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Episode 38 - Robert Tepper Interview

In this episode, I sit down for a chat with Robert Tepper. He is the singer/songwriter responsible for the iconic No Easy Way Out from the Rocky IV soundtrack, as well as Angel Of The City from the Cobra soundtrack. Robert was very gracious and a real pleasure to talk with. ~Chris

Duration: 04:22:27

Episode 37 - Lexy DeSilva Interview

It's always great to talk with other fans and its even better when they happen to be someone very special to you. Lexy DeSilva is an amazing woman on so many levels. She is a huge Rocky fan and has held the Rocky philosophy very close to her heart as she has overcome so many trials and tribulations of her own. She is also the love of my life. We met through Stallone Fanatics, became friends and have been developing a relationship over the past year and a half. She is my Adrian. So it only...

Duration: 02:47:37

Episode 36 - Rocky IV: The Ultimate Collection

1. Eye Of The Tiger 2. Gym 3. Paulie's Robot 4. Anniversary 5. One Way Street 6. Double Or Nothing 7. Drago Suite 8. Living In America 9. Apollo's Death & Funeral 10. Stairs 11. No Easy Way Out 12. Rocky & Son 13. Burning Heart 14. The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late) 15. Training Montage (Film Version) 16. Heart's On Fire (Film Version) 17. Pre-Fight 18. Drago's Entrance 19. Russian National Anthem 20. War (Film Version) 21. Knockout 22. Victory 23. Heart's On Fire (Album Version)...

Duration: 09:56:29

Episode 35 - Jack Vecchio Interview

In this episode, I talk with Jack Vecchio, who has acted in numerous films and television shows, as well as on-stage performances. He has one degree of seperation from Sylvester Stallone, through eight seperate actors. He is also a huge Stallone and Rocky fan. It was a real pleasure to sit and chat with Jack and I look forward to having him on the show again in the future. ~Chris

Duration: 05:50:16

Episode 33 - Chris On Rocky Minute

In this episode, I have included all five episodes from my week on the Rocky Minute podcast with Doug Greenberg and Justin Hanes. I love the format of their show and they are two of the nicest guys you will ever meet. We had a blast recording together and look forward to doing it again soon. Be sure to check out their podcast @

Duration: 08:12:39

Episode 32 - Jeff Kupszta Official Debut

Even though Jeff has appeared in one prior episode, this marks his official debut. Something that has been months in the making. So Jeff, Mat and I sit down for a lengthy chat about Rambo, Rocky and Stallone in general. There is a heavy dose of Rocky V for this particular episode, due to the fact that all 3 of us have very personal connections to that film. We are still working toward getting our audio up to par, but we will get there, I promise. Enjoy! ~Chris, Mat & Jeff

Duration: 10:20:52

Episode 31 - 1986 Assault Claim Against Sly

This is a subject that I never anticipated I would need to cover. But, the world being the way it is right now, it's become necessary. In this episode, Ryan Rebalkin from The Rocky Series Podcast: Going The Distance joins me to discuss the 1986 police report that claims Sly sexually assaulted a 16 year old girl, which has just recently floated to the surface via the media. This is a very sensitive subject on both ends of the debate, but its a conversation that I felt needed to happen. In...

Duration: 04:15:30

Episode 29 - Rocky: The Ultimate Collection (Crossover Episode)

Originally created for another podcast of mine (Retro Mania), this episode is exactly what it claims to be. The Ultimate Rocky Soundtrack Collection. Enough said. ~Chris

Duration: 13:33:40

Episode 25 - Stallone Podcast Trifecta

This episode is kind of a big deal. And Im really proud of how it turned out. I got together with Ryan Rebalkin from The Rocky Series Podcast: Going The Distance and Craig Cohen from SLYCAST: The Sylvester Stallone Fan Podcast, to talk about our Stallone fandoms and subsequent podcasting origins, Creed II, Escape Plan 2 & 3 and much more. It was The Expendables of Stallone podcasting, if you will. I had a great time and look forward to future shows with both of these guys. The Stallone...

Duration: 06:00:56