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Bella Vista College Prep

David Jones and Ashley Hardin talked about the progress lately with the Phoenix Mercury and how they looked in their recent game. They talked specifically about Diana Taurasi, her career accomplishments, the celebratory event during the game, and the fact that a street in Phoenix was named after her. She is the most decorated player among men or women in professional sports. Today, David and Ashley sat down with Kyle Weaver, coach of the basketball program, and Don Brown, founder of Bella...

Duration: 00:46:23

SubZero Ice Cream and Tamala Daniels with Copper Leaf Villas

Today on the show David and Ashley spoke in depth with the owners of Sub Zero ice cream Felicia and Rich Vandermolen. They spoke about their special formula and their approach to making ice cream. They talked further about their expansion plans, and most importantly, their charitable and community outreach. They can be found at or on their web site at They can be reached by phone at 480-892-2933. David also gave Ashley Hardin a...

Duration: 00:57:19

UBA India Basketball League Director Jody Basye

On today's very informative show David Jones and Ashley Hardin talk with Coach Jody Basye, director of the United Basketball Alliance, a professional basketball league in India. They talked about proper coaching techniques, and the unique differences coaching men in India. They compare the player behavior, defensive style, and respect level they give to referees. They also talked about WNBA's Diana Taurasi, who is on the brink of 7,500 career points. They talked about the huge...

Duration: 00:53:14

College Coach Silvey Dominguez

David and Ashley invite guest Silvey Dominguez, 38 year college coach to talk about the recent victory of the Warriors over the Cavaliers. He talked about the culture of the organizations and the complexities of putting together a winning program. They also discussed the 4th game and whether or not the Warriors let it go to win out at home. They also talked about player statistics and length of time players have the ball in their possession.

Duration: 01:09:01

WNBA and Olympic Legend Jennifer Gillom

Today Ashley and David talked to WNBA legend and Olympic basketball coach Jennifer Gillom. Jennifer played from 1997-2003 and was all WNBA for two of those years. Jennifer talked about her experiences playing overseas and when she was first told of the opportunity to play in the WNBA. She also talked about receiving the call to coach the Women's basketball Olympic team. David also couldn't resist talking to her about her nickname "grandmama". Next, Dave welcomed a special guest to talk...

Duration: 00:43:18

Are Athletes Paid Too Much?

Today, David and Ashley talked about athlete salaries and whether they are justified. They take a couple of comments from the audience and talk to professional singer Kenny Williams about the topic. Kenny is a performer at a local Blues club here in Phoenix. In the last segment Ashley and David talked about the Phoenix Mercury and the start they're off to. Char's Has the Blues is located at 4631 N. 7th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85013. Visit their website at

Duration: 00:54:13

Promise Amukamara

Today David welcomed back Ashley Hardin, who took a short break after the loss of her father. David and Ashley talked to Promise Amukamara, a former ASU women's basketball player, who also was a draft selection by the Phoenix Mercury. Ashley and David talked about Diana Taurasi's suspension, and how the scuffle on the court was called by the officials.

Duration: 00:56:59

Guest Host Jaysie Sheppard and guest Elena Reid

Today, David Jones was joined by former WNBA player Jaysie Sheppard while Ashley is out. They talked about the Phoenix Mercury and what to expect this upcoming season. They also talked to Elena Reid Steinbeiss, the Program Coordinator for the Maryvale Family YMCA. She talked about the youth programs they offer, and also talked about her experience as a boxer. They also talked a bit about the terrible fan exchange with Isaiah Thomas and what the league should do to protect the players.

Duration: 00:52:21

Daryl Gooden Returns!

David and Ashley welcomed back former Arizona Rattler player Darryl Gooden. He last appeared on the show in January and came back to talk more about the experience of being a part of the team, and as importantly, how the organization can average 10,000 fans per game and still be largely unknown in the Valley. Darryl talked about a lot of his former teamates and that a lot of them continued to remain in Arizona. Darryl talked in depth about his non-profit organization called Keeping...

Duration: 00:57:16

High School Prospect Spencer Brasch

David Jones was solo today talking to top high school prospect Spencer Brasch. David talked with Spencer and his father Eric about the Higley football program, and how much football has been a part of his life from a young age. They talk about pro football teams, who he is a fan of and who he likes to emulate as a player. You can see Spencer Brash's highlights and recruiting profile - click here His father, Eric Brasch, is with Shoreline Financial Services. David also talked to Damian...

Duration: 00:58:06

Suns Assistant Coach Jason Fraser (on his birthday)!

On today's show David and Ashley brought on Jason Fraser, former Harlem Globetrotter and current assistant coach of the Phoenix Suns. Today was his birthday and David surprised him with a cake. They talked about the current playoff run, focusing on Spurs, Grizzlies, Rockets, and Thunder. They also talked about Isaiah Thomas with the Celtics, and his decision to play following the tragic loss of his sister the day prior to the game. Jason talked about the mental toughness of athletes and...

Duration: 01:04:36

Sprint Car Driver Vickie Faber

Today David Jones and Ashley Hardin talk about tonight's matchup between the Suns and Warriors and what each of the teams' motivations will be. One is assured a spot in the playoffs and one is eliminated, with a lottery spot at stake. Then Dave and Ashley interview Vickie Faber, police officer in Gilbert, AZ, and one of only a select few women Sprint car racers. She talks about how she came up in racing and some of the differences between Sprint Car racing, NASCAR, and others. More...

Duration: 01:11:45

Former Suns Center Steve Hunter

Today on the show Ashley Hardin and David Jones spent some time talking about the Suns late part of the season accomplishments, and what the Suns have to look forward to in the future. They talked about Devin Booker's unbelievable 70 point game, becoming the youngest player in the NBA to score 70 in a game. David talked about the MVP battle between James Harden and Russell Westbrook. David compares some of the statistics. Steven Hunter, former center for the Suns and now ambassador for...

Duration: 00:47:01

Special Guest Shereka Jackson

Today's show David had guest Shamika Jackson, with Future Stars, Inc. David, Ashley, and Shamika talked about the Suns' decision to rest veterans Dudley, Bledsoe, and Tyson Chandler, and the possibility of Earl Watson's interest in a UCLA coaching position (or rather their interest in him). They talked about the broader topic from a fan's perspective about what disappointment when starters don't play. They talked to Brock Pitt, son of the family that owns Texas BBQ House. Brock shared his...

Duration: 01:00:36

Ray Mercer and Jonathon Felton Special

Our special broadcast is here! David Jones sat down with two legends in Jonathon Felton and Ray Mercer. Jonathon Felton is widely known as "the people's champion". A former gold glover, Jonathon faced some challenges but was beloved in the ring. "Merciless" Ray Mercer, had a professional boxing record of 36-7 (with 26 wins by knockout). Ray talked about his history in the Army, and how he was asked to be a part of a boxing program while he served. Antione Anderson was also on the show,...

Duration: 01:06:52

Shea and Kristen Hillenbrand

Today on the show David and Ashley jumped right in with 2-time baseball all-star Shea Hillenbrand and his wife Kristen. Shea played for six teams over his career including the Blue Jays, Red Sox, and Diamondbacks. The crew talked about how Shea's spirituality helped him meet his wife Kristen, and how they use baseball to help children through ministry in Arizona and Mexico. Shea and Kristen also talked to David about Beyond the Laces and how they use Bob Salomon and Rick Young's book to...

Duration: 00:58:37

Aim High Elite Athletes

Today on the show David and Ashley talked about the recent troubles with the Suns including the recent trade of P.J. Tucker to the Raptors. They discussed the chemistry as a team in general and the possibilities going forward. David then jumped into a discussion with a husband/wife combination that has strong ties in professional basketball and coaching - Aim High Elite Athletes founders Reggie and Misha Fox. Reggie was a starting guard for multiple years in the NCAA tourney including a...

Duration: 01:09:06

Lee Jones and Sam Stith

Today David Jones and Ashley Hardin talked with Lee Jones, former NBA official of over 30 years. Lee talks about the differences in officiating today versus his time in the league. Lee shared a very interesting story about his officiating days where he ejected Jerry West. Sam Stith who played for years with the NY Knicks shared a great story about being a part of the game in which Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points. He also talked about his perspective on how referees manage fouls during a...

Duration: 01:06:00

(Almost) All Suns Talk

Today on the show David Jones and Ashley Hardin just talked about the Suns last game (Pelicans vs. Suns, 2/13) and the officiating that had an effect on the flow of the game. The Suns lost that match and face the Lakers tonight. Ashley and David talk about the upcoming game and the team as they develop. They also talk about the possibility of picking up Demarcus Cousins and whether or not his behavior will have a positive or negative impact. They also sit down with a first time visitor...

Duration: 00:51:34

Junior Spivey

Today David Jones and Ashley Hardin sit down with former Arizona Diamondback's player Junior Spivey. Ashley and David talked about the Suns' recent loss to the Pelicans and what they are and aren't doing right. Junior also talks about what he thinks the Suns need to improve their chances going forward. David spends more time with Junior talking about his surprising experience playing basketball in college. Junior talks about his experience in the amateur baseball draft. David brings in...

Duration: 01:09:50

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