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SH 027: Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon [Part 2] | Round Table

The artistic voice is an evolving part of being a creator. It is neither static nor something we acquire all at once. Rather, it is developed through practice, creation, and intersecting with work that inspires us. Today’s episode continues our series on Austin Kleon’s book, Steal Like an Artist, by examining Chapter 2: Don't wait until you know who you are to get started. By embracing the journey of becoming a better artist and learning from our role models’ processes, perspectives,...

Duration: 00:25:17

SH 026: The Myths of Fundraising and Building a Fanbase | Ella Mahler

It’s easy to get caught up in the creative side of a performance piece. There’s nothing like the thrill of discovery in the studio during the creative process or the rush of being in front of a live audience. But the magic on stage can’t happen without the financial means to bring a creative idea to fruition. Ella Mahler shares her expertise as a fundraising advisor and sheds some light on how to make fundraising an exciting and interactive process to be embraced rather than feared. By...

Duration: 00:50:08

SH 025: Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon [Part 1] | Round Table

The creative act is the synthesis and manifestation of an artist’s unique take on their collected experiences, influences, and inspirations. The artist, then, benefits immensely from exposure to as much creative stimulus as possible, but must actively assess what experiences and creative tools to utilize. Today’s round table is the first in a series which delves into a book about this very process. Austin Kleon’s "Steal Like an Artist" details thoughts and strategies for engaging...

Duration: 00:27:28

SH 024: Creating Work That Matters | Marina Tsaplina of The Betes Organization

An essential component of an independent artist’s career is identifying the intersection of passion, purpose, and public need. Having drive and clear goals to pursue in the creation of work fosters a lasting impact on creator and audience alike. Today’s guest has developed an organization and performance model that truly harnesses her personal experience, discipline, and creative voice to meet a vital public need. Marina Tsaplina is a versatile, kinesthetic performer and founder of The...

Duration: 00:34:05

SH 023: Uncovering the Performative State | Round Table

In seeking to captivate, performers must uncover what it is to inhabit the performance space as different from the everyday. Authenticity, vulnerability, charisma--words often used but rarely decoded into skills the performer can develop. Today at the round table we work, along with our shared vocabulary of Margolis Method, to define the performative state and discuss inroads for the performer to find it. As a pivotal creative influence for all three of us, Margolis Method redefined our...

Duration: 00:35:22

SH 021: Embracing the Challenges of a Condensed Process | Round Table

Whether it’s a 24-hour theatre festival, a last minute invitation to an open showing, or a self-appointed deadline, the short creative process offers challenges and opportunities to test your creative mettle and experiment with your craft. Today’s round table dives into strategies to make the most of a short or condensed process. Understanding how to frame your mindset, choices, and environment can make the process a fulfilling experience yielding exciting work and enormous personal...

Duration: 00:29:48

SH 020: Burlesque and the Building Blocks of Solo Performance | Jäc Pau

Scintillating, thrilling, daring, tantalizing; while burlesque’s specific dramatic flair embodies these qualities on stage, all theatrical forms can likewise learn to benefit from these visceral attributes. Emerging theatre and burlesque artist Jacob Paul Miller, also known as Jäc Pau, joins us today to discuss his creative process and research, revealing much about how the conventions of burlesque--costuming, imagery, audience rapport--can be applied to enhance any theatrical...

Duration: 00:26:29

SH 019: Mindset for the Long Haul | Round Table

Mindset is a crucial component to staying positive, productive, and sane as an artist. An individual’s frame of mind can make or break a creative process or even career. Today’s round table digs into previous guests’ pearls of wisdom as well as some of our own thoughts on developing an effective mindset for a successful and fulfilling artistic career. By developing a mindfulness of perspective and work ethic, you can be a more powerful creator and storyteller. In This Episode, You’ll...

Duration: 00:17:49

SH 018: The Importance of Self-Awareness and Ongoing Training | Denise Rinehart

It’s the artist’s journey to continually discover, interpret, and share the stories and inspirations that are all around us, waiting to be found. Today’s guest calls them “provocations.” Whether it’s the story told in your own body’s posture or gait, or an event transpiring in your current locale, provocations are abundant if you take the time to identify them. Denise shares her story of drive, travel, movement, research, and training with enlightening thoughts on the creative...

Duration: 00:22:52

SH 017: Tips to Become the Perfect Ensemble Member | Round Table

Whether you’re in a conventional cast or a collaborative ensemble, there is a specific skill set to working creatively with a group of people. Understanding how to contribute in a positive and clear way creates an environment that fosters honesty, inspiration, and the freedom to take risks. Join today’s round table discussion as we dissect what makes a dream ensemble member--someone everyone wants to work with and gets the most out of any creative opportunity. In This Episode, You’ll Learn...

