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What Men Want from Women!

Welcome to Stand Up Fantasy with your host Tony Cincotta. Tony is in a good mood and had decided to give you an extra show this week. In this episode you will hear "What Men want from Women" Tony does the show because men don't tell women what they want. So Tony is here representing all the men and helping women understand what they want. Tune in for an education which make your love life, like the fourth of July. ​


Can Men and Women be JUST friends

This is your break from sports and where we tackle life's issues. In this episode Tony Cincotta talks about the situation, and if men and women can just be friends? Tony has a few people come on and give opinions. Answer the question and then grab Tony's opinion...The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. We also have a special appearance from Tone Loc'! ​


​Come On, Eileen!

Welcome back to Stand Up Fantasy with your host Tony Cincotta. Tony talks about his juvenile mind when it comes to the Dixie Midnight Runners song, "Come On, Eileen." Tony also question if a couple can actually become best friends and lovers. How can you be successful at both and he has an interesting example of one about to go wrong. What makes men attractive when they don't look like Tom Hanks, check it out, Tony has the answers!


Big Belly or Big Richard

Welcome to Stand Up Fantasy with your host Tony Cincotta. In today's show Tony is rooting for average or below average looking dudes to conquer beautiful women. In this show we also uncover what women are looking for in a bedroom setting. We find out what women are looking for in bed. Tony also sends people to the streets to ask women, if they do enjoy facials. Tune into the most helpful hour in radio. #FNTSY #Entertainment #Comedy #BigBelly #BigRichard


Email Answer!

Welcome to Stand Up Fantasy with your host Tony Cincotta. In this episode Tony plans on taking care of the listeners and responding to listeners who have sought out his advice. The issue is our man Tony Cincotta loves his listeners so much, he spent and hour answering a single question. Yes he brings in some of friends to help out the cause , so he can have several responses. This show is for the both the male and females. Tony also passes along some health advice for the men. So if you...


What's Your Number?

Welcome to Stand UP Fantasy with your host Tony Cincotta. In this week's episode Tony goes over, how you deal with your spouse or lover asking, "How Many People You Have You Slept With? " Do you answer this question, do you ask this question? Then once we know, what is the correct number, what is acceptable? Tune in one of the most controversial hours on radio. Tony actually thinks, if you are guy asking this question, your asking the wrong question. Tony let's you know what you should be...


Dirty Talk

Welcome to The Stand Up Fantasy show with your host Tony Cincotta. In this episode, Tony discusses and analyzes the art of Talking Dirty to your spouse or partner. This show encompasses lessons for the newbie, refreshers for the animals in the audience who already take the love making to the next level. Tony also goes out of his way to tell you what not to do! Just like anything in life, if your not a trained professional things could go drastically wrong. So learn from the man who does...


Solo Pleasure

Welcome to Standup Fantasy with your host Tony Cincotta. In today's episode of the show Tony talks about how it is vital to make yourself happy before you can make the others happy. Men and Women seem to achieve happiness in different manners, so we can learn from each other. We also discuss can men and women on what's cheating and whats not cheating. How many " first times" are we suppose to keep track of in life. Tune into one of the most controversial shows of this generation.​ #FNTSY...


Sexual Tension

Welcome to Stand Up Fantasy with your host Tony Cincotta. In todays show Tony gives you the guidance to have the greatest sex you have ever had in your entire life. In an amazing twist , all you need is a device that you have in your hand every day, yet never knew this device could provide you with the greatest sexual satisfaction you have ever encountered. Tony also seeks help for his Mental Health situation, he feels like things could getting away from him. ​ #FNTSY #StandUpFantasy...


POF- Women Chime In

In last week's show, we had a two-part special on internet dating featuring, what to do with putting together a Plenty of Fish profile. In this week's show, you'll hear from the women on internet dating. You will find out if you need to work on your profile. Make sure your game is not whack, and take advice from the women you are trying to hit on! If you don't want a relationship and you're looking for a FWB, do it with class! #FNTSYRadio #FNTSY #Comedy #Standup #StandupComedy #InternetDating


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