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035 - Nina Haglund: How to Start in UX Pt1

Nina Haglund joins us to discuss how to get started as a newbie in ux. Cody's working... always. Nina's building chatbots. iPhone corner ruins everything, spoilers ahead!

Duration: 00:45:04

034 - Visual Sugar

Why people uninstall apps. Deciding when to add visual sugar to your designs. Don't go crazy with those drop shadows, gradients, and sprinkles. Our thoughts on splash screens and ui design basics.

Duration: 00:32:38

033 - Whimsy the Turtle

Cody's iPhone corner!! Come see us LIVE at Develop Denver. Apple discontinues iPod models, Adobe kills Flash and Microsoft kills MS Paint. Make empty states your friend and give them the time they deserve.

Duration: 00:32:00

032 - Bottoms Up

Our opinions of air travel. Michael recommends a web app and does another sprint. Kyle bonds with his team. All things bottom! Bottom oriented ui solving the problems of expanding screen sizes. Lastly, our thoughts on Amazon jumping into the meal kit game.

Duration: 00:38:25

031 - Drew Dahlman

We're joined by Drew Dahlman; a creative technologist at Legwork Studios and founder of Develop Denver. Kyle's making dreams come true, Cody is in the studio with a new phone screen, Michael observes the user behavior of hot phones and Drew deals with frozen iPads. Cody's iPhone corner has some ui updates. We discuss our thoughts on gamification in 2017. Does it still exist?

Duration: 00:48:53

030 - The Colorado Sound

Kyle's been married for 10 YEARS!! Cody's in the house and ready for some self-care. Michael's been babying it u and installing car seats 100 ways. 10 years of iPhone history in 30 secs for Kyle. Alternative ways to unlock your devices. Maps Maps Maps. iOS 11 and Apple CarPlay adds Lane Guidance. The UX of cars is changing. The economics of adding tipping to Uber's platform. Ticketmaster takes on killing lines by using ultrasonic sounds to check tickets.

Duration: 00:41:09

029 - Docs On Docs On Docs

Cody's in LA enjoying traffic. Michael's been using Sketch. We agree Photoshop sucks for designing products. Kyle's son lives in an imaginary world. We have a sponsor!!! Finkel & Garf Craft Brewery from Boulder, CO. We get philosophical on documentation. Michael is terrible at timezones. Everyone can be a designer and everyone can be a developer. Tools to help communication Trello, InVision Inspect, Zeplin and Paint Code.

Duration: 00:41:34

028 - Eat Fresh Social

Cody's laptop is STOLEN! Sadly LA is not tech friendly. Backup your files to the cloud and recover quick. Michael is learning the UX of a baby. Google Wallet web app fail! Join us LIVE at Develop Denver. All of the Amazon News, let the grocery delivery wars begin! Twitter bubble ui, Snapchat map privacy and Finstas change Instagram.

Duration: 00:40:10

027 - Analog UX

It's time for some ux discussion! Kyle isn't an Apple fan, who knew? Colorado Dribbbles and Develop Happy Hour Meetups were a success! A Meetup mafia has been formed. We have an iPhone Corner update. Technologies and form factors coming too early. Kyle solves the ux of ordering at a busy bar. We talk about enabling the user's decision points. Cody explains his hold music preferences. Michael talks mower recalls. The TSA wants to speed up your experience by taking your fingerprints. We end...

Duration: 00:43:09

026 - Apple, Again

Cody did the running and survived. Michael is overwhelmed and Kyle's TechCrunch talk is up for your viewing pleasure. We do a round of Win Lose or Draw on WWDC 2017 news: Apple Homepod, iMac Pro, iOS 11 (New Siri voices, Do Not Disturb Driving Mode, Apple Pay Person-to-Person), and ARKit. Our thoughts on Apple's original content play with the launch of Planet of the Apps.