Duration: 00:09:38

SH 016: Fusing Dance and Theatrical Storytelling | Crystal Pite

Life is movement, and our drive as artists is to translate this journey into a shared experience on stage: to move our audiences. Today’s guest is an expert at doing so, using movement, dance, and a multi-disciplinary process to create vivid, evocative performances. Canadian choreographer Crystal Pite shares her insights on the creative process and the genesis of new work. Crystal Pite is the creative director of Kidd Pivot, whose distinct choreographic language – a breadth of movement...

Duration: 00:11:30

SH 015: Integrating Sound and Music | Round Table

The aural sense is a powerful component of the theatrical experience. Sound and music can help create an immersive environment to deepen the visceral impact of a performance. Today we discuss a few ways to think about and integrate sound and music into the creative process and product. Whether you’re choreographing a song and dance routine, creating an atmospheric soundscape, orchestrating a live soundtrack of breath and guttural expression, or setting poignant sound cues, developing the...

Duration: 00:15:12

SH 014: Balance and Mindfulness in Process and Performance | Rachel Nelson

Through the exhilarating and sometimes chaotic whirlwind of creation, it’s essential to maintain mindfulness about personal process and an audience’s experience. As theatrical storyteller Rachel Nelson puts it, the balance of focus and flexibility serves to bolster, ground, and fuel creative growth and development. In speaking with her, it’s clear Rachel exemplifies this philosophy in every aspect of her process: through solo research, in working with an outside eye, and in the live...

Duration: 00:17:04

SH 013: Having Success with Your Outside Eye | Round Table

The creative process can be a vulnerable time for us as artists. With work still in development it can be hard to receive feedback without it feeling incredibly personal, yet feedback can be a profound tool for refining a piece. Today’s roundtable discussion delves into how to best utilize an outside eye in a way that services and empowers your process. Knowing how to seek feedback and structure it in a way that speaks to process rather than personal taste can make receiving it exciting...

Duration: 00:13:39

SH 012: Taking the Leap in Life and on Stage | Jared Fladeland

Being an artist means taking risks both on and off stage. Whether we relish or dread the idea, ultimately taking a leap teaches us valuable and profound lessons. Jared Fladeland, founder and director of Conduit Theatre, shares his reflections on fostering the ability to “listen” and identify otherwise unseen opportunities for tremendous impact in life and for an audience. Conduit Theatre is a company based in Grand Forks, North Dakota, that strives to create, curate, and collaborate to...

SH 011: Are Great Performers Born or Made? | Round Table

Great performances capture our hearts and imaginations in a profound way. It is the magic of these experiences that draw us back to the theatre, both as audience members and as performers. This very magic, in its seemingly unquantifiable nature, poses a problem for performers and the greater cultural understanding of what it means to be a great artist. How do you capture charisma if you don’t innately exude it? What is the “x factor” and what do you do if you’re not born with “it?” These...

SH 010: How to Become a Successful Touring Artist | Grant Knutson

For many self-starting artists, the dream of touring their own production is enticing, but daunting. Here to dispel those fears is the experienced and energetic Grant Knutson of Minion Productions. Grant and his company are devoted to helping artists fulfill their dreams of successfully touring to festivals across North America and internationally. They provide valuable support with their extensive knowledge, network and marketing skills. Join our conversation with Grant as he shares with...

Duration: 00:13:56

SH 009: The Show Must Go On (Unless it Shouldn't) | Round Table

Technical elements are able to deeply enrich the live experience. Whether it’s light, video, sound, or some sophisticated set piece or machinery, these elements can take a production to the next level and help transport the audience to another world. However, theatrical tech can be the creator’s best friend or cruelest enemy. An undeniable component of the live experience is the simple fact that malfunctions happen; lights can flicker, microphones can stop working, audio can fail. When...

SH 008: Carving Your Own Path as an Artist | Deanna Fleysher

Honesty is paramount to us as creators. We seek to create honesty on stage, to evoke an honest reaction, and engage in honest dialogue on stage. As the bold and forthright Deanna Fleysher shares with us, we must also be honest with ourselves in understanding the kind of work we wish to create, the lives we wish to lead, the people we best work with, and the boundaries we need to set. Deanna is a comedy artist, teacher, and director devoted to audience inclusion. Currently, she tours her...

Duration: 00:17:28

SH 007: The Power of the Live Experience | Round Table

The digital era of streamed-content-direct-to-your-screen makes the power of the live performative experience all the more essential. While stories designed for screen have tremendous potential for storytelling and emotional impact, live performance connects performer and audience in a primal, vital way that television and film cannot. Join us as we discuss the immediacy, risk, and humanity unique to live performance. In This Episode, You’ll Learn About: Building a sense of community...
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