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Ep. 027: Hartmut Liebel talks iQor's unique two-pronged approach to client service, fearlessness in the face of AI, and his "selfish" morning routine.

On this episode of SPx, hosts Joe & Ashley sit down with iQor CEO Hartmut Liebel to get to the bottom of iQor's unique business model. They discuss how St. Petersburg won out over cities like Chicago, Charlotte and many others for iQor's global headquarters, and what the company is looking for from a talent perspective. Liebel shares his passion projects, local business heroes, and "selfish" morning routine, along with his secret to beating the "lonely CEO" problem.


Ep. 026: Mike Sutton talks non-profit transformation, construction in Pinellas County, and his battle with Habitat's common misconceptions

On this episode of SPx, Joe and Ashley attempt to pitch an HGTV show with Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas CEO, Mike Sutton. In this lively and insightful discussion, Sutton talks tactics and challenges behind his first experience as CEO and how he's leveraged his background to grow Pinellas’ Habitat into the second largest affiliate in the country - constructing 59 new homes last year. Along the way he's doubled his staff, rejiggered his Board of Directors, and brought life back to...


Ep. 025: Change agent Emery Ivery talks philanthropic impact in St. Pete, combating poverty, and long-term recovery from Hurricane Irma.

On this episode of SPx, host Ashley Ryneska welcomes local change agent Emery Ivery, Chief Impact Officer of United Way Suncoast to the show. Ivery talks the business of philanthropy, and the impact the United Way has made through thriving corporate partnerships with companies like Baycare, the Tampa Bay Rays, and Duke Energy. He shares the values that got him started as a psychiatric social worker, and what moved him to systemic justice work some 30 years ago. He discusses the United...


Ep. 024: Beth Houghton talks feeding St. Pete - and her soul - through St. Pete Free Clinic.

On this episode of SPx, Ashley and Joe co-host Beth Houghton, executive director of the St. Pete Free Clinic. Houghton has received the most shout-outs on our show to date - for good reason. Equipped as a CPA, attorney, and MBA, this local powerhouse has chosen to spend the last six years leading one of the largest non-profit organizations in Tampa Bay. Houghton has not only revolutionized the Free Clinic's services, but worked to expand its reach to the nearly 50% of the county's...


Ep. 022: Kyle Taylor talks the changing face of our economy, what that means for business and education, and how the Penny Hoarder is revolutionizing digital publishing as we know it.

On this episode of SPx, host Joe Hamilton sits down with Kyle Taylor, millennial founder and CEO of the multimillion dollar company, Taylor Media. Publisher of the Penny Hoarder, Taylor Media's mission is to put more money in people's pockets. Enjoy this conversation on St. Pete's entrepreneurial environment, Kyle's take on the changing faces of education and business for an evolving economy, and the Penny Hoarder's revolutionary monetizing strategy. Hear about why Kyle chose his hometown...


Ep. 021: Nathan and Sara Stonecipher talk diving into the St. Pete renaissance, uncertainty in small business and taking chances.

On this episode of SPx, Sara & Nathan Stonecipher sit down with host Ashley Ryneska to talk about the 2 entrepreneur family. Sara's MISRED Outfitters, and Nathan's Green Bench Brewing, are staples in St. Pete's booming small business landscape. The couple discusses their entrepreneurial origins, different styles of doing business and what lies ahead.


Ep. 020: Matt Spence talks about the truth behind his title, passion, and the future of social enterprise in St. Pete.

On this episode of SPx, Ashley and Joe co-host Community Foundation of Tampa Bay's Vice President of Community Impact - Matt Spence. Spence explains how his career and his passions have evolved throughout the years in tandem with the various roles he has played as an integral member of the non-profit community of St. Pete, and his most recent niche in grant funding. This fun episode explores in the ins and outs of non-profit funding, inside secrets on Spence's grant review check-list, and...


Ep. 019: Craig Sher talks heroics in civic and business life, keeping a nuclear bomb in your back pocket, and St. Pete's economic future.

On this episode of SPx, Joe and Ashley take another stab at co-hosting, as they welcome the very spirited Craig Sher, Executive Chairman of the Sembler Company. In this multi-faceted conversation, Sher talks "nuclear bombing" as a life philosophy and the importance of heroic ventures in business and civic life. Sher played an integral part in the development of downtown St. Petersburg and shares, from that vantage point, his insight on economic development in St. Pete. A well-known...


Ep. 018: David Feaster talks banking automation and innovation, surviving the Great Recession, and finding your passion through community involvement.

On this episode of SPx, host Ashley Ryneska sits down with third generation Floridian and Florida Market President of Republic Bank, David Feaster. A highly involved member of St. Pete's community, Feaster was Chair of All Children's hospital, and helped to bring the Rays to St. Pete through the Chamber. In his many ventures in banking, from giants like Bank of America, to small community banks like the one he started, Signature Bank, Feaster has seen the financial sector and banking...


Ep. 017: Senator Jeff Brandes talks priorities in Tallahassee, establishing a bold legislative vision, and following his "true north" in policy-making.

This episode of SPx is a team effort. Joe and Ashley co-host the show for the first time, welcoming Senator Jeff Brandes to the studio. Senator Brandes gives us an in-depth view of his legislative agenda, talks prioritizing policy over politics and finding issues where he can make a real impact. Coming from a libertarian perspective, Brandes has never been afraid of crossing party lines. Establishing himself as a bit of a maverick, he was the first Republican to come out in favor of...