Duration: 00:41:01

025 - Phone Home

Cody's back from LA!! Baby shower party time. IKEA jumps in the smart lightbulb game. The future of phone hard and how manufacturers are exploring new form factors. We reignite the Web app vs Native app debate with Google Android Instant Apps.

Duration: 00:46:46

024 - Nostalgia

Cody takes Micheal's Meetup day. The legacy of digital design, can digital design be timeless? What digital products do you remember? Google's Homepage, Oregon Trail, Facebook, or MySpace. Microsoft introduces a new design system called Fluent. The transition of digital design back to physical principles. How users evolve your product and change the platform. Finsta and Rinsta accounts for Instagram.

Duration: 00:34:58

023 - Win Lose Draw

It's Skype time. Kyle has mastered all the engineering and mic drops. We play a new game; Win Lose or Draw. We decide if the tech news means companies are a Win, Lose, or Draw. Apple Innovation WLD? Yelp is having a brutal day, WLD? Amazon Echo Call/Messaging, WLD? Microsoft Surface Laptop, WLD?

Duration: 00:37:52

022 - Aryel Cianflone

Aryel Cianflone; a UX researcher and founder of Mixed Methods podcast/Slack group joins us. Kyle is graduating with a Masters of Engineering Management. A little iPhone Corner news. Lack of innovation from Apple and new Microsoft Surfaces are pretty. Aryel's background and how she got into UX research. Continued learning and her formation of Mixed Methods podcast and Slack. We discuss the importance of community and get down and dirty about UX research. What should you not research? What...

Duration: 00:50:46

021 - Research Squeeze

The near future with autonomous semis/cars and underground highways. Is personal autonomous travel better than public transit? Research methods and techniques. The value of in person user testing when possible. How to tease out user feedback during user testing to get those valuable insights and get them to vocalize their thoughts. Machine pressed juice is far superior to human squeezed. We end on the underwork of dark patterns in juice and coffee dispensing hardware.

Duration: 00:41:37

020 - Login With Other

Our impressions from the GA UX showcase. Cody masters everything Principle. Using Keynote for prototyping. It's a sad day Michael lost his sunglasses. Listener question from Twitter, more specific feedback on getting started in UX. Network, network, network. Should you offer social logins on your product? We believe in the power of micro-interactions and progress indicators. Should you allow free use vs requiring an account? We end with Alexa upgrade craziness.

Duration: 00:45:17

019 - Street Smart UX

Kyle fails at self-care, Cody's been running and Michael is cancer free. Michael is replacing all of his doors with felt panels. Kyle's back in his happy place on Linux. It's Silicon Valley Season 4 time! How do you get started in UX as a beginner? The traits of a UXer and the importance of being a part of the community. Learning on the job (in the street) vs academic learning and terms. Be a creator and make things and always continue learning.

Duration: 00:34:00

018 - Self Care

Cody's living it up in Cali, Michael talks colon cancer awareness and Kyle gets emotional about Galvanize. We now have our own Alexa Skill!! When should you mix portrait or landscape orientation with an app? Stressing the importance of self-care in a digital non-stop world. Give 80% and give yourself 20%.

Duration: 00:35:19

017 - Amazon No Go

After Dark Edition – Cody's living large in LA. Usability of the modern shower with the Nebia shower system. Oh no, looks like there will be OLED iPhone 8 delays. When should you use card sorting to help determine the IA of your site? The design of web menus and our feelings on hamburgers. Netflix updates ratings to included thumbs up/down and percentage matching. Amazon Go store status and Android OS market share dominance. New web video products; YouTube releases YouTube TV taking on...

Duration: 00:45:14

016 - It's Not A Contest

Kyle's back from Ember Conf, Cody's birthday, our anniversaries, moral dilemmas and Michael loves of HIMYM. The random continues with UI of butter and all of the Meetups, but it's not a contest. What it means to be a product person in today's market with the addition of review replies within the Apple App Store. We discuss the evolution of social platforms as Twitter updates replies and profile images and Facebook adds Instagram Stories.

Duration: 00:45:45

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