Influence and Leadership - Ben Wax, PhD

The word "leadership" gets thrown around a lot. Recruiters, parents, and coaches rant about leadership and how the Student-Athlete needs to be a leader. What many do not understand, is that leadership is something that must be learned and developed. Yes, leadership is incredibly important in a Student-Athlete, but it is not something that happens overnight. Dr. Benjamin Wax is a strategic leadership specialist with the John Maxwell Team and winner of several powerlifting and...


55: Making The Mental Shift to Overcome Adversity with Julianne Soviero

An elite Student-Athlete will need to overcome adversity in order to be successful. Adversity comes in many shapes and sizes for a Student-Athlete. Some examples include injury, socio-economic status, hardship, trauma, depression, peer pressure, etc. So what does it take to overcome these obstacles? It takes a mental shift. Yes, you may have heard this before, but don’t roll your eyes just yet. This mental shift encapsulates multiple areas: recovery, nutrition, avoiding distraction,...


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