Ep. 016: Greg Holden talks plugging into St. Pete's business community, making waves, and leaving the world a better place.

On this episode of SPx, we sit down with past St. Pete Chamber Board Chair and VP of Manning and Napier, Greg Holden. A native of Ohio, Holden has earned deep roots in the St. Pete community through his tireless work to help rebuild the Chamber, and through his involvement in programs such as St Pete Young Professionals and Leadership St. Pete. Alongside his wave-making Leadership St. Pete cohort, in 2016, Holden became the second youngest Board Chair in St. Pete history. Holden talks the...


Ep. 015: InsideOut Co-Founders talk revolutionizing sales, doing business & living life in St. Pete, and how they're spreading the word about our great city.

On this episode of SPx, we discuss doing business in St. Pete with former Silicon Valley executives Christina Cherry & Chad Nuss. Co-founders of InsideOut Sales Innovation Lab, this pair shares a passion for innovative business solutions and foresight in an oft-neglected area - sales. Gone are the days of trite sales calls and emails - they'll get into the metaphorical mud with host Joe Hamilton, giving us a picture of how the sales process has changed in our current world. They'll also...


Ep. 014: Irv Cohen shares C-suite wall street tales and his vision for supporting start-ups

On this episode of SPx, we sit down with innovative investor and former Wall Street executive, Irv Cohen. As St. Petersburg Group Insight Board Member and through other platforms like Social Venture Partners and Seed Funders, Cohen is trying to change the way Tampa Bay supports start-ups. He believes that new companies need active investors who lend their acumen on a regular basis. Enjoy this lively discussion about needed change and how SPG could be a catalyst.


Ep. 013: Body Electric's Rachel Miller talks personal reinvention, nude yoga, and female entrepreneurship.

On this episode of SPx, we sat for meditative tea with local yogi, Rachel Miller. She shares how tea has transformed her meditative practice, helped her break down perfectionism and conquer the fear that once restricted her life. Miller opens up about taking leaps of faith and keeping herself "unstuck" by living life as a perennial student. In this light-hearted, yet poignant conversation with our host Ashley Ryneska, Miller talks her latest ventures in rock climbing, her foray into bath...


Ep. 012: Is St. Pete inclusive? Nadine Smith shares stories from the front lines of the struggle for equality.

On this episode of SPx, we sat down with one of St. Petersburg's political giants, Nadine Smith. Smith is an award-winning journalist, advocate, and the founder of Equality Florida, the state's largest organization working to end discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation. Making waves since the early 90's, Smith continues her work as a driving force for change throughout the state of Florida, pushing cities and businesses throughout the state to adopt uniform standards of...


Ep. 011: Got ambiance? Restaurateur & master host Ryan Griffin is putting St Pete on the culinary map.

On this episode of SPx, our host Joe Hamilton sits down with St. Pete renaissance man, Ryan Griffin. The St. Pete native wears many hats in the community, including businessman, attorney, restauranteur, real estate investor and civic leader. Griffin has been working tirelessly to elevate the St. Pete food scene. A purveyor of fine food and drink, Griffin co-owns a number of establishments in St. Pete, including Mandarin Hide and Souzou, and will soon be adding a few more to the mix. In...


Ep. 010: From the summit of Kilimanjaro to St Pete's own Dali Museum, Nathan Schwagler shares his wisdom on creativity, entrepreneurship, and chasing the right flags.

On this episode of SPx, the man behind the Dali Museum's acclaimed Innovation Labs, Nathan Schwagler, shares with us his Kilimanjaro climb, his take on ketogenic-based vs. carbohydrate-based diets, and the ingredients for a successful and creative life. Fusing his training in both creativity and entrepreneurship, Nathan takes his knowledge bombs corporate by stretching minds, reforming the definition of creativity, and teaching creative-thinking skills through Dali Innovation Labs offerings.


Ep. 009: Baseball & beyond - a conversation about the St. Petersburg community, entrepreneurship, and education with Brian Auld.

On this episode of SPx, Joe Hamilton sits down with Brian Auld. As President of the Tampa Bay Rays, Auld has a special insight into the evolution of St Petersburg and in this conversation he shares his deep-seated love for our city as well as his thoughts on where the city is headed. And we'd be remiss if we didn't talk a little about the business of baseball. This interview was originally shot on video. Head to the show notes on to watch instead of listen.


Ep: 008 In his own words - a conversation with candidate Rick Kriseman

On this episode of SPX, host Ashley Ryneska wades into the realm of local politics to with incumbent Mayoral candidate Rick Kirseman. With an emphasis on community and the shared successes of his administration, we cover topics from his viral tweet to then-candidate Trump, to his fondness for Central Avenue, and his love and commitment to St. Pete's small businesses.


Ep. 007: In his own words - a conversation with candidate Rick Baker

On this episode of SPX, our host Ashley Ryneska sits down with former mayor and 2017 mayoral candidate Rick Baker. On the cusp of election day, capping off an expensive, divisive, and controversial race, we sought to go beyond the talking points. A two-part series speaking with both leading candidates, we cover all things St. Pete with one of the city's biggest cheerleaders and toughest critics. Baker talks about his heartfelt return to the public sector, his old-school community chats at...


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