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Sports Cast - 10/18/17

Segment I: Josh's Vegas Weekend, Colin Cowherd Sucks, Josh Gets Accused of Being A Front Runner, Dodgers World Series?, NFL Headlines, Aaron Rodgers Injury, Stealing Segments, and Much More. Segment II: NFL Power Rankings, Pigskin Pick'em week 7 Segment III: NFL Pigskin Pickems Week 7 (cont.) Segment IV: Shot of the Week, LA Sports Team Are On Fire, Gordon Hayward Injury, College Football Picks ATS with BudKnocker.

Duration: 02:11:27

Sports Cast - 10/11/17


Duration: 02:19:51

Sports Cast - 10/03/17

SEGMENT I: The guys remember Tom Petty and the influence it had on their lives. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the Las Vegas shooting, NFL Headlines, and NFL Power Rankings. SEGMENT II: NFL Pigskin Pick'em Week 5 SEGMENT III: Shot of the Week, MLB Playoff Predictions, Budknocker breaks down week 6 in college football and gives you his winners ATS.

Duration: 01:51:08

Sports Cast - 09/26/17

Segment I: Rene returns from Cabo, President Trumps comments about NFL players taking stances during the National Anthem, NFL Headlines, Eagles kicker is a new hero, Josh's NFL Power Rankings week 4, and much more. Segment II:The guys breakdown week 4 in the NFL giving you their winners, and picks ATS. SEGMENT III: The guys continue to breakdown the rest of the week 4 games in the NFL, and BudKnocker gives you his picks ATS for this weekends college football games.

Duration: 01:59:50

Sports Cast - 09/19/17

SEGMENT I: Weekend Stories, BudKnockers Experience at the Texas-USC game, watching sports at home is so much better, NFL Headlines, Should the Giants get rid of Eli Manning, NFL Power Rankings, and much more. SEGMENT II: The guys breakdown week 3 in the NFL and pick their winners. SEGMENT III: Shot of the Week, Pigskins Pick'ems (cont.) SEGMENT IV: Drunk of the Week, Raider on Raider crime, You Got Knocked The Fuck Out, College Football w/ BudKnocker

Duration: 02:13:12

Sports Cast - 09/12/17

Episode 319 Segment I: The guys discuss last weeks games, major injuries, and the days top headlines from around the NFL. Josh gives out his top 10 NFL Power Rankings. Segment II: The guys cover all of the week 2 games in the NFL, give you there winners, and picks ATS. Segment III: The guys continue to make their picks for week 2 in the NFL and ATS, and Budknocker breaks down week 3 in College Football and gives you his winners.

Duration: 01:56:22

Sports Cast - 09/06/17

SEGMENT I: Weekend Stories, NFL Headlines, Michael Bennett Detained by Police In Vegas, Free Ezekiel Elliott, Myles Garrett Injury, Seahawks defense gets scarier, OBJ = Little Bitch, Broncos sign Brock AGAIN, and much more. SEGMENT II: The guys make their picks for week 1 of the NFL season, and give you their winners ATS. SEGMENT III: The guys continue to make their picks for week 1 in the NFL season, and give your their winners ATS SEGMENT IV: Knocker recaps a crazy opening week in...

Duration: 02:09:51

Sports Cast - 08/30/17

SEGMENT I: Weekend Stories, Hurricane Harvey, Fantasy Football Drafts, Mayweather vs McGregor post fight reactions, NFL Headlines, No More Preseason Games, Matt Stafford deserves his big pay day, much more. SEGMENT II: Knocker Breaks Down The Opening Week In College Football and Gives You His Picks ATS. SEGMENT III: Shot of the Week, Joel Osteen is a fraud, Little Bitch Fight of the Week, Worlds Worst CarJacker, Drunk of the Week, Josh Eats Crow on Danny Ainge, And More. SEGMENT IV: Stoner...

Duration: 02:03:03

Sports Cast - 08/24/17

Episode 316 Segment I: Weekend Stories, DeShone Kizer could start for the Browns, Texans suffer another injury, NFL Headlines, Blake Bortles is a terrible QB, OBJ is a little bitch, and much more. Segment II: Former Houston Texans Cheerleader and current ESPN Deportes broadcaster Ashley Rodriguez joins is to talk about the Houston Astros, Chris Paul's impact on the city of Houston, the Texans QB troubles, and McGregor vs Mayweather. Segment III: Special Guest from Philadelphia and the Tony...

Duration: 02:01:29

Sports Cast - 08/16/17


Duration: 01:58:21

Sports Cast - 08/09/17

EPISODE 314 Segment I: Weekend Stories, Knocker Eats Pot Brownies, NFL Headlines, Jay Cutler to the Dolphins, Josh Rants on Colin Kaepernick supporters, Andrew Luck's health is a real issue, Falcons Sign RB to HUGE contract, and much more. Segment II: The guys breakdown the NFC East, and give your their preseason predictions for the upcoming season. Segment III: Shot of the Week, Brock Osweiler Hype Video, Little League World Series, College Football Week 1 Games To Watch, Stop Bitching...

Duration: 02:08:41

Sports Cast - 08/03/17

EPISODE 313 Segment I - Josh and Rene get high for his B-Day, NFL Headlines, Ryan Tannehill suffers injury, Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed by the NFL, Is Andrew Luck's future health a major concern?, NFL Teams celebrate Tom Brady Turning 40, Get Vontaze Burfict out of the NFL, and much more. Segment II - Nick Raducanu joins the show to discuss fantasy football, and gives us his top QBs, RBs, And WRs heading into this season. AFC East Preview And Over/Under Picks. Segment III -...

Duration: 02:25:06

Sports Cast - 07/27/17

EPISODE 312 Segment I - Weekend Stories, Never Trust Carnival Rides, USMNT Wins Gold Cup, Joe Flacco Injury, Colin Kaepernick to Baltimore, Dallas Cowboys Continue to Embarrass Themselves, LeVeon Bell Contract Dispute, Julio Jones Is A BoneHead, NFL Headlines and Much More. Segment II - AFC West Preview, Phone Line Problems, Knocker Gets High With The Wifey, Stevo Tells a Story, and Much More. Segment III - Shot of the Week, Dodgers Are En Fuego, Nationals Hit 5 HRs In One Inning, A New...

Duration: 01:37:25

Sports Cast - 07/19/17

EPISODE 311 Segment I - Weekend Stories, Josh Is Getting Phased Out, Ezekiel Elliot In Trouble Again, Michael Vick is Right About Colin Kaepernick, Professional Athletes Are Not Always The Guilty One, NFL Headlines Segment II - Shot of the Week, Broncos Fans Get Screwed Out Of Season Tickets, BoneHeads of the Week, Chargers Woes Continue, Sam Darnold Should Stay at USC, Redskins President Is A Idiot, NFL Headlines, and More. Segment III - The Guys Debate Te Best Rappers Of All-Time NFC...

Duration: 02:01:03

Sports Cast - 06/29/17

SEGMENT I: Weekend Stories, A Call From The Colonel, Tim Tebow Rant, NBA Trades, Chris Paul Trade To Rockets, NBA Super Teams, Clippers Will Always Be The Clippers, And Much More. SEGMENT II: NBA Has Some Really Interesting Teams, WTF Are The Celtics Doing, Phil Jackson Out Of New York, LaVar Ball Goes On WWE RAW, NFL Headlines, Colts Owner Tweets NSFW Picture, Clinton Portis Story, And Much More SEGMENT III: Shot of the Week, Reporter Gets Burned By Little Kid, UFC Fighter Poops Her...

Duration: 01:58:34

Sports Cast - 06/21/17

EPISODE 309 Segment I - Weekend Stories, Knockers Fathers Day, NBA trades, Dwight Howard out of Atlanta, LeBron James is coming to LA, the Cave are imploding, Chris Paul is overrated, Jerry West is not going to help the Clippers, Phil Jackson is killing the Knicks, and much more. Segment II - More NBA Trade Talk, LeBron is the real GM of the Cavs, NHL Draft Talk, Soft Ball Shorts in the MLB, Hype video for McGregor vs. Mayweather, Cam makes a bet on his body hair, back scratching, WTF...

Duration: 01:59:33

Sports Cast - 06/15/17

EPISODE 308 Segment I - BudKnocker's New Living Situation, Josh Gets Sent X-Rated SnapChats From Friend, Cam Calls in to talk NBA Free Agency, LeBron to Los Angeles, Where does Chris Paul go? Is Blake Griffin headed to the Celtics? and Much More. Segment II - Clippers get Jerry West, Draymond Green Trolls Lebron And The Cavs, Are the Warriors the best team of all-time?, What sports has the greatest athletes? BoneHead of the Week, Rick Pitino is in trouble, Blimp crashes at US Open, and...

Duration: 02:03:03

Sports Cast - 06/07/17

EPISODE 307 Segment I - Knocker and Cam host the show, ODawg Calls in to talk NBA Finals, Former Los Angeles Kings great Daryl Evans calls in to talk Stanley Cup Finals and what the future holds for the Kings. Segment II - Josh calls in to talk about the greatness of the Warriors, and says their the best NBA team he has ever seen, ODawg and Josh battle on the phone, Bob Stoops surprisingly retires as the Oklahoma Sooners head coach. Segment III - Shot of the Week, Baseball Talk, Hot Takes,...

Duration: 01:49:13

Sports Cast - 05/31/17

EPISODE 306 Segment I - Topics on this Segment: Rene parties to hard at Josh's House, Knockers car trouble, Cam gets laid at a wedding, Bryce Harper Fight, Every team has "that guy" in sports, Goons in sports, MLB Suspension rules, and much more. Segment II - NBA Final Predictions, LeBron's Legacy, All the pressure is on Kevin Durant, If LeBron wins does he surpass Michael Jordan?, and much more. Segment III -Shot of the Week, Kathy Griffin crosses the line, Stanley Cup Final Predictions...

Duration: 01:37:57

Sports Cast - 05/17/17

EPISODE 305 Segment I - The guys discuss the NHL Playoffs, Gisele Needs To Stay Out Of Tom Brady's Business, Where Will Colin Kaepernick Play Next Season, A Few RB Signings, Mexican News Reporters, Tony Romo, Eddie Lacy Gets Rewarded For Not Being A Fat Ass, Weekend Stories, And Much More. Segment II - Shot Of The Week, Penguins Fan Gets Tazed, Celtics and Wizards Fans Fight, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Robbed By Hookers, Josh's Wife Want Him To Get A Vasectomy, Distracting Professional...

Duration: 01:33:08

